Best Compound Bow for Women

Compound bows have been in existence since their development in 1966. Holles Wilbur Allen is the architect behind this innovation. To bend the bow's ends or the limbs, it uses a levering system comprising of cables and cams (pulleys).

The bow’s system of cables and cams provide a mechanical benefit to the archers. It allows them to use much less poundage (physical effort) when it is at full draw. Thus, the archer attains better aim and improved accuracy.

Besides, this system lets you retain more energy, which translates into higher speed when released. They characterize discrete design developments over traditional recurve bows. Their uniqueness has increased their popularity in the US, both in hunting and tournaments.

Why are compound bows suitable for ladies?

The compound bow’s ability to maintain it at full draw for long periods and with less efforts makes it appropriate for women. Also, it’s suitable for small children for leisure purposes. When compared to traditional bows, compound bows are more durable.

While traditional bows are made of wood, its materials are not prone to bending under temperature and humidity changes. The compound bow's main shaft, riser, is made of either aluminum, magnesium, or a blend of both. Thus, it's durable and lightweight.

Top brands use airplane quality 6061 aluminum compound due to its high stretchy (tensile) strength. Tensile strength is vital for the shaft and limbs. It helps them endure high stretchy forces from drawing the bowstring, thus storing the energy when it's drawn.

What should females consider before purchasing a compound bow?

There are both personal and technical considerations when selecting a compound bows. First, you should maintain simplicity. Focus on the one that matches your body’s strength and proportion. Other specifics should come after you’ve mastered the compound bow.

Second, understand your strength. Focus on a bow that you can comfortably use, and you'll enjoy the experience. Third, understand your choices. Reflect on some technical factors that will have an impact on your accuracy and performance.

Here are the most important considerations to keep in mind when selecting the best women's compound bow for your requirements.

Bow weight and length

As previously stated, when it comes to the best compound bows, strength is an important factor to consider. Men have greater strength and endurance than women, which makes it easier for them to lift a heavier bow, no matter how much we admire the efforts of the many strong women out there. In addition, there is the issue of height. A man who stands over six feet tall will, without a doubt, be able to handle a longer bow than a woman who stands just over five feet tall. Therefore, the weight and length of the compound bow should be taken into consideration. Examples include the Genesis Original Bow, which is lightweight and extremely easy to maneuver at only 2.9 pounds.

Draw weight

Draw weight, or poundage, is a force required to draw a bow. “I shoot a 40-pound bow,” someone might say. Their draw weight is 40 pounds.

It's called draw weight. Some of the best compound bows for women have a 50-pound range, such as 15 to 65 pounds, while others have a 10 pound range. People have ideal draw weight. Some archers can pull 30 pounds, while others can pull 70.

Choosing the right compound bow requires determining your optimal draw weight. It's important to choose the right draw weight,” said Randy Walk, President of Hoyt Archery. It will help them control the draw cycle of the bow and execute consistent and accurate shots.”

As the string comes back to its resting position, the draw weight of the compound bow determines how far it can be drawn before the bow is ready to fire. These bows for women have a lower draw weight than standard compound bows, which makes sense given that we're talking about strength here. But here's the best part: each of these products has a draw weight that can be adjusted. Among the many options available, the Bear Archery Cruzer Lite can be adjusted from 5 to 45 pounds and the Predator Archery RAPTOR can be adjusted from 30 to 70 pounds. As your technique improves or if you have a lot of upper body strength, you can gradually increase the draw weight you use.

How to choose a proper Draw Weight

When choosing a draw weight, the first thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to go too far beyond your current level of comfort. We understand your concern over growing out of your bow too quickly, but choosing a compound bow that pulls harder than you are capable of will result in the development of some extremely bad habits and poor form.

Here are some suggestions for a starting point when it comes to draw weight. A pro shop may be the best place to go if you're really uncertain or looking for a best compound bow that won't require much adjustment. They can assess your draw weight comfort level while you're there. However, the following will help:

  • Young Girls (Aged 8-12 years old) – 10 to 18 pounds
  • Teens (Aged 12-14 years old) – 16 to 26 pounds
  • Older Teens (Aged 15-18 years old) – 24 to 35 pounds
  • Petite Women – 28 to 40 pounds
  • Stronger Women – 35 to 45 pounds

I wouldn't recommend any beginner, male or female, to have a draw weight more than 45-50 lbs at first. It is preferable to first perfect your shooting form and strengthen your shooting muscles.

The good news is that the draw weight of the majority of compound bows can be adjusted by at least a ten-pound range. In other words, if you should be starting with a bow that adjusts from 20 to 30 pounds, you can find one that allows you to grow as your weight and size increases.

Recent developments in technology have enabled some compound bows for women to be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of weight without the need to swap out the limbs. This is particularly useful for hunting. Bows are available in weights ranging from 5 to 70 lbs, making them accessible to all.

Visit an archery pro shop for help determining your draw weight or draw length. A bow tech can also adjust your draw weight and adjustable draw lengths.

Draw length

When the arrow is pulled back, the draw length is the distance between the arrow rest and the corner of the string at the end of the string. Due to the adjustable draw length, you won't have to pull the bow back as far to achieve the best result with this bow. In general, the longer the draw length, the faster and further an arrow can travel. However, this is not always the case. An arrow can be launched at 310 feet per second with the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro bow, which has a draw length of 31 inches and a maximum draw length of 31 inches.

Choosing the right draw length and weight for your hunting profile is critical for both performance and safety. Over-bowed means having too much to handle in your compound.

A long draw length may require you to lean back to see through your peep sight. Unwanted bow tension can damage your gear and cause bad form. A longer draw length can also force your front arm to full extension, exposing your inner elbow to injury.

A heavy compound bow can also hinder hunting abilities. If your bow is too heavy to draw back, you may arch it upward to use the downward force to draw it fully. This can lead to inconsistent shooting and safety concerns. Proper draw length is crucial to proper form and accuracy in archery.
Correct draw length allows most shooters to maximize draw weight, which is important for bow hunters because it directly affects bow speed.

The advertised IBO speed for bows is measured at a 30” draw length. Shortening the draw length slows the bow down. That being said, it is critical that shooters use the proper draw length and not try to shoot longer to gain speed.

Compound bows have set draw weights. An adjustable 26-inch draw length compound with a 50-pound draw weight will remain at 50 pounds. A bow technician can adjust a compound bow's draw weight. These bows can adjust draw weight and draw length over a 10-pound range.

Bow materials

The material of the bow is just as important as the material of any other item. The longer a bow lasts and the better it performs, the stronger and more durable it is, and vice versa. The best options are primarily constructed of metal and do not include any plastic components.

Arrow Rest

If you shoot a compound bow, you are well aware that the arrow rest is an essential bow component. You may even have discovered the hard way that there is a world of difference between a good and a bad one...
If your rest does not match the arrow, your shooting style (fingers or release), and the purpose of your bow (hunting or target archery), you will never be able to achieve the full potential of your bow.
On the other hand, since the invention of the compound bow, the arrow rest has come a long way in terms of design. To be sure, before you go out and buy a new rest, it's a good idea to think about what rest is actually supposed to accomplish.
Not to mention that the perfect arrow rest would be durable, rock-solid, and simple to adjust and fine-tune as if all of the other features on that wish list weren't enough!

The arrow rest can be as simple or as complex as you deem necessary; there are plenty of good ones available in a variety of styles that will meet your needs. As long as you understand what the rest of the equipment is supposed to do and which characteristics are most appropriate for your needs (hunting, bow fishing, or target shooting), you are on the right track.


Despite the fact that there are some elements you can customize, most compound bows for women have the same basic design. Some of these bows for women are available in a variety of colors, which is great because it gives you the opportunity to express yourself a little more freely through your hairstyle. Do not be fooled into thinking that just because these bows are intended for women, the colors are all feminine. Even though there are some pink options available, there are also a plethora of blacks, camos, and other choices.

Cams and string

Cams are a component of the pulley system that gives a compound bow its distinctive appearance. The stiffness of the limbs of a compound bow is due to the way the cams are set up, which allows for greater accuracy. The string passes through the cams and makes it simple to pull back, thereby conserving energy and time. Metal cams are significantly more durable than plastic cams, which is something to keep in mind while you are shopping.


Compound bow guarantees can vary from one manufacturer to the next, so be sure to check the small print before making your purchase. A lifetime limited warranty is included with the majority of these guarantees, which is quite generous in general.

Let off

Because of the way a compound bow is designed, as well as how it handles force and energy, let off is something to take into consideration when shooting. The percentage of time off is expressed as a percentage. There are several approaches to this, but one of the most effective is as follows. The string of a compound bow is much easier to control when it is pulled all the way back. The relief you're experiencing is the let off. Using a compound bow with an 80 percent let-off and a draw weight of 50 pounds, for example, you'll feel like you're only holding back the remaining 20 percent of the weight, or 10 pounds, rather than the entire weight. The result is that it's much easier to hold the string back until it's ready to be released, allowing you to take your time aiming at your target without your arm becoming overly fatigued.

Womens Compound Bows Reviews

Several of these women's compound bow come with a slew of useful accessories, such as targets, arrows, sights, and quivers, in addition to the bow itself. Because these are things that you'll need regardless, you might be able to save money by purchasing a compound bow that comes with them instead.

Bear Archery Finesse Bow Package

Bear’s Finesse Package is built specifically for women. The compound bow will fit your frame as does a glove, thus providing the best accuracy. With this, you can topple a big game. It has a 7-inch brace height comprising 28 by 5/8-inc axle-to-axle.

These compound bows for women helps you to sling the arrows up to a stunning 285 FPS. The Finesse Package has a rotating single-pulley operation with an eighty percent let-off for having a draw on the game. Besides, it has an improved grasp design that eliminates hand spin, thus increasing accuracy.

This compound bow comes with an offset string suppression. This suppression helps to silence the bow for furtive releases, hence preventing a startling game. Also, it has full quad limbs that are held in precision pockets, offering a solid single-piece feel when drawing.


The Finesse Package has a weight of 3 pounds, which makes walking miles via the woods easy and fun. The bow's draw length adjusts from 23-inc to 28-inc in 1/2-inch increments. Besides, it has an adjustable peak draw of 30lbs to 40lbs or 40lbs to 50lbs.

This adjustable draw weight is more than sufficient room to cater for all women archers.  The Finesse Package includes a bow, a Trophy Ridge four-spin sight, a nock loop, a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit rest, a tube peep sight, and a Trophy Ridge quiver. Also, it is equipped with an FH1 cam system.

The Finesse is an extremely high performing bow and is available at a reasonable price. Are you a woman who is ready to up her game to the next level? You cannot go wrong with this choice.

The Verdict: What's the Best Hunting Arrow?

Ultimately, it's hard to find a name in arrow manufacture more trusted than the Maxima brand. On par with the Hunter series, the carbon express Maxima continues to outsell competitor products due to its dual-spine weighted technology, triple-weaved carbon construction, and high performance on the field.

Every arrow is laser-checked for straightness, allowing for nearly unparalleled accuracy, higher speed, and faster spins every time. With precise arrow release and aligned nock barrels, the Maxima Hunter arrow is trusted by both seasoned professionals and die-hard fans alike.


  • It’s the finest bow for women
  • Lightweight
  • Reduced Recoil


  • Not for Beginners

Bear Wild Bow Package

The Bear Wild is an exceptional bow for an archer who is looking to step foot into the hunting woods. Even though it does not have high-level performance, the Bear Wild would be more than enough for the representative hunting setting.

Also, Bear Wild supplements its limited lifetime warranty for bow manufacture for the past half-century. Looking to lay your hands on a bow that will not blow you away, yet might measure up arrows in the bull? The Wild can guarantee you a closer view.

The Bear Wild is suitable for people living in the wildlands, as well as those who like chasing the ultimate challenge of bowhunting. The bow has a rugged design that makes it perfect for hunters who would want to meet on their freezers without stealing.

Are you in search of a bow that can persevere the conditions of the hunt? This bow might just fit your purpose.


The Bear Wild has an IBO speed rating of 310 FPS. It has a weight of 4lbs, which makes it easier to carry during your hunting period. The Bear Wild has a 7.25-inc brace height with 32.25-inc axle-to-axle. The bow's draw length fine-tunes from 24-inc to 31-inc and has a let-off of 80 percent.

Also, the bow has a draw weight range of 50lbs to 70lbs, which is more than sufficient for any woman archer. The compound bow's riser is made of aluminum, making it durable and lightweight for carrying. Besides, it has composite as the limb construction material.

The bow's grip is integrated right into the riser, a ubiquitous Bear's bow design. This provides a slim grip that is comfortable in hand. The Bear Wild’s price range is described as low-mild and has both right- and left-hand handedness availability.


  • Accurate
  • Color Choices
  • Simple / Rugged Construction


  • Draw Weight range is limited
  • Less IBO speeds

Quest Radical Bow Package

The 2014 Quest Radical compound bow is an exceptional product from G5. Are you new into the archery world, or have been here for some time and you want to upgrade? If your answer is yes, then Radical is your solution.
The bow has a weight and size that makes it easy to handle. Besides, it’s made of a simple design that qualifies it as a straightforwardly adjustable bow on the market. The Quest Radical is also considered as the most suitable across many levels, even for young hunters.

The bow’s draw weight ranges from 15lbs to 70lbs, with an adjustable draw length from 17.5-inc to 30-inc. These qualities make it perfect for both beginners and adult archers. This package includes a G5 Halo rest, G5 Tool-less 5 pin sight, and a G5 ¼-inch Meta Peep.

Others include a G5 Stabilizer, G5 Head-Loc quiver, and a G5 Neoprene wrist spring.


The Quest Radical has vast adjustment ranges and an IBO speed of 295 FPS. The bow's 3lbs weight makes it easy to carry during hunting and practicing. Besides, this compound bow has a brace height of 7.125-inc with a 29.25 axle.

Radical has an adjustable draw length of 17.5-inc to 30-inc. This bow has an effortlessly adjustable pulley system, allowing you to improve in power and accuracy. It’s made using only the top-quality aluminum components, thus having top likely weight to strength and power ratio.

Also, it's stronger and durable compared to some carbon fiber options in the market.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth / Quiet Cams
  • Easy to Adjust


  • Plastic Parts Lowers "Feel" Quality
  • Short axle impacts tuning

PSE Stinger X Stiletto Bow Package

The PSE Stinger X Stiletto has gained a status for improving performance. The compound bow features a distinct appearance and draws weight personalized precisely for you as a female archer. The Stinger brags a highly adjustable bow SX pulley (cam), and top performance X-Tech split limbs.

Are you a woman archer? You are going to like this one. Drawing the PSE Stinger X Stiletto guarantees several factors. It means you have the opportunity to shoot with a lighter bow. It’s also faster and very reliable.

Besides, the PSE Stinger X Stiletto comes equipped with it’s ready to shoot package. This excellent kit includes a Whisker Biscuit rest, Gemini sight, and a Hunter LT quiver. Also, it comes with a nock loop, Mongoose peep sight, and FX stabilizer.

Ready to hunt? Then add your preferred arrows, and you will be prepared. This bow is poised to provide precision x-splitting accuracy and exceptional performance. It gives an ultra-smooth draw cycle to bowhunting fans, competitive archers, and recreational archers.

The Stinger provides legendary dependability at a remarkable price! Women, here is a package that demonstrates to the world just how affordable your bows can be. The PSE Stinger X Stiletto is available in either Muddy or Purple Girl Reduced.

This compound bow comes in right-handed models, with a draw length range of 21-inc to 30-inc.

Key Features

The Stringer has a brace height of 7.13-inc with a 32.5-inch axle to axle. Besides, it has a minimum ATA and IBO rating of 316 and 308, respectively. The bow has a peak draw weight range of 50lbs, very suitable for any woman archer.

This bow has a draw length adjustable to 21-inc, a draw length range of 21-inc to 30-inc, and a let-off of 75 percent. Ladies, can you carry a 3.5lbs weight? Because that's all, there is in the Stringer package.


  • 8 Finish Options
  • One Pulley Smoothness
  • Reasonably Priced


  • No top compound bow tech

Diamond Infinite Edge

A product of Bowtech, this bow has features that provide a similar comprehensive appeal to both beginner and intermediate archers. So, are you a lady looking for a best compound bows for women as a novice? Well, you’ve found it!

The Diamond Infinite Edge is an excellent option for both bowhunters and target shooters. The bow's adjustable draw lets you improve the power of your bow. This is an outstanding choice as you practice and increase strength.

You can intensify the draw weight up to 70lbs, which is weighty enough to hunt for nearly North American game types. The Diamond Infinite Edge can shoot arrows at 310 feet-per-second. Thus, you can shoot your arrows swiftly and effectively.

Besides, the Diamond Infinite Edge comes with a reliable and robust stabilizer and bow sight.


The Diamond Infinite Edge has dual cams on the top and bottom that are synchronized and elliptical. Thus, they move simultaneously and are designed to generate a smooth draw. The draw weight ranges from 5lbs to 70lbs, giving it a broad appeal.

With this draw weight, you can use this bow to improve your skills. Also, it has an adjustable draw length, ranging from 13-inc to 31-inc. So, it’s compatible with women of all heights on average. The Edge has a very rigid brick-wall, which aids in discovering your anchor point.

This compound bow has a 310 FPS, plenty swift for bow hunting and target shooting, with a 31.5-inc axle-to-axle. Also, it weighs nearly 3.2lbs and has a let-off of 80 percent.


  • Very Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional Targeting


  • Needs to be Tuned
  • Rather square-designed grip

Bear Archery Cruzer

The Bear Archery Cruzer is an exceptional compound bow. Are you looking for a top-quality bow with a handy design? Well, here’s your product.

This bow has a compact size, which is ideal for use in reduced spaces. Also, due to its size, it can be used by shorter archers. The Archery Cruzer has an adjustable draw weight and adjustable draw length. Therefore, you can quickly grow with it.

The Bear Archery Cruzer bow package is valued slightly higher than similar bow models. However, the value is worth it if you consider its complete packaging upon purchase. With this, you have all you need to start hunting.

The bow comes to you fully assembled, featuring a durable structure designed to endure years of hunting. Besides, it provides you with a smooth and reliable performance. It has quad styled limbs that facilitate a stable and vibration-free release.

The Archery Cruzer’s riser is manufactured with lightweight aluminum, with a target-style grip that easily fits your hands. Its limb pockets aid in adding strength for heavier draws, while also improving your accuracy.


The bow has an easily adjustable draw weight 5lbs to 70lbs and the range change from 12-inc to 30-inc. It has a maximum speed of 310 FPS, comes with a brace height of 6.5, and a let-off of 75 percent. This makes it easy to draw and aim and for more extended periods.

The Cruzer comprises a Bear Archery's dual cam system that facilitates an accurate shot. Also, it provides an easy and smooth cycle. The bow can generate adequate kinetic energy to make exceptional shots.

Its package includes a stabilizer and an arrow quiver, which minimizes noise and vibration. If you prefer a smaller compound bow manufactured by Bear, then this is your choice.


  • Smooth and Silent Performance
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Includes all you need to start


  • Might be slow for some archers
  • Too short for most target shooters

Other things to Consider for Bow Selection

Now that the two most important factors have been eliminated from the equation (draw length and draw weight), you can begin to narrow down your options with a few additional considerations. Some of this will be dictated by your financial situation, as you can easily spend upwards of $1000 if you want to, but you are not required to.


Making a decision on which brand of compound bow to purchase can be a difficult decision. Keep it simple; try to stick to name brands and choose something that fits well and appeals to you rather than getting too worked up about it. Avoid the low-cost no-name brands at all costs; they may appear to be fine for a short period of time, but they will eventually fail and will be extremely difficult to tune properly after that.

Compound Bow Length

When we talk about the bow length of a compound bow, we are referring to the distance between the axles of the compound bow. So, what the hell is an axle, exactly? It is, in essence, the small pin that holds the "wheels" or Cams in place on the bow. It is generally accepted that a longer bow will be more forgiving than a shorter bow. This is why you'll find that the majority of finger shooters employ a bow that is relatively long in length.

As a beginner, I wouldn't be too concerned about this, but I would steer clear of the ultra-small tree stand bows with axle-to-axle lengths that are significantly shorter than 30 inches for an adult. Because they are intended for children and young adults, youth compound bows will be shorter by design.

Style, Weight, and everything else

When purchasing a compound bow, as with any other purchase, there are a plethora of factors to consider. I've discussed the most important considerations above, but as you begin to narrow down your options, you can start to consider other factors, such as the weight of the bow you're considering. It's possible that you're torn between two models, but one is lighter than the other, which means you'll be less fatigued while photographing it.

The fact that there are compound  bows with different styles and aesthetics will either appeal to you or turn you off goes without saying. This should not be your primary driving factor at first, but there is no reason why you shouldn't use it to help narrow down your options later on.

Last but not least, if you go to a pro shop or other retail establishment where a salesperson will be assisting you, resist the temptation to be talked into purchasing something you don't want or that doesn't fit you properly. Obtaining the incorrect bow can result in the formation of bad habits that could take years to overcome. Now get out there and enjoy yourself!

Finesse bow by Bear package is an exceptional compound bow. Having a lightweight and a reduced coil gives you the best experience you have been yearning for. You can take delight in using this product. However, if you're a beginner, just consider other options.

The Bear Wild seems good for hunters who look for different colors, accuracy, and simplicity. Its slim grip makes it reliable for accuracy, and it's suitable for hunting in the deep woods. However, if you are interested in speed, this might not be your thing.

While the Quest Radical seems an excellent choice for both newbies and experienced archers, smooth, silent cams, and ease of adjusting, its short axles affect accuracy and precision. Besides, some archers wouldn't recommend it's a few plastic components due to durability.

In as much as it lacks top compound bow tech, the PSE Stinger is reasonably priced and makes a good bow. The Infinite Edge is exceptional but could create aiming problems if not tuned. Keep in mind; you can't use it until its tuned.

The Archery Cruzer makes a good compound bow due to its features, such as aluminum components. Furthermore, it comes packaged such that you receive and use it. Easy. However, it's short size, and slow speeds may be unfit for some archers.

Our Verdict

We recommend the Bear Archery Finesse Bow package. In as much as it may not be a thing for beginners, it carries all the qualities needed for archery. Such include speed, accuracy and precision, and reduced coils.

Ladies, I hope this topic tackled most of the things you need to know about your best choices. However, remember to check brace heights and weights when buying your compound bow.

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