The Best Bow Sights for Long Range Shooting

Aiming at a target from 60 to 70 yards away and shooting it down successfully might sound crazy. Still, it is possible with practice and an excellent long-range bow sight. Just like Iron Man was able to kill Thanos!

If you had a perfect bow sight, you could shoot arrows precisely from a large distance. This sophisticated and well-designed piece of equipment helps you hit arrows in the right direction and at the right speed.

If you want to hit your target, you need a good bow sight. Without it, you won’t be able to hit your target. It’s essential to have the best bow sight to reach your goal.

Can I Manage Hunting Without a Bow Sight?

It is possible to shoot from 10-20 yards away, but it depends on many factors.

If you do not have a bow sight, it can negatively affect your archery skills. You might be shooting well, but if you have your sight in the wrong place, you will not be successful.

The easiest way to be successful is to focus on your technique. You may spend a lot of time working on making your arrows perfect and ensuring your equipment is tuned. But if you don’t have your sight correctly, all that work will be for nothing.

Best Bow Sight for Long Range Reviews

1. Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Bow Sight is the perfect option if you seek an economic bow sight that exceeds all expectations.

The Trophy Ridge fix series sight can help you shoot arrows more accurately.

This rifle is made of robust aluminum, making it more durable and strong. The micro-adjustable pins help to ensure accuracy so that you can rely on this rifle in the field.

The fixed pin sight on Trophy Ridge is accurate. It has optic pins that you can adjust to different brightness levels, depending on the situation.

This product can help you make better shots when you are far away from the target.


  • This device features several pins and simple adjustments and is simple to assemble.
  • The.019 optical Fiber absorbs plenty of light.
  • This website will provide what you require.


  • No visible disadvantages.

2. TRUGLO Range Rover Single-Pin Moving Bow Sight

The TRUGLO Range Rover Single Pin Moving Bow Sight makes using only one pin easy. You are not required to configure numerous pins. You can also use the sight light in low light conditions, making it easier to see what you’re shooting at.

These unique qualities, like the ultra-smooth and accurate micro-adjustments on the dial and pin, give hunters an edge in difficult situations.

This bow also has an advantage for people who shoot with one hand. It will help you be more accurate and successful.


  • Its Wind age click modifications feel great.
  • It has a broad range of motion.
  • The overall grip facilitates accurate shots.
  • Advancement adjustment quality is satisfactory.
  • It is unique in setup, user-friendliness, and plane adjustment.
  • Extremely useful for use in any challenging conditions


  • It is somewhat difficult to detect its vertical pin because the black pin blocks some of the light.

3. Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

If you have been into archery for a while, you might be familiar with the trophy ridge brand. This company makes bows and bow gear.

The five-pin bow sight from trophy ridge is a good product. This device has gotten numerous positive evaluations and endorsements from seasoned archers.

This bow sight is accurate because it has precise windage and ultra-elevation. The Ballistix coating also reduces vibration, making it easier to use.

You may observe the green cone-shaped installation with a liquid-filled sight. This liquid will assist you in centering the bubble in your shot.

The Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight is a great model for beginners. It is very sturdy and can hold zero without any problems.

Even in the evening or morning, when it is not very bright outside, you can use colorful pins. You will be amazed at how long they last and how easy and fast they install.


  • You will be highly confident when shooting from an even greater range.
  • Its ultra-bright fiber optic pins simplify overcoming common issues connected to low light.


  • No noteworthy cons!

4. Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight

This bow sight is excellent because it is well-balanced and has many features. The automatic calibration will help you feel confident when shooting long-range distances. Plus, it is very accurate and easy to see, which makes it a good choice for novice, intermediate, and pro-level bow hunters.

The trophy ridge reacts pro-five-pin bow sight is made with high-quality react technology that adjusts all five pins to the best position automatically.

You don’t have to adjust your pins frequently at more considerable distances. Its radiance ring helps you to see through low-changing light. Trophy ridge reacts pro five pin sustains due to its stainless steel hardware and solid aluminum building.

This bow sight can help change your idea of a fixed pin sight. The device’s primary flaw is that it creates excellent noise. Therefore, it should be utilized from a distance.


  • This unusual bow sight incorporates a fiber optic yardage indicator.
  • The ultra-bright glass is.019 inches thick, making it extremely easy to cooperate in any situation.
  • It has four mounting positions to adjust and make your shot accurate yet easier.


  • This device is a sophisticated product and, consequently, a bit expensive.

5. IQ Bow Sight Micro 3/5 Pins Compound Bow Sight

This bow sight is unique because it has new technologies and updated details. This is the perfect product if you want something new and different.

The IQ bow sight micro 3 or 5 pins compound bow sight with retina lock technology can quickly help you shoot arrows further and more accurately.

The retina centering option will help you shoot more accurately. The retinal optics will help you focus on your target better. And the composite construction is better than any other in the market.

This unit is designed for hunters looking for a long-term shooting solution. It will be perfect for shooting from very long distances.

The IQ bow sight will help you get feedback instantly with its retina lock technology. This will help you adjust the elevation of your bow quickly and easily with its tool-free locking knobs.


  • The first and most delightful advantage of this product is you won’t have to adjust the sight with every shot.
  • The retina lock is designed to change the sight alignment each time you shoot.


  • No noteworthy cons!

6. IQ Bowsight Define Range Finding 5 Pin Archery Bow Sight

The IQ Bow sight is a five-pin archery bow sight that is easy to use. It attaches to the sight housing easily so that you can see clearly, and it will be more balanced.

This sight is perfect for people who want to shoot accurately. It is made from high-quality aluminum and has fiber optic pins that are easy to adjust. You can also see if your shots are level with the help of the built-in level.

You can mount your sight to fit your specific shooting style using double-expanding alternatives.


  • The rising option allows you to maintain your sight on your target.
  • It has got a good quality battery pointer
  • It takes very little time to scan
  • Lightweight with a built-in light
  • Transparent line of sight and well balanced
  • Easy settlement in a suitable spot on your bow


  • There are no visible disadvantages.

7. Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight

The Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Sight is perfect for precise shooting. This site uses React Technology to adjust the pins automatically, and it’s made with advanced technology.

This sight doesn’t need any instruments to make changes. You can use a rheostat light to adjust the brightness in low-light settings.

Instrument-free React Technology helps you find the five pins in 10 minutes.


  • There is a brightness adjustment option in low-light environments.
  • It requires no equipment to set up and is easy to use.
  • It is constructed from lightweight materials.

There are no vibrational impedimentsCons

  • There is no visible disadvantage.

8. TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight

Finding the ideal equipment can be difficult if you do not know what you’re looking for. But if you find what you are looking for, it will be simple. That sounds simple! Doesn’t it? Yes, this product from Truglo has nearly all of the attributes you seek.

The TRUGLO Range Rover PRO LED Bow Sight is a top-selling bow sight because of its many advantages. These include qualities such as durability and brightness.

The TRUGLO Range Rover PRO has no pin. It has a power center that improves vision at great distances.

This rifle can use a zero alteration dial rather than the regular automatic action sliders. This will help transfer silently and smoothly to bring the target into focus.

The range rover pro will help you increase your accuracy and success because there is no pin to obstruct your view on long-distance shots, and the brightness of the LED is entirely suitable.


  • It features a zero modification dial for precise yardage.
  • The device may be altered rapidly, and there are no obstruction-causing pins.
  • It offers adjustable power in low-light conditions and a longer magnification time.


  • It has a shorter-than-average battery life and is heavier than typical.

9. Apex Gear 1 Dot Covert Pro Sight

The Apex Gear 1 Dot Covert Pro Sight has a few different options for the pins.

This tool can be used by all kinds of people, whether left-handed or right-handed. This is very easy to use, and you don’t need any experience.

The apex gear bow sight’s LED illumination is tinted green. This makes it simpler to get long-range accuracy and consistency. As you increase the brightness level, the pointing spot will fill in size.

The red LED is used as an auxiliary pin when the green LED is set to 20 yards or further away.


  • Illumined center spot
  • Standard glow level
  • Easy one-hand and dial adjustment
  • Having a better adaptable axis
  • Its gravity line has a rotational adjustment
  • LED automatic and auto-off after 4 hours
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Easy for both-handed users


  • Has got some quality regulator issues.

10. APEX GEAR Covert 4 Pin Bow Sight

The APEX GEAR Covert 4-pin sight is good for hunting. It is set up so that it is easy to use. The meandering section makes it easier to use.

Cover Four-Pin takes flexibility to a whole new level. It combines the advantages of long-range sliding single-pin bow sights with those of a familiar multi-pin sight.

You can use the cover like any other sight with multiple pins. You can adjust it to get precise accuracy over a long distance.

The APEX GEAR Covert 4 pin .019 archery sight has advanced technology, giving you the advantage of both a lone highlighting pin invention and an adaptable Four-pin model. It is designed to be used by left- and right-handed users and has a long battery life of up to 700 hours.


  • Four pins help greatly in hunting
  • 019 pin brightness works excellently in low light
  • Micro-adjust windage is very well structured
  • International buyers can return it within 14 days
  • Easy and clear to see the tape location
  • Even without light, the fiber optic works nicely


  • Cheap and typically made
  • Poor quality LED

How to Adjust Your Bow Sight Properly

You should move your sight differently to see how well you can see. More importantly, it would be beneficial to adjust your sight in various ways to determine how well you can see.

To learn this material perfectly, you will need a target face. This will help you to click and understand where your sight should move accurately.

Take your bow and install the bow sight you prefer. Now imagine you are aiming at the middle of the target. Your arrow will go high-8. To ensure your arrows hit the center, you must seek low-8. It’s easy to do!

It would be best to aim low first when you want to hit a target in the middle. You must adjust your aim and shoot higher if you hit a higher target.

Remember this rule: if you want to shoot higher, move your sight bar up; if you want to shoot lower, move your bow down. Your aim will be more accurate when you’re aiming in the middle.

If you want to hit the target, move your sight in the same direction as your arrows. So, if your arrows go left, move your view left. This way, when you pull back on the bowstring, the sight and arrows will be in the middle of the target. It’s not that difficult to do. You just have to follow your arrows around the target.

If the arrows are getting high, you move the sight up. If arrows are going down, you move your sight down. If your arrow goes left, you move your sight left. If your arrow goes right, you move your sight right.

The amount you move your sight depends on where the arrows hit the target.

In basic sight theory, you move your sight around for the proper adjustment.

Some Important Tips About The Bow Sight

  • Make sure you move for your grouping, not for the arrow.
  • Don’t move your sight based on one arrow unless you are highly confident and experienced.

Sometimes you’ll see archers do this like Olympic archers on the final field. This is because they have to in that scenario and don’t have time to shoot a group.

If you are a beginner or intermediate, always move toward the group of people. This will help you stay on track and not get lost, especially if the shot is terrible.

  • If you adjust your sight to account for a bad shot, you will not be able to hit your target accurately when you take good shots.
  • The horizontal and vertical movements are not always the same. If you move the object one turn on the vertical track, it will move one millimeter. This is because that is the scale used in your project and is based on millimeters.
  • If your arrow is high and to the left, you will need to move your elevation (up or down) differently than your windage (left or right). The scale is different on each one.

Ensure that the proportions are the same in both images. If it is not the same, edit the image accordingly.

  • If you look in the wrong place when you are hunting or scoring in a competition, it is a huge mistake and will have a negative effect in the end! You could be shooting at an incredible skill level, yet you would be destroying chances of any score.

Final Thoughts

Buying a good bow sight is a very rational decision. It will help you hit your targets more often, leading to more victories and less disappointment. A good bow sight is not too expensive, but it is very effective.

To shoot well, you need some must-have accessories. For example, you need a good hunting bow sling to relieve the load on your hands. Similarly, a good bow sight for long-range shooting will increase your accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Range Bow Sight

What Distance Should I Sight in My Bow?

The typical configuration for a five-pin sight is 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards. There are usually 10 yards between each pin, but some people choose to have a gap of up to 20 yards between pins. A 3-pin sight typically has 20, 40, and 60 yards gaps.

Can You Put a Sight on a Long Bow?

People have been using sights on bows for a long time. There are many different sights, but they are all helpful for beginners. They help people learn how to shoot correctly and improve their form.

What Is the Average Distance to Shoot a Deer With a Bow?

Some archers say that you shouldn’t shoot beyond 20 or 30 yards. But official statistics from record clubs show that deer can be shot safely at a distance of about 19 yards.

Is It Better to Have Bow Sight Closer or Far?

You can adjust your pins and peep sight to shoot farther. The closer your pins are to the riser, the farther you’ll be able to shoot before experiencing clearance issues. Another adjustment that can increase your maximum range is sliding the peep sight up the string to increase the distance between the nocking point and the peep.

Why Should You Switch to a Single Pin Bow Sight?

Target archers often use sights that operate on a slider. This means you can adjust the sight to the exact yardage you need. This is very accurate, which is why it is a popular choice.

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