The Best Shooting Steel Targets


You can fire several different sorts of bows. The three most common types are the recurve bow, compound bow, and traditional or longbow. These bows have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but for the casual inexperienced archer, a quality recurve bow is excellent for most purposes.

A Bow Stringer

A bow stringer is a person who assists you in stringing your bow. This is critical since you don’t want to leave your bow strung for an extended period. You’ll need a bow stringer when you’re getting ready to shoot.

A bow stringer makes it easier to string your bow. It is also much safer to do so. Bow stringers are a necessity, and they are not expensive, so just get one.


You will need arrows to shoot. You should have at least twelve arrows for different types of shooting.

People who shoot recurve bows or traditional longbows will want to use arrows that have feathers on them. People who shoot compound bows usually use arrows that have rubber or plastic vanes.

There are different types of arrows that you can use for archery. You will want to choose the best arrows for you and the style of archery you are shooting. Talk to other people about what arrows to use and be open to trying new things.

Many archers will try to push you towards the bow that they shoot. But it is essential to think about what you like and what feels comfortable for you when choosing a bow.


Whatever archery you practice, you’ll need at least one quiver to store your arrows. Back quivers, hip quivers, and quivers attach directly to compound bows. The kind of quiver you’ll want will vary depending on the type of archery you’re planning on shooting.


A good target is essential when you are shooting arrows. You should not shoot arrows at random things because it can damage the arrows. You should use a proper target. There are different targets, like a bag or box style target or a realistic 3D archery target.

Just be sure that you’re buying the right target for your bow. Crossbows can ruin targets that are not made for them, but most targets are acceptable for recurve, compound, and longbows.

Arm Guard

If you are new to archery, an armed guard is a great gear to have. An armed guard is worn on the arm of your bow hand. It will keep the bowstring from hitting your arm and hurting you.

Your archery form will get better with practice. The requirement for an armed guard may diminish over time.

Shooting Glove / Finger tabs

If you release your bowstring with your fingers, you might want to invest in a shooting glove or finger tab. These products protect your fingers from getting tired after releasing arrow after arrow.

It is up to personal preference whether you want a shooting glove or finger tab. If you can, visit your local archery store and try them both on to see which one feels more comfortable for you to shoot with.

Release Aid

Another option, if you don’t want to release the bowstring with your fingers, is to use a release aid. These come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. They all do the same thing- hold the bowstring and release it. Releases are suitable for people who shoot recurve bows or compound bows. Most traditional archers and longbow users don’t use a release!

Bow Sight

If you use a bow with sight, you will need to get one. You won’t need a sight for traditional archery or longbows. However, if you are using a recurve bow or compound bow, you will need to get a sight.

There are two main scopes for archery: single pin sights and multi-pin sights. Single pin sights have one adjustable pin, while multi-pin sights have 3 to 5 pins that can’t be moved. You “dial in” the yardage for each shot with a single pin sight. With a multi-pin sight, you have the pins each set up for different yardages before shooting. Which type of sight you want really just comes down to personal preference.

Quality Bow Case

No matter what type of bow you’ll use, it is essential to buy a quality, hardshell case to protect it. If you are going to spend the money on a quality bow, you want to protect it when you are not using it.

A bow case is an excellent way to protect your bow. This is important because it can keep your bow from getting scratched or damaged.

Bow Stand

You will need a good set of binoculars to do well in archery. Binoculars are essential for archery, including target shooting, field archery, and 3D archery. If you’re going to use your bow for bow hunting, it is necessary to have a good set of binoculars. When shopping for binoculars, remember that the two numbers on the binoculars represent two different things.

The number 10 in “10 X 50” is the magnification. This number tells you how close an object will appear when you look through the binoculars. The number 50 is the size of the lens. This number tells you how much light the binoculars will let in. A more significant number is better for this second number because it means more light will come in, which will give you a clearer picture.


Another option, if you don’t want to release the bowstring with your fingers, is to use a release aid. These come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. They all do the same thing- hold the bowstring and release it. Releases are suitable for people who shoot recurve bows or compound bows. Most traditional archers and longbow users don’t use a release!


Rangefinders are an excellent tool for bowhunters and those shooting 3D archery. They can also be helpful for people shooting targets or field archery. Rangefinders help you guess the distance of targets more accurately.

You can buy a rangefinder if you want to get better at guessing how far away things are. This device will help you measure how far away things are. You can practice by guessing the distance of things around you and then checking your guesses with the rangefinder. Doing this often will help improve your skills.

Every archer should have a quality rangefinder in their bag, ready to use. This one is an easily affordable and all-around great first rangefinder.

Nocking Points

Nocking points are the metal rings on the bowstring. They help you shoot in the same spot every time. They also stop you from shooting too low and hurting yourself.

Nocking points are very cheap, usually only a few cents each. They typically have installed one arrow width above the arrow resting on the bowstring. If you are new to archery, do not install them yourself. Have someone from a professional archery shop do it for you.


If you are planning on bow hunting, you will want to have some silencers on your bow. Even if you are just target shooting, it might be good to have silencers. Silencers can stop the bow from making too much noise. You may not need silencers for traditional archery and longbows. Still, they are a good option for recurve and compound bows.

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Optional Recommended Gear:

Allen Wrench

A multi-sized Allen wrench tool is excellent for recurve bow and compound bow shooters. You can use it to tune your bow at home and make minor adjustments in the field. It is best to find a well-made, Swiss Army knife-style Allen wrench tool with multiple sizes of wrenches.

String Wax

String wax helps keep your bowstring working well and makes it last longer. It also protects the string from getting damaged.

String wax is a great way to keep your string in good condition. It seals out water and other things that can break down the quality of your string over time.

Camel Pack

If you are going to be in the wild for a while, it is crucial to stay hydrated. Camel packs are an excellent way to do this because they hold a lot of liquid and keep it cool for hours.

A camel pack is perfect for storing your shooting gear when you’re on the go. It can hold a lot of stuff, and it’s easy to drink from while you’re walking around.

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For 3D Archers:

Arrow Removal Tools

Arrow removal tools are a cheap item to keep in your archery bag. They are simple to grip tools that help you remove arrows from targets easier. They are especially useful for 3D archery shooters, as many 3D archery targets have difficult spots to remove your arrows from.

Another cool thing about these little tools is that they can help you remove arrows that got stuck in trees. Removing arrows by hand can sometimes break the arrow, which is not cool.

Arrow removal tools are a cheap addition to your archery supplies. Make sure you have one with you when you go out shooting arrows.

Arrow Lubrication

Arrow lube is a substance you can use to help get arrows out from targets. It is simple to use- put some on your arrows before every 3D shoot, and check them after an hour. If they need more lube, apply more.

You don’t have to become an archery expert overnight. The more you practice, the more you’ll learn. Practicing and having fun are the most vital aspects of any project.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Equipment of Archery

What equipment is used for archery?

The essential equipment for archery includes one bow and multiple arrows per person. You will also need targets so you can shoot the arrows at them. The arrows are stored in a quiver or arrow case. The bow and arrow are the most critical pieces of archery equipment. It is impossible to compete in archery without them.

How much is archery equipment?

Traditional archery can be a lot of fun. You can buy a quality longbow for between $100 to $200, and that’s pretty much the only expensive piece of gear you’ll need. You’re ready to shoot traditional archery as long as you’ve got some arrows to shoot and a quiver to hold them in.

What equipment is needed for archery in the Olympics?

The recurve bow is the only type of bow used in the Olympic Games. Recurve archers pull the string towards their face with their fingers and aim at the target through a sight.

Is archery a good workout?

Archery is an excellent workout for your upper body. But it also works the rest of your body, improving coordination and balance. Archery is a well-rounded activity that benefits your physical health and your emotions.

How many types of archery are there?

There are four archery bows: recurve, longbow, compound, and crossbow. Archery is an ancient tool that people use for different reasons today, and people use bows for hunting, competition, and recreation.

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