SAS Rage Compound Bow Review

SAS Rage Compound Bow Review

If you are looking for a solid, powerful compound bow sure to read our review

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SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow

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Compound Bow


This review provides an in depth look at the quality and performance of the

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow

Although, I am neither a master of bow manufacturing nor an expert on arrows, I do like to acquaint myself with certain features, of this ancient form of weaponry. While I may not be a master hunter, I am a bit of an expert in knowing what is available in hunting, and what is quality!

Just to share a few points of interest: Native Americans have taught us much about the construction of this type of weapon; there is still so much to learn. However, I am happy to share, first hand, just how effective and marvelous this SAS Rage 70 lbs. 30" Compound Bow really is! When I choose to go hunting, I want the best tools available! This is my weapon of choice.

Well, this compound bow is kind of the Excalibur of hunting bows. It is divine. I am thrilled to be one of many who has tried this amazing bow. I never really imagined how I could use a bow of this caliber, eventhough; I am an amateur.

Before I purchased it on Amazon, I researched all about bows. I educated myself in the types of bows, and the best one to use for hunting. I never imagined how much technology goes into the making of a SAS Rage 70 lbs.30" Compound bow. I feel as a hunter, it is my duty to share with you its capabilities, and a wee bit of info on bows in general. 


Let's examine all the different types of bows that exist in archery. Then, it is good to take an educated look at what makes the SAS Bow top of the line! Firstly, there are four major types of bows that can be used for hunting.

They are the recurve bow, the compound bow, crossbow, and the longbow. All of these bows have special features.



Now, the recurve bow was mostly used by horsemen or cavalry. Also, this type of bow might be used for an Olympics competition. It is interesting to note, that this type of bow has been commonly used in bow fishing. It attaches to a spinning reel. Bow fishing is pretty clever! It is target-driven! 


Another interesting archery weapon is the Crossbow. Some parts of the crossbow remember a rifle. It was originally made in China, and used extensively in the Greco-Roman time period. One advantage of the crossbow is that it is accurate, and rather quiet as compared to other weapons in archery.


Additionally, there is the Longbow which has been used on many famous battlefields. This D-shaped Bow is certainly long and curved. Believe it or not, the longbow was amazingly victorious during the Battle of Agincourt in the fifteenth century.

Henry V'S meager army took out the well armed French troops with this fantastic weapon. It was an unimagineable victory. The longbow gave Britain back its military prestige. One must conclude that the small English army must've been very trained and skilled using the longbow, as it takes patience to learn. It does not have the arrow rests built into it! 


Lastly, the Compound Bow has indeed arrived. It was manufactured in the 1960's as a modern weapon of choice. Compound bows are not just for experienced hunters! They vary in design. They can be used by someone just beginning the art of archery.

However, in the arms of skilled users; they are dynamite. While compound bows look complex, it is more important to note that they require some physical strength. 

They are a mix of old world knowledge and new technological breakthroughs. Compound bows do not weather like the old wooden bows. These bows are more precise as the fluctuations in weather do not alter speed or precision. 

If you are hunting for deer, or other wild beasts, this is the modern weapon of a skilled hunter. The pulley system of the Compound bow, alleviate fatigue to the muscles when hunting for long periods of time. Everyone knows hunting means being able to pace one's energy.

Moreover, when it comes to hunting, this type of bow is not just great scientifically, but economically, too! This is a quality weapon for every budget.



1. It is much more economical than other compound bows; practically half the price for comparable equipment!

2.There are many affordable accessories available for this bow as well, which make for a comfortable weapon.

3. It is great for an amateur or a skilled hunter.

4.This weapon is highly accurate!

5. It is adjustable in draw length and poundage, making it flexible for varied heights, etc. Now, to measure your draw length is an easy procedure. Measure your wingspan and divide it by 2.5! (Bob's your uncle!)Smile!

6.This Compound bow is solid and powerful; it is not cheaply made. Good construction!


1. The screws were not always set into place tightly, and secured. However, this does happen in all type of archery manufacturing.

2. One might want to put thread lock at the bolts and screws!

3.Accessories are neither installed or mounted, which is a bit difficult for an amateur- sadly, no quiver was included in the full accessory package!

4. Sometimes a professional archery store owner, might be needed to set up the bow properly, so as to avoid problems. 

Final Thoughts about the SAS Rage Compound Bow

If you are going to hunt white-tailed deer or other meaty mammals, this bow is definitely the one for you. The technology is geared toward all types of hunters, with a view toward providing an advantage due to its structural design.

Hunters share the fact that this bow provides amazing accuracy. Often hunters test it out, before purchasing it! This might've been the bow Robin Hood would've chosen- not just to defend his merry men from brutal tax collectors, but to hunt for a food source in Sherwood Forest!

The SAS Compound Bow is an excellent model of evolution from medieval times to the modern world. Here's one final tip to help you become the skilled and effective hunter, you want to be; A right-handed bow should be held in the left hand, and a left-handed bow, should be held in the right hand! Also, in the beginning of using this amazing bow, consider using stabilizers.

They certainly do help absorb the vibrations of this powerful weapon. Your compound bow will make you feel as if you are shooting with a golden arrow! Now, who wouldn't want that? Check out the marvelous SAS Rage 70 lbs. 30" Bow on the Amazon website! No time to waste. Go tag a buck! 


  • Economical
  • Many Accessories
  • Accurate
  • Adjustable
  • Assembly
  • Screws come loose

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