Mathews TRX 7 Review

The Mathews TRX7 Bow is perfect for archers looking for a durable and lightweight bow. This bow was designed with performance in mind, and it definitely delivers! This blog post will look at the TRX features that make it unique.

Mathews has been successful in the target archery world for many years. The TRX 7 is the latest model, and it is very good. It has a long, stable body and a straight riser. There is also a cage on the top and bottom of the riser.

This barebow is heavier than most hunting bows, but it feels fine for a long target bow. It also has a nocking point in the true center of the bow. This eliminates some possible tuning issues that can come up when the nocking point isn’t in the true center position.

The Mathews finish looks great as always, but it would be nice to see them offer more than 4 color options from the factory. The price tag is pricey, with an MSRP of $1799. Overall, the TRX 7 is what championship archers have come to love and appreciate from the industry giant known for placing shooters on the podium year after year. For those able to spend that much money on a target rig, it is hard to find many things wrong with the TRX 7.


There are only four factory finish options for the TRX 7. The colors for the riser include black, blue, red, and white. The limbs will match the riser color on certain configurations to give the target bow a universal design.

The colors look great, but it would be nice to have more options. The finish is well done and looks great on the bow. It feels rugged during a tournament season and should last through a target bow’s wear and tear.


The TRX 7 riser is long, but it is not as heavy as you may think. Even though the riser is long, the design keeps the weight under 5 pounds. This is good for people who shoot arrows for fun or people who shoot arrows to hunt.

The riser on the TRX 7 has a few positions for mounting the sights to shoot in the best way for you. The front mounting stabilizer hole can be used to attach your favorite stabilizer weight. This will help stop any vibration from reaching your hand and make it easier to shoot accurately.

The back stabilizer bar mount hole is located low on the riser, making it easier to add weight. This will strongly impact how the bow feels when you shoot and respond after firing an arrow.

The cable slide system is simple. It has a carbon rod and a roller system. The cable slide does not move, but the roller guard does. This design has been used before, and it works well. The riser also has harmonic dampeners to help reduce vibration.


The grip is a standard Mathews target grip. This grip is flat on both sides and thin with a thicker throat. There are some after-market grips for the Mathews rigs, and some target archers even resort to adding some grip tape to get the exact feel they are looking for. For those shooters, the thinner grip design works well because it can add to the circumference of the grip without making it too thick or uncomfortable.

The flat back grip is not as pretty as other options, but it works well and is comfortable. This grip will help keep your hand in the correct position for better accuracy.


The TRX 7 has wide split limbs that are short and parallel to each other. This helps the longer riser obtain the 40-inch axel-to-axel measurement. The parallel design will help absorb and minimize the shock and vibration caused after the arrow is fired. The limbs are offered in three configurations, including 50, 60, and 70-pounds, which should meet all shooter’s needs for the target side of things.

The limbs are black and match the color of the risers. The graphics on the limbs are a little different than other models. The TRX logo is more rounded than other logos, but it looks great. This isn’t the same as other Mathews models, though.

The pockets on this bow are great. They help you do things better and look good too. The engraved Mathews logo on the side of the pocket adds a touch of class to this bow. Another cool feature is the wide stance of the pocket system, which is made even better with the “Top Hat” system for the cam bearings and reinforced axels. This ensures that the limbs are spaced evenly throughout the entire bow.

Eccentric System

The Mathews TRX 7 is powered by a newly designed Mini-Crosscentric cam system. This cam system gives the bow quick speeds. The result is an IBO-rated target bow shooting 332 feet per second. This makes the bow faster than other target bows.

However, when speed is easy to come by, and the draw cycle is smooth, the added speed is a welcomed addition. The draw length can be adjusted from 23-30 inches, which is great for many different types of shooters. You can choose between 70% or 80% let-off, although many target shooters prefer more holding weight at the end of the draw cycle.

The back wall on this bow is helped by cable stops on the top and bottom, giving it a solid feel. The Advanced Vectoring System (AVS) is not new technology, but the mini version designed for target archery is new. This two-cam design mounts a bit differently than the other two cam systems.

The engineers at Mathews have designed a new way to attach the axels to the bow. Instead of using harnesses, they have attached them to a wheel inside the limbs. This wheel also has bearings, which help it rotate slightly off-center as the bow is drawn. This store’s more energy, which results in faster arrow speeds. The cams and riser also work together to place the nocking point directly in the center of the bow.

The arrow stays in the same place on the bow throughout the draw cycle. This is good because the arrow doesn’t move up or down. This means that the cams (parts of the bow that make it work) can be more efficient, making the arrow go faster.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Mathews TRX 7 has a very smooth draw cycle. Some people say it is stiff, but that’s good for a target bow. The valley transitions very smoothly and is hardly felt. This is also good for a target bow because the arrow will not bounce on the launcher-style rest.

Many target archers prefer to pull through their shot. This means they like to have more draw weight at the back end of the bow. This keeps them in proper shooting form. For this reason, a low let-off may be the most popular option. For a 40-inch axel-to-axel bow with a long riser, shooters would expect a bow with an even heavier feel. With the nocking point in the center of the bow, it feels really balanced in hand and at full draw.

The rear stabilizer hole is low on the riser, so you may not need to add as much weight as you usually would. The bow feels great when you shoot it. It stays downrange with minimal pin float and is totally vibration-free after the arrow is released. The arrow is zippy and reaches the target quickly. You will like the long riser and brace height on this bow.

Usage Scenarios

The Mathews TRX 7 is a target archery bow designed for the most serious professional and amateur archers globally. Mathews continues to place in competitive indoor archery and major 3D shooting events. The equipment they produce for those participating at the highest level is very good.

Some shooters can use the TRX for hunting, but there are better options for people who want a dedicated hunting bow. Anyone interested in 3D, spot, or target archery will know that Mathews equipment is good for them.

Final Thoughts

The Mathews TRX 7 is a great platform for target shooters. It has helped shooters win tournaments all over the world. This may be because Mathews has some of the best shooters globally on their pro staff team. But no matter what, the TRX 7 is a great piece of engineering and deserves all the recognition it receives.

If you’re looking for a target bow that is longer and faster, the TRX 7 is a great option. The price may be tough to swallow at first, but it may be worth the investment to see long-term success for shooters who expect to win money every weekend.

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