Best Compound Bow for Beginners in 2020

Best Compound Bow for Beginners

For all of you aspiring archers, you know how much fun the activity is. Whether you've started your journey or you've only watched others participate, wielding a bow and striking your target can be a thrilling experience. To get to that point, however, you require a quality bow.

Compound bows in particular are an ideal place to start. It is almost remarkable how easy they are to use, especially when compared to their traditional recurve bow counterparts. Unlike recurve bows, compound bows typically do not require that much strength to hold at full draw. It's their overall design of cams or pulleys that take in some of the usual resistance you'll feel so that you won't struggle as much at full draw.

​Because of these features, compound bows tend to work well for beginners. Even so, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind to ensure that you find the best beginner compound bow for your needs. How a bow handles is a good place to start.

Some users prefer lightweight bows as they are simpler to carry around, especially for long periods of time. However, it may disrupt your accuracy as it can move. More weight might be tough to carry though. Even so, they're reliable considering they hold still better thanks to their weight. In the end, even if heavier ones might work better for novice archers learning accuracy, what weight is best is more of a personal preference.

Another good consideration while searching for quality compound bows for beginners is the draw weight. This will tell you how much force is needed for you to successfully pull the string. The lighter it is, the easier it is to pull back. Lighter ones are usually slow though, which may not matter much for beginners. Heavier bows have more speed, but they can be tough to pull for those of you just starting out.

Additional factors to look into are more focused on how you plan to use the bow and on your personal needs. For instance, the right length is based on what you're doing as hunting compound bows differ from target-based shooting. Also, consider your dominant eye when choosing a bow to learn whether you need right or left.

So, with that said, let's dive more into these six highly rated and reviewed compound bows. These should help you choose the best bow that will work for beginners and help you develop as an archer.

Quick Pick:  Top Entry Level Compound Bows



Our Rating

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge

  • Versatile shooting styles
  • Good balance
  • Lightweight and comfortable

SAS Rage

  • Quality construction
  • Smooth and fast shooting
  • Ergonomic design that's easy to hold

Quest Radical Compound Bow

  • Lightweight
  • Smooth Quiet Cams
  • Easily Adjustable

Bear Archery Cruzer Lite

  • Good setup instructions
  • Comes with five accessories
  • Great amount of adjustability

Reviews of the Best Compound Bows for Beginners

The Infinite Edge Pro Package features quite the versatility that can make it easier for a variety of novice users. For one thing, you can readily adjust the draw length from a wide range of 13in. to 31in. You are also able to adjust the draw weight from 5lbs to 70lbs. Not only does this allow multiple archers to use the bow, but it may also grow with you as you improve your skills or in age if used by kids and teenagers.

This tends to have a rather smooth draw cycle thanks to the redesigned cam system. It's generally comfortable to manage as it weighs less than 4lbs, and there's stabilizer in place that helps it maintain a good balance to help you remain steady as you practice. The acceleration seems well enough for beginners as it reaches up to 310ft. per second.

If there's something to keep in mind, it's that this might not arrive ready to shoot out of the box, which is something a beginner like yourself may not be able to fix on your own. So, it can help to have this seen by someone with more skill or have it adjusted at a professional shop.

Otherwise, this bow can be a good option to both help you learn and serve you well as you improve. It even comes in three different colors if you're interested in personalization.


  • Versatile shooting styles
  • Good balance
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • May not arrive properly set up
  • Sight and arrow rest seem low-quality

The SAS Rage Compound Bow is a reliable bow with a comfortable, ergonomic grip to help make it simpler to hold. It features a compressed ABS limb that offers a good blend of balance, strength, and weight in order for the bow to last you a long time.

Also, the compound bow only weighs 4.4lbs, so it shouldn't be too tough to manage. This may make the bow ideal for both hunting and target shooting.

It features a draw weight between 55lbs and 70lbs. The minimum may be bit difficult for amateurs, but it is something you may get used to as you practice and learn. Adjusting it should be simple enough; loosening the bolt decreases it by 5lbs, while tightening the bolt increases it by 5lb. As for the draw length, it goes between 25in. and 31in.

This compound bow can provide you with some good accuracy thanks to the back pivoting limb pockets and the durable connections. When you shoot, it can fire up to 270ft. per second.

There are accessories, but the instructions appear lacking in terms of how to set it up. Once you understand, they may come together in little time.


  • Quality construction
  • Smooth and fast shooting
  • Ergonomic design that's easy to hold


  • Draw weight may be tough
  • Cam screws might loosen

Quest Radical - Top Female Beginner Bow

This Quest Radical Compound Bow Package features all you need to get started in your archery journey such as a suppressor, a quiver, rest, stabilizer, a peep, and a 4-pin sight. Even so, it might take some getting used to, possibly due to the short axel length.

What does make this rather easy to use for those of you just starting out is how easy the cam system is to adjust. It doesn't require any bow press in order to manage it, which may help in the learning process of using this bow.

Shooting appears stable and smooth overall. It's not that forgiving in the beginning, but through adjustments and experience, it can become rather easy to draw. The draw weight alone is from 15lbs to 70lbs, allowing you a good deal of room to grow in terms of skill. It also has a draw length between 17.5in. to 30in.

This is labeled as right hand only so it is not available for everyone to use. Colored in a AP design, this compound bow appears long-lasting thanks to features like the aluminum riser and the high-quality finish applied to it.


  • Easy to draw
  • Stabilize and smooth shooting
  • Good adjustable range


  • Not very forgiving
  • May take some getting used to

Bear Archery Cruzer Lite - Best Youth Beginner Bow

This Cruzer Lite Compound Bow comes in both a left hand style and a right hand style. It also comes in six different color designs so you or whatever aspiring archer you're getting this for can choose a bow based on personal preference.

The bow has a tremendous amount of versatility as it is made to grow with the user. Since it is smaller compared to other compound bows as the draw length only goes from 12in. to 27in. Because of this, it may work best for smaller adults or children. Also, if given to a child, they can outgrow it after a number of years.

Even so, it does adjust along with the user to get some good use out of it. The draw weight has a comfortable learning range from 5lbs to 45lbs. Learning to adjust it is simple as well as all you need is an Allen wrench. It does arrive ready to use though thanks to the five accessories that includes a sight, stabilizer, and nock loop.

The weight is a light 3.2lbs, which might be easy enough for beginners, but it may feel too light to some archers. Still, shooting the bow comes with quality accuracy and speed as it fires 290ft. per second. Accuracy is further improved by the advanced grip design that helps keep the bow steady.


  • Good setup instructions
  • Comes with five accessories
  • Great amount of adjustability


  • Might be too lightweight for some users

The Cruzer G2 Compound Bow features a draw length from 12in. to 30in., which may help growing archers learn to use the bow. Adjusting it is simple using an Allen wrench. This even has a wide draw weight adjustment range from 5lbs to 70lbs.

There is a good weight load distribution with this compound bow thanks to the shape of the limb, a factor that further contributes to it being a highly reliable bow for beginners. At 3lbs, it seems to be a comfortable weight to manage for shooting moving and stationary targets.

It shoots out consistently and quietly, something that can help during hunting. The bow may require some service before you can use it though. Once it is ready, it is able to shoot up to 315ft. per second. There is supposed to be six included accessories with this compound bow, but there's a chance that your bow may arrive with some pieces missing.

You can choose the color though to customize the compound bow. There are eight different colors, but not all colors may be available for both right and left hand use.


  • Shoots quietly
  • Offers consistent shooting
  • Simple to adjust by yourself


  • May need to be serviced before use
  • Might lack accessories

The Siege SAS Compound Bow features a design that's more similar to traditional bows. Nonetheless, it is a quality compound bow made with compressed ABS limbs to help extend its life. Made right hand only, this has a weight of around 4lbs so it's not too heavy or too light.

This bow offers a decent draw weight adjustment range from 40lbs to 55lbs. With such a high initial weight, it might take some time and effort for some beginners to pull without struggle. Also, it lacks quality instructions to learn how to set it all up, but with such a simple design, it doesn't take long to understand how to adjust and use the compound bow.

There's a good deal of balance in this bow for ease of handling, and this balance offers better accuracy as well as power. Once you release the string, it fires up to 206ft. per second.

Even without good instructions, the compound bow does arrive with a number of quality accessories like the 5-pin sight and the sight light. It even comes with a paper target so that you can get to shooting right away. There are multiple colors to choose from as well for personalization options.


  • Simple design that's easy to learn
  • Features sturdy construction
  • Good balance of accuracy and power


  • Instructions are lacking
  • Initially difficult to pull

Verdict:  Which Starter Compound Bow is Best

Once you find an interest in archery, it's hard to ever let it go as there is just so much you can do with it from sporting to hunting. Even if you just want to safely shoot at paper targets in your backyard, it's important that you have a high-quality compound bow that will help a beginner like yourself learn and develop.

For us, we feel that the Infinite Edge Pro from Diamond Archery is the best beginner compound bow you can find. It has both right and left hand orientation, and it has a pleasant draw length from 13in. to 31in. so that it can be used by various archers or grow along with younger users.

The draw weight even has a pleasant range of 5lbs to 70lbs. This allows it you to start out small and go higher in weight once you gain more skills and become comfortable using the compound bow.

There are additional features that make it a go-to for beginners such as the internal stabilization that helps the compound bow stay balanced and help you keep a steady grip for accurate shots. This bow also has a high-quality cam system so that it has a smoother draw, and it can accelerate all the way up to 310ft. per second.

What do you think about the compound bows we reviewed as well as our number one pick? Feel free to share your thoughts and any other recommendations you may have in the comments.

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