Best Climbing Tree Stand

Perhaps one of the best parts about hunting is when you get to sit up in the tree and patiently wait for your prey. By sitting up in the tree, you can clearly see your surroundings and more accurately hunt for animals. Since you’ll likely be sitting for anywhere up to a few hours, it’s important that you have a comfortable, safe place to sit.

That’s why having a great climbing tree stand is beneficial and recommended for you to take on your hunting trips. They help you conveniently sit in more difficult areas of trees where you likely would get uncomfortable.

But before you set out to find a climbing tree stand from an outdoors market, there are a few things that you should consider first. For instance, you’ll want to consider the hunting area surrounding you and make sure that there are plenty of trees for you to assemble the stand on and camouflage yourself within while waiting.

Not only that, but you should also consider the climbing tree stand’s weight capacity, safety features, its maneuverability as well as the amount of sound that it makes. You’ll want a best lightweight climbing tree stand that can support the most amount of weight while also offering optimal maneuverability. And you’ll want one that accounts for your safety and can function silently at the same time.

Some other important factors that you may want to consider are the hunting style and design of the product as well as its durability, how easy it is to assemble and dissemble and the overall type of climbing tree stand that you want. Since there are products that feature a tower stand, a ladder and there are some that are fixed or self-climbing, you should consider which design would work best for you.

Regardless of the specific type of climbing tree stand that you have, they’re extremely beneficial to take while hunting because they’re versatile, convenient and they make bow hunting in trees safer. Not to mention, they improve your overall success on your hunting trip. Given that there are so many different factors to consider before choosing a specific climbing tree stand, here are some of the best climbing tree stands on the market.

Quick Picks: Best Deer Climbers 2020

Product Name

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Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber

Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

Lone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

Summit Treestands SU81119 Goliath SD Climbing Treestands, Mossy Oak

Quick Picks: Best Deer Climbers 2020

Summit Tree stand is one of the most popular brands on the market for producing climbing tree stands, so you can be sure that their products will be made from a higher quality than many other products. The Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber tree stand is a great example of a higher quality product.

Formulated with a durable steel material frame, it’s able to withstand up to 300 pound weight capacity. With that, you can most likely have your hunting gear up there with you for your convenience. Not only that, but this Summit Tree Stands  Viper Steel Climber is able to feature a full perimeter design in order to ensure your safety than the other summit tree.

Given the full perimeter design, you also have the ability to either sit down or stand up with this Summit climber. Additionally, this is the best affordable climbing tree stand uses a QuickDraw cable retention system that allows you to quickly assemble the device to trees.

As for portability, you can easily transport this Summit Treestands Climbing Tree Stand with you, since it only weighs 29 pounds. Lastly, this device comes with summit rapid claims stirrups that you can secure the device with for extra safety.


  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Features a steel frame
  • Only weighs 29 pounds


  • Disassembly challenging at first
  • Lack of accessory support

Produced with a lightweight and durable aluminum material, this climbing tree stand can easily be transported from your hunting truck to the tree that you’re placing it on. Not only that, but the lightweight aluminum material structure helps to make sure that you can more easily assemble and dissemble the tree stand from the tree after hunting.

Compared to some of the other climbing tree stands on the market, this Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand has a weight capacity of 350 pounds. By having a high weight capacity, you can conveniently fit all of your hunting equipment up in the pine tree with you while still having the full support needed for safety and comfort.

Also relating to comfort, this 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand provides more room for comfort, and it even has more cushion for hunters that are planning on hunting for long periods of time.


  • Comes with all of the pads, straps, ropes and hardware to assemble & use the product
  • Produced with a durable and lightweight aluminum material
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs


  • More expensive than some of the other products on the market
  • More comfortable while facing the back against the tree

The Lone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo Climbing Tree Stand is highly recommend for you to consider to take with you while hunting because it’s specifically formulated to accommodate for all-day comfort. It features a 2-panel contoured foam cushion on the base of the stand that is able to provide you with a comfortable seat pad to use all day long.

Aside from the thick foam pad cushioning included within this product, there is also a full-size platform that contains a 3-D camo material in order to help keep you hidden within the trees while hunting.

In addition to those features, this Lone Wolf Climbing Tree Stand has a pivoting front bar that you can use in order to rotate the stand in any direction. Because of that, you can comfortably move the stand to fit the exact position that you can to hunt in.

Moreover, you can easily transport this climbing tree stand, since it’s produced with a lightweight material. Weighing only 20 pounds, you can easily fold this good tree stand up into a slim 4-inch stand that can easily fit in your truck for storage.

Its light weight is also beneficial for transporting the tree stand on your back while you’re walking from your truck to the tree that you’re setting the product up at. Furthermore, this stand features a 350-pound weight capacity that can not only fully support your weight while sitting in the tree stand, but it’s also able to support the different pieces of hunting equipment that you’re using.


  • Only weighs 20 pounds
  • Pivots in any direction you need
  • Accommodates for all-day comfort with a 2-panel foam cushion


  • Longer to Assemble
  • Assembly is Noisy

Presenting a closed-front construction, the Summit Treestands Goliath SD Climbing Tree Stand accommodates for both convenience and safety while you’re hunting. The tree stand has a design that contains an high-quality aluminum bar within the front of the product. This helps to keep you safe while you’re sitting in the stand, and it can also be used to conveniently keep your hunting equipment within the stand.

Unlike some other types of climbing stands, this summit Treestands product comes with a foam padding cushion located on both the bottom of the product as well as on the back. Because of that, you can more comfortably sit for longer periods of time without experiencing any strains.

The Goliath SD Climbing Treestand is also able to support up to 350 pounds while only weighing 25 pounds. The platform size of the tree stand is larger than most other products on the market, so it’s able to allow people of all sizes to fit comfortably within the stand.

Not only that, but the larger platform also offers you the opportunity to fit some of your hunting gear with you on there as well. To accommodate for your safety, it even has a full body fall arrest harness system that you can conveniently use in order to prevent you from falling all the way to the ground if you do happen to slip off of the tree stand.


  • Accounts for your safety, since it features a closed-front design and has a Fall Arrest Harness System
  • Comes with a larger platform to ensure optimal space
  • Made with a foam padding backrest for comfort


  • Features a closed front, so it may take longer to get down from the tree stand
  • Extra padding and cushion may make the tree stand more difficult to carry for long distances

Classified as having the most portable properties, this Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo Climbing Tree Stand weighs less than most of the other stands on the market. Weighing only 17.5 pounds, it can easily be carried from your truck to the area that you’re planning on assembling it.

Also unlike the other products on the market, this tree stand from Lone Wolf Treestands only features a bottom seat frame instead of having the full seat padding structure. Even though this product doesn’t have the most comfortable overall seating arrangement, the light weight of the product makes up for the inconvenience.

Also accommodating for its portability, this Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo Climbing Tree Stand is capable of folding down into a 5-inch profile that can easily be stored away for your convenience. This also offers an advantage compared to the other products, since you can more easily carry this stand through the thickest of areas.


  • Only weighs 17.5 pounds, so it’s lighter than most other tree stands on the market
  • Folds into a compact 5-inch profile for easy storing
  • Comes with a contoured cushion padding


  • Doesn’t have a backrest
  • Not suitable for open tree areas, since the shade of the stand isn’t as easily blendable as others

Often known as the most high quality and popular tree stand on the market, the Viper SD Climbing Treestand is often compared to many other comfortable tree stands on the market. It’s produced with practically the highest quality materials on the market, and Summit Treestands clearly took all aspects of tree stands into consideration when producing this product.

It accounts for safety because of the closed-front construction. There is an aluminum bar wrapped around the front of the structure so that you can feel more secure and safe within the stand. The extra bar around the front of the stand also barely adds any extra weight for you to carry, since it’s produced with an aluminum material.

Additionally, this product accounts for safety because it comes with a Full Body Fall Arrest Harness System that can eliminate the risk of you slipping and falling.

As for comfort, the Summit Treestands Viper SD comes with a suspended seat and backrest that both have a foam padding to ensure optimal comfort while hunting for longer periods of time.

Lastly, this Summit Treestands product took portability into consideration during production, since it only weighs 20 pounds and can easily be folded into a smaller profile. There is even a green utility safety strap that you can use in order to strap the product altogether more securely during transportation.


  • Includes a green utility strap
  • Comes with a Full-Body Fall Arrest Harness System
  • Affordable


  • Only supports up to 300 pounds
  • Closed-front design may be more difficult to get in and out of

The Ol’Man Multivision Treestand offers optimal convenience because it’s able to act as three stands all in one. For one, you can use the straight bar included or you can set up the tree stand so that it uses the reversible gun rest or foot platform rest if you’re a gun or bow hunter.

In addition to that, this Ol’Man product likely offers the most durability out of all tree stands on the market, since it’s produced with a sturdy steel material. Even though it has the most stable construction, it is only capable of supporting 300 pounds, which is less than some of the other products on the market.

Furthermore, this climbing tree stand is classified as one of the quietest climbing stand designs, making you the most inconspicuous in your area.


  • Quiet assembly/disassembly
  • Affordable
  • Acts as 3 in one for customization


  • Steel construction makes the product more difficult to carry
  • Doesn’t come with padded cushions

The climbing tree stand from X-Stand is able to accommodate for the most personalization on the market. You have the ability to set this stand to the exact height that you want, and it barely produces a sound while you’re adjusting the stand. It features nylon washers on every joint, so you don’t have to worry about hearing the aluminum material hitting the other parts of the product.

Also, this X-Stand Deluxe Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand is produced with lightweight climbing tree stands and sturdy aluminum material that can make carrying the product across long distance easier. There are also 3-part design cables that are run in aluminum extrusions for extra durability. And these cables are then coated for protection from rust or corrosion.

Lastly, this product comes with a 4-point safety harness that can accommodate for optimal safety. There is even an accessory bag that can make transportation easier for you.


  • Comes with an accessory bag for easy portability
  • Features built-in straps to carry like a backpack
  • Lightweight, aluminum construction


  • Doesn’t come with a backrest or a seat padding
  • Only has a camo material on some parts of the tree stand

Verdict: The Best Climbing Tree Stand

Overall, each of these climbing tree stands are able to offer you a variety of features that are each beneficial for your hunting experience. More specifically, each one of these products accounts for different important aspects of hunting, including comfort, durability and much more.

Given that each of these products accommodates for different beneficial features, it can be difficult to choose the best product for your specific purposes. That being said, you’re most recommended to purchase product #1: Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber.

Not only is it produced with a durable steel frame construction, but it’s able to support up to 300 pounds of weight. In addition to that, the Summit Viper offers a closed-front, full perimeter to allow you to safely stand or sit.

Furthermore, it comes with all of the accessories needed for assembly and usability. Given all of these features as well as its lightweight properties, you should purchase the best overall climbing tree is Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber from the market today.

To learn more about How To Use A Climbing Treestand, click here.

Reviews of the Best Climbing Tree Stand

One of the most enjoyable aspects of hunting is waiting patiently in a tree stand for the game to approach. It's great to listen to the forest wake up. It's also really fun to be perched up in the trees. You can spend the morning doing this, and with a little patience, you might be able to encounter some games.

In this post, we will discuss climbing tree stand reviews. We will talk about the different types of stands and what you should look for when choosing one. We will also give you some safety tips on how to use them.

1. Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Stand Combo II

Lone Wolf's Wide Sit & Stand Combo II is an excellent climbing tree stand for bow hunters. Because it contains a bow holder, this stand is ideal. Long days of hunting can be made much more enjoyable with this tactic.

It's also a lot of space. The trees stand outwards, and the platform measures 30" x 19.5". This is critical for the sake of convenience. On the other hand, the bowhunter has an edge because he can move his weapon more freely.

The Sit & Stand weighs just 21 pounds, despite its huge dimensions. A four-inch profile makes it easy to transport. This reduces the likelihood of it spreading to every bush and sapling you pass on the route to your tree. However, the design's great degree of collapsibility has the drawback of making it more difficult to pack and unpack.

This tree stand is innovative because of its climbing mechanisms. They work well, but they can be complicated for hunters who are used to other stands. It also loses points because its coloring is different from what deer are used to seeing. The back of the seat is camo, but the rest of the stand is one color. This might make you stick out to deer stand.

The Sit & Stand quickly and quietly moves up a tree. It is comfortable when you get to the top. There is plenty of room in the tree stand because of the two-paneled foam seat's contouring to your stance. Plus, it has all the necessary safety features, including a strong harness.


  • Wide design
  • Bow holder
  • Light
  • Highly collapsible
  • Convenient
  • Safe


  • Complicated to work
  • Monocolor

2. Summit Goliath

The Summit Goliath is a great tree stand for big guys or a little larger hunters. This stand is a heavy-duty tree stand, comfortable and sturdy, with a weight capacity of 350-pounds.

The seat and backrest are both foam-padded seat for extra comfort. Even though a backrest is optional on certain tree climbing platforms, it is absolutely necessary for taller than average.

Your safety is ensured by the integrated fall arrest mechanism and full-body harness of the Summit Goliath. The seat measures 18" x 12," and the platform measures 30.75" x 21".

If you are worried about making noise, don't be. Summit has a way to fix that. They put expanding foam in the important parts of the tree stand so that when you move around, there is no noise even if you are a big guy.


  • The metal tubing is filled with expanding foam inserts.
  • Larger hunters will appreciate its 350-pound weight capacity.
  • A fall arrest mechanism and a full-body harness are included.
  • The seat is foam thick padded seat for added comfort and measures 18" x 12".
  • The platform is large enough for standing shots and has some mobility measuring at 30.75" x 21".
  • Comfortable design.


  • It could be made quieter.

3. API Outdoors Crusader

Suppose you are looking for a best climbing stand that can be moved between a few different trees where you already have installed climbing sticks. In that case, the API Outdoors Crusader is perfect. The Crusader can hold up to 300 pounds, perfect for anyone looking for a reliable stand.

This climbing tree stand is made from light and strong aluminum. It is designed to be sleek and easy to move around, so you can take it wherever you go. It only weighs 22 pounds, so it's easy to carry around.

This purchase comes with traction ridges and reinforced closed triangular extrusions for strength and silence. You'll also get a full-body safety harness with a climbing belt, suspension relief stabilizing straps, accessory bag, backpack style strap system, and safety DVD.


  • Constructed from durable and ultra-strong aluminum to keep weight down.
  • All platforms contain traction ridges and non-slip surfaces.
  • Generously suspended foam padded seat, backrest, and armrests.
  • Lightweight at only 22-pounds. 
  • Includes full-body harness and climbing belt.
  • Safety DVD included being reviewed before tree stand use.
  • Supports up to 300-pounds.


  • Other comparable versions are a tad more pricey.

4. Summit OpenShot SD

Do you have more than one hunting spot? The Summit OpenShot SD lets you easily travel between your multiple spots. You can go from morning to evening with no problem!

Tree stands might be cumbersome, but this one folds up and can be taken anywhere. It's small and portable, and it only takes a few minutes to put together. It is also good if your hunting spot is located deep into the forest since you will not have to hike as far to get there.

The Summit OpenShot SD climbing tree stand contains a foam seat pad, a 4-point safety harness, rapidclimb climbing stirrups, pads, hardware, ropes, and installation adjustable foot straps. This tree stand is designed for an unobstructed view from the front. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Portable design makes this stand easy to transport through the woods.
  • Lightweight and compact. Weighs only 15-pounds.
  • Includes a 4-point safety harness, rapid climb stirrups, pads, hardware, ropes, and installation straps. 
  • Covered by a 5-year warranty.


  • A little more expensive than other climbing tree stands.

5. Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Climber Tree

The Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Hunting Climber is a very durable tree stand. It is made of strong steel and will last you for many hunting seasons. It is also one of the least expensive trees stands on the market. Those new to hunting and experimenting with various tree stands may find it an excellent alternative.

The catch is that it is heavy. All that steel makes it weigh around 33 lbs. But the benefit is that it will not break on you.

This tree stand is easy to set up. It doesn't require any prior knowledge. The adjustable nylon foot straps make it quiet so you can climb without scaring the deer away. It also comes with all the safety features you need, including a stable harness.

The Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Hunting climbing tree stand is a good value for the price. It is comfortable, with a seat and seatback made of one-inch foam and seat bars with foam wraps to avoid skin contact with the tough steel frame. The camo pattern is versatile, making it good for beginner bowhunters who might not be used to sitting in a tree stand for a long period.


  • Durable
  • Low price range
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy

What Is a Climbing Tree Stand?

Climbing tree stands are good because you can put them up in a tree and take them down easily. Hunters use these stands on public land where you can't leave a stand in the trees. Carrying the stand with you is essential for these areas.

A climbing tree stand is not an elevator. You have to climb up the tree. The stand takes your weight, and you use it to press against the tree and stay in place.

Climbing vs. Ladder Tree Stand

Climbing tree stands are different than ladder tree stands. You can use a ladder to climb into and out of the stand with a ladder stand. This makes it easier to get into but harder to move around. The main benefit of a tree climber is that it is very maneuverable. You can collapse it and carry it to a new spot whenever you want. If you have a good spot that you want to use again and again, then a ladder stand might be more convenient.

Climbing vs. Hang-on Tree Stands

A hang-on tree stand is similar to a climbing tree stand. It uses displaced weight to press the stand against the tree. Hang-on is designed to be attached to a tree and left there. Again, if you like to hunt from several different trees throughout the hunting season, then a climber is your best bet. However, if you have the option of leaving a stand up somewhere, hang-on treestands might be more convenient because you don't have to carry it out of the woods each time.

Our Climbing Tree Stands Safe?

Safety is a big concern when using tree stands. You can reduce the risk of injury by taking safety precautions, which are included with modern tree stands.

Always wear a safety harness when you are using a tree stand. This will keep you safe if you slip or if the stand malfunctions. When climbing, use the stirrups to keep yourself attached to the platform. Make sure to read the instructions and climb correctly. There is a right way to do it!

What To Look For

Is It Easy to Take Standing Shots?

Think about how well you will shoot from it when choosing a stand. If you are using a compound, recurve, or longbow, ensure that you have enough space for your stance and that the stand is stable. The platform should also be wide enough so that nothing gets in the way of your arm when you draw the bowstring.

Is It Comfortable to Spend a Long Time In?

You spend a lot of time in your tree stand, so it's important to make sure you're comfortable. Many tree stands have seats made from foam or cushions, but not all are the same. You may want to try a few different things for the best results.

Is It Easy to Lug Around?

The best thing about a climbing tree stand is that you can pack it up and take it with you wherever you go. This means that it is lightweight and easy to collapse, making it more convenient to use. A heavy bulky upper framework stand would be a pain to carry around.

How Safe Is It?

When choosing a tree stand, make sure it is safe. This means it has all the necessary safety features, like a harness and stirrups. If the stand you choose does not have all the features, be sure to get your own harness. Some manufacturers design extra safety measures into their stands, like cable systems. Make sure you consider these when making your decision.

Is It Quiet?

When you're climbing a tree stand, it mustn't make a lot of noise. This can scare away deer, and you'll never see one. Different brands have different techniques to make their stands quieter. Try to find one that is as quiet as possible.

How to Use a Climbing Tree Stand

The first step is finding a good tree to hunt from. Look for a tree without any big branches in the way and that is not too wet or slippery. Make sure the tree is sturdy enough to hold your stand and that the metal teeth on the stand can grip the tree's bark.

Once you have found the tree you want, attach the stand. The stand should be tight so that it doesn't move. Next, attach your gear to the stand. Tie a line from the stand to your bow. Make sure you are safe before you shoot.

Now it is time to get in the stand. Enter between the seat and the platform. You will squat down. Come up through the seat so you can sit in it. Fasten your feet in the stirrups of the platform and attach your safety harness to the tree.

Climb the tree like an inchworm. When you reach the platform, release the pressure and lift it up. Put it back in the tree, then release the pressure from the seat. Stand up, and this will raise the seat with you. Put the seat back in the tree and do it again. Be sure to move your safety harness up with you as you move.

When you have found the spot you want to hunt from, pull your gear up into the stand with you. Find a comfortable position and practice getting up to shoot as quietly and smoothly as possible. All that is left is to wait for your deer.

Climbing Tree Stand Buying Guide

Climbing tree stands have made hunting much better. This is because you can spend more time hunting in the areas you want to since you don't have to climb trees anymore.

When buying a tree stand for climbing, you need to make sure that you consider certain important factors.

As a result, let us explore the various facets of this.


You need to make sure that your climbing tree stand can hold your weight and the weight of all of your hunting gear. If it can't, there is a good chance you will fall down.

You should buy a four-point fall arrest system because it will help keep you safe. The system will evenly distribute your weight across straps, ensuring your safety.

Weight Capacity

The tree stands you buy to hold your hunting gear and body weight. Make sure the tree stand can handle at least 400 lbs. You don't have to worry; most of them can hold more than that.

Seat and Platform Space

A comfortable tree stand is a key to a successful hunt. You will be stiff and aching if the stand is not comfortable. If you want to keep your back pain to a minimum:

  • Choose a stand with a backrest.
  • If you want to be more mobile, choose a more spacious stand.
  • Remember these things when choosing a tree stand.

Type Of Trees and Accessing Its Locations

A climbing tree stand's most significant feature is where you put it to use. You can't use just any tree; you need to find big, sturdy trees.

Your tree should be straight tree without branches. The bark should be strong enough to hold the stand.

Ease Of Climbing

The most important thing is how easy it is to climb your tree stand when hunting. When you start climbing, you will also be carrying your hunting equipment. So the process must be as easy as possible.

Ease Of Setup

Many of the tree stands available are difficult to set up. They have hinges and bolts that make them hard to use. This can be frustrating for someone new to using a tree stand.

You need to be careful when choosing a tree stand. It should be easy to install quickly.

Easy To Carry and Pack

You can't drive to all the areas where you might see deer, so you'll have to walk. That means you need a tree stand that is easy to carry with you. A portable tree stand will help you get closer to the deer and increase your chances of getting one.


The type of weapon you hunt affects the tree stand you need. If you're using a bow, you need a tree stand made for a bow. If you're using a rifle, you need a different tree stand.

Noise-Deadening Feature

So that you don't scare away the wildlife with your tree stand, make sure it is as quiet as possible. This means that it should have noise cancellation features.

Advantages of Using a Climbing Tree Stand

There are some advantages of using a climbing tree stand compared to common tree stands. These advantages make it a good idea to buy a self-climbing tree stand.

  • Many people say that climbing tree stands is more comfortable than other stands.
  • These climbing stand varieties come with a backrest, which is definitely an advantage.
  • These stands have footrests and armrests, which is really great.
  • These tree stands are safer than any other tree stands. They are lightweight and climbers, and they have bars that enclose you and can be used as a gun rest or camera stand.
  • Whether the tree is straight or not, using a hunting seat that backpack straps to the tree are safe.

Final Thoughts

People who like to hunt or watch wildlife will really enjoy having a compact, versatile climbing tree stand. It's important to find a portable, safe, and lightweight stand.

Today, six of the best climbing tree stands on the market may be found here. The stands make it simpler to get near your target, allowing you to have a better hunting experience.

Now that you have this information, you're ready to take on the world. It's up to you to make the final decision based on your preferences and financial resources.

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