Best Bowfishing Bow 2020 – Our Review of the Top Bows for Fishing

Bowfishing is not only a great way to improve your archery skills but is also a great way to hunt for fish in the wilderness.

Bowfishing is not only a fun activity for when you decide to hunt near open bodies of water but it is also a way to fish for your dinner while getting a little strength endurance in. Using a bow does require some upper arm strength so bowfishing will test your strength and endurance. 

To ensure you are buying the best bow for bowfishing, there are several product characteristics to search for. First off, your bow must be made of high quality materials to assure you will not break anything or cause any accidents with the materials that the bow is built with. As savvy people say, quality of quantity and this saying is a byproduct to how your bow is built by the manufacturer including the quality of the materials used in the product.

Quick Picks: Top Bow Fishing Bows for 2020



Our Rating

Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch

  • Built to shoot smoothly
  • Deep cam grooves
  • Has finger pads 

PSE Discovery Bowfishing Package

  • Exclusive camo design
  • Kit includes accessories
  • Economical

AMS Bowfishing Recurve Kit

  • Recurve bow
  • Beginner friendly
  • Easy to put together

Cajun Fish Stick Bowfishing Kit

  • Most economic choice
  • Built with dense materials
  • Easy to use

When searching for the best bow for bowfishing, quality isn’t the only thing to be on the lookout for.

Something else to keep in mind when searching for a long lasting bow is the price range. The of the bows will vary, especially at the sacrifice of price but sometimes not. Part of buying the best bow for bowfishing is making sure you are not only getting a good deal but also getting a quality product. 

Best Bowfishing Bows Reviewed

To help you find the best priced or best quality bow or both, I have written a review to help guide you through some of the best bows on the market.

Weighing in at 50 pounds, the Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch is a bow that is built with deep cam grooves to help prevent the strings from derailing during bowfishing.

With the Cajun Bow you will receive, of course, the Cajun Winch Pro reel, a fishing biscuit arrow rest and two white fiberglass piranha arrows.

Another feature that comes with the Cajun Bow include a constant draw and draw length, although only some models include this feature plus additional finger pads to prevent blisters from forming on your hands when using the bow.

The Cajun bow measures in at approximately 31 inches from both axles and has a draw length of 17 to 31 inch range.

Other features include a 60 percent let off and about seven inches of brace height to help with shooting smoothly without maximum effort.

If you want to escape the normal grind and have a bit of fun, this bow may be for you. It was made with the word fun in mind since it does provide by its build, an easy and smooth glide to shooting fish without taking the weight to your shoulders. With it’s specialized looks, the Cajun bow not only looks like it can shoot it is built to do so.


  • Built to shoot smoothly
  • Deep cam grooves help prevent derailing of strings
  • Comes with finger pads for blisters


  • Strings can still derail if not used with care
  • A bit on the heftier side as far as weight goes

The Discovery Bowfishing Bow is all inclusive with its performance and compact design. The PSE Discovery Bow weighs in with a constant draw weight of forty pounds. Not only is it the ideal bow for reeling in the big fish it is also economical in its price range.

The PSE Discovery bow designed to be a more compacted and stylistic bow for your bowfishing needs.
PSE put a lot of thought into this one, especially with the stylized camo pattern featured on the bow.

The Muzzy kit included with the purchase of the bow includes one Muzzy 067XD Spin Reel, one seat, one Snapshot Rest and one Fish Stick Arrow with an AMS Safety Stop and Safety Slide.

The specifications of the PSE Discovery bow are the 31 and a half inches axle-to-axle length and draw length range up to 30 inches.

The PSE Discovery bow is not only one of a kind bow with it’s exclusive camo pattern but it also includes a fishing kit which a lot of bows do not. If you’re looking for a bow that is uniquely designed and includes a kit for maximum experience, the PSE discovery bow might be just the bow for you.


  • Exclusive camo design
  • Includes a bow kit with accessories
  • Made for quickshots
  • Economical


  • Does not have a let off
  • Is a right-hand bow only

If you are searching for a fantastic fishing bow that not only includes added accessories but is also designed from the ground up to do exactly what its made for, to fish, then look no further. The Water Moc is made to fish without any severe knockbacks that may surface with other bowfishing bows and products.

The Water Moc is a bow that includes a white fiberglass arrow with a chaos fx point and green strings.

It also includes an AMS retriever TNT with 35 yards of a premium quality spectra line made just for reeling in those big catches.

The Water Moc is not only designed from the ground up to be exclusive for some of the best bow fishing round year, but it also ensures that the added accessories included with the bow will fit perfectly so that you won’t have to go searching for additional products or addons on the market to matchup with the bow and it’s use.

The Water Moc is beginner friendly as it is easy to put together for the next time you decide to go bowfishing.

If you happen to be looking for an exclusive bowfishing recurve bow, the Water Moc might be a good choice for you and your next fishing trip.


  • Is an all exclusive recurve bow
  • Beginner friendly
  • Easy to put together


  • Must put together
  • Retro-style compared to the more modern style bows on the market

The Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow Set offers a design that measure up to a total of 56 inches long and a 45 pound peak draw weight.

The Cajun Fish Stick Bow for bowfishing is made with High-grade aluminum riser and composite limbs that can handle forceful or potential abuse of bowfishing. This is great for beginners who may not have the experience with handling equipment. The density of the material that the bow is made with makes it harder to break with possible beginner accidents.

Within the package contents includes a drum reel with plenty of line, a roller rest and an arrow with a Piranha point.

Other features included are the no-slip rubber grip and finger pads that make it easier to shoot each shot with consistency without blistering your fingers or hands. There are also threaded holes that make it possible to mount sights or reels that accept the Cajun Winch Pro and Winch Pro.

With everything it includes, including the finger pads, this bow makes it easy for both seasoned professionals and beginners to setup and begin using so they can catch that next big fish.

If you are looking for a great economic bow that is great for a beginner or even a seasoned professional, the Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down bow set might be just the right choice for you to purchase for your next bowfishing trip.


  • Most economic choice
  • Built with dense materials
  • Easy to use


  • No assembly instructions
  • The roller is not as well-built as the rest of the bow

With the E-rad bowfishing bow kit, AMS partnered with another company, Quest archery, to design a bow meant for high performance.

With a draw weight range that goes from 30 to 60 pounds and new Phaze cams, you will be able to bowfish smoothly with a draw cycle any shooter in hunting game would love.

The E-rad features a build that is lightweight but also stiff enough to meet the demands of professional bowfishers. Another feature included with this demanding model, is the machined aluminum riser. This feature alone is what makes the E-rad user-friendly for both beginners and seasoned bowfishers.

The AMS E-rad bow’s design was made to help you integrate to taking on the waters and bowfishing easily without any hassle or stresses in use of equipment.

Inside the bowfishing kit includes one B500-ERD E-Rad Bow, one 610 AMS Retriever TNT Tournament Series Reel with Blue Accents and 35 Yards of 350 Pound Spectra Line , one A606 Lava Crux Carbon Cored Arrow, an AMS AnKor FX Point with Cyclone Tip, one M152 AMS Tidal Wave Arrow Rest, one M171-BLU String Things Installed, one AMS Bowfishing DVD and one Set Nock Point on String.

The E-rad might be a good choice of a bow for bowfishing for you if you’re looking for a long term bow that you might never want to replace.


  • Comes with many accessories
  • Designed for seasoned professionals and beginners alike
  • Excellent draw back weight
  • Available for Left and Right Hand


  • Not the most economic option

Wrap Up - Which Bowfishing Bow is Best?

If you’re looking for a bow for bowfishing, finding the perfect bow can be a bit of a frustrating experience as with shopping for most things can be. This is especially true, as stated before, when trying to find a quality bow that is most suitable for bowfishing without having to worry about replacements or potential accidents.

Fortunately, there are both affordable and high-quality options out there on the market.

The most suitable bow I would recommend that is both affordable and made from high-quality material would be number four on the list above, the Cajun Fish Stick Take-Down Bowfishing Bow Set.

This bow not only includes everything you need to begin bow fishing but it also is the most affordable option out of all the bows on this list. It also has some decent quality built into it, so you won’t have to worry about snapping any lines or reels included with the bow.

Despite it being the most inexpensive compared to the rest of the bows, it also seems to appeal and live up to good standards on the consumer end.

This particular bow may be a good choice for you as well if you are just getting into bowfishing and are not sure if you want to make a large investment in a bow without sacrificing too much of the quality that goes into the build.

Bowfishing is a great activity that requires a decent bow and hopefully you’ve found the perfect bow for your bowfishing needs by the above reviews of the top five best bowfishing bows available on the market.

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