Archery Glove vs. Tab Which One is Right for You

You may wonder which offers the most protection regarding archery: the finger tab or the glove. When shooting a bow, you should always have some hand protection on. It protects your hands from the bowstring and prevents nerve damage and loss of feeling in your fingers. Let’s compare the finger tab and the glove so that you can make an informed decision.

Finger Tab vs. Glove: Accuracy

Many archers prefer to use a finger tab instead of a glove. The material is thinner, making it easier to adjust your shots. Finger tabs also help you achieve better accuracy. Although gloves offer similar accuracy, not all gloves are created equal. Some will perform better than others.

Generally speaking, the finger tab is more accurate than the glove. The glove is still correct but is not as precise as the finger tab. The leather on the glove is thicker, making it harder to shoot accurately.

Who Provides Better Finger Protection: A Finger Tab or a Glove?

The glove will undoubtedly protect the fingers better than the finger tab. In many cases, you may even feel the bowstring through the finger tab.


The archery glove sometimes experiences problems with the release. The leather can catch on the string and throw off your shots. This problem comes from the thicker padding. When you wear a thick glove, the bowstring creates a groove in the leather, which makes for a less-than-perfect shot. Because of the thinner leather piece, you don’t experience this as much with a tab. Additionally, the release is easier to access due to the lower friction surface.

Protection for your fingers when drawing back the bow and releasing it is essential. Finger tabs and gloves protect your fingers, but gloves do a worse job. If you want a smooth release, we advise using a trigger release. Trigger releases have an advantage over gloves for bowhunters because they help you release the arrow more smoothly. However, there is one danger with using a mechanical release: it gives you one more piece of equipment that can fail at a crucial moment.

The tabs on the glove will help you release the ball better than if you use your hand. However, there is one exception – you must have good form for a good release.

Tabs vs. Gloves:

The tabs vs. gloves question primarily depends on the archery technique you wish to follow. Gloves have an advantage over typical bows because they provide excellent protection near the fingertips. Gloves are also helpful in pulling heavy loads since they offer the extra padding needed. At the same time, some people may think of archery gloves as more medieval tabs that were around longer than archery gloves.

Finger tabs were invented in the medieval ages and have been used since then. They are helpful for cases when you need the most accuracy possible. For example, in archery competitions, finger tabs provide more accuracy than gloves. However, different archers prefer different methods, so you may see some people using gloves in competitions.

Which One is Better for Beginners?

The glove is a better choice for beginners because of the extra protection it provides for your hands. Beginners are more likely to experience nerve damage because their fingers are more vulnerable. However, even experienced archers need finger protection because their fingers can’t take the impact from the bowstring forever.

Eventually, using a bow for too long will cause you to lose feeling in your fingers. A lot of archers have this happen temporarily. It’s not worth the risk.

Also, your accuracy won’t be that great at the beginning of archery. You might as well learn how to use a glove when shooting.

The Cost: Finger Tab vs. Glove

Different finger tabs cost different amounts of money. The more expensive tabs have more intricate and detailed designs, but they are mostly only different in style. The essential thing to look for is how heavily padded the tab will be. It will determine how much protection it provides you. Some archers may want less padding but not so much that they feel the bowstring hurting their fingers.

Gloves are available at a variety of pricing points. The least costly gloves were $9, while the most expensive ones were $80. Most gloves range in price from $10 to $25. It is because they need to be made of better materials to last longer.

Suppose you plan to use a glove while bow hunting. You might want to buy a more expensive one for hunting. This type of glove will be able to withstand the elements better. The Sitka Gear Unisex-Adult Esw Glove has a synthetic leather palm, making it stronger and more resistant to outdoor conditions. You will also stay comfortable for longer while using this glove.

Who Wins the Comfort Category?

When hunting for a long time, it is essential to be comfortable. Most people say that gloves are more satisfying than tabs. The extra padding in the gloves will make them more comfortable to shoot, and they usually fit snugly over your hand. In terms of comfort, how does a tab compare? Archery tabs are pleasant, although they aren’t as comfortable as gloves.

The tabs’ construction material will be necessary. For example, suede leather or double-layer leather feels better than other choices.

Learning Curve: Tabs vs. Gloves

Finger tabs will take more time to learn how to shoot well than gloves. With gloves, everything is pretty straightforward. You pull back and shoot, but tabs take more shooting knowledge to be successful. Learning to shoot with tabs may take time, but you don’t need as much time as with gloves. Gloves can be shot immediately, but tabs must be broken first.

One advantage of Tabs over Gloves

You can cut off the extra material with tabs to fit your hand size. If you have a hand size between two sizes, you can choose the size of the tab that is bigger than your hand. The excess material should then be cut off using a sharp knife or scissors.

Personal Preference Plays a Role in This.

Some people will prefer the glove, and others will choose tabs. Everyone has their Preference, and neither one is right or wrong. You might use different methods depending on what you are doing. For example, some people find gloves more convenient when hunting. Still, they like tabs better for competitions because they give more accuracy.

Which One Lasts Longer: Tabs vs. Gloves

Tabs last a long time and they are also affordable. It makes them a good choice for budget-minded archers. However, the life of gloves varies depending on the brand. Heavier shooters may wear gloves within six months to a year, making tabs a more worthwhile investment.

At the same time, tabs have become popular because they are simple. You can make them yourself for free once you understand how they function. However, some people may purchase archery tabs to obtain a more detailed pattern.

What to Choose for Heavier Draw Weight

You can use a finger tab, an archery glove, or a release aid to shoot arrows. Most people prefer a finger tab because it is the easiest to use. However, if you have a heavier draw weight and your fingers hurt when you use the tabs, you may need to use thicker padding on the finger tab.

Can archers wear gloves? They use a form of finger protection known as an archery glove. It protects the fingers from nerve damage. You don’t want to use a bow frequently unless your fingers are covered. When archers use gloves, it is to protect their hands from injury.

Should I Use A Tab Or Glove?

Your hands are essential when you shoot arrows. Your hands connect you to the bow. Holding your hand can make the difference between hitting the target and not. One of your most precious assets is the facility with which you use your hands and fingers.

You need to wear protection on your fingers when you shoot arrows. It will help keep them safe and also help with your shooting. There are many different types of finger protection, but you need to find the best one.

When deciding which style of archery glove is best for you, one important factor is the style of archery you want to pursue. If you’re shooting a traditional bow, gloves are more advantageous because they provide excellent protection from reinforced leather (which helps with bows that have a high draw weight). Gloves also last longer because they’re made out of thick leather.

Gloves help you do other things with your hands while you are shooting an arrow. People typically shoot arrows like gloves because they find it easier to do so and because they believe it more closely aligns with how things should be done.

Finger protection is essential for archers. The most common type of protection is the finger tab. It is a piece of leather with a loop or holes to keep it in place. More expensive versions might have a platform, plate, and spacer.

Tabs are thinner and less protective than gloves, but this gives archers more sensitivity to fine-tune their shots better. Importantly, accounts provide a smoother release by having a lower friction surface, ensuring interference with arrows is minimized.

Like the shelf tab, tab designs help keep the archer from pinching the arrow. It makes it easier to draw back and prevents the hand from swinging around. Many archers find that using a shelf tab makes their shooting more accurate because they can anchor the string better with their fingers.

Overall, gloves and finger tabs do the same, but they have some differences. Gloves and tabs come at different prices, so they are not an expensive investment. They are usually one of the first pieces of equipment a beginner archer buys. The style of archery you do can affect the style of finger protection you use. Still, there is no reason why you can’t shoot a traditional bow with a tab or an Olympic-style recurve with a glove.

When choosing an archery bow, you must consider what matters to you. Consider the following: how well does it protect you, how sensitive is it, how smooth is the release, and how practical is it?

There is a reason that most people shoot a recurve bow in a certain way. It works best for most people. Obtaining a gold medal at the Olympics requires the following:

You cannot do it by shooting a bow in a way that is not normal. If you try to shoot a bow using an approach that is not common, people will humorously look at you.


There are different types of tabs and archer’s gloves. You will have to choose which one you want. Each shooter has their Preference. Some people like one for hunting and another for other purposes. You must first pick which one you want to use, then analyze the benefits and drawbacks of each type to choose which is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Archery Glove vs. Tab

Do Olympic Archers Use Finger Tabs?

No matter how good you are at archery, you need one thing: a finger tab. It protects your fingers from the bowstring and helps ensure a smooth release with every shot. Some archers prefer a shooting glove, but most top archers use a tab.

What Are Archery Gloves Called?

Archery is the art of shooting arrows with a bow. To protect your fingers from the bowstring, you use a finger tab. It is a small piece of leather or synthetic material attached to your hand. Finger tabs are more comfortable than gloves in summer because they can be made from thicker materials.

What Do Archers Wear on Their Chest?

A chest guard and protector prevent injury or soreness to the chest when people shoot bows. It helps keep their clothing from getting in the way of the bowstring. People use it in cold weather or wet conditions.

Why Do Archers Wear Arm Guards?

Archers need to wear an armguard while they shoot arrows. It will help protect their arm from getting injured. It also prevents their loose sleeve from getting in the way of the bowstring.

Is a Tab or Glove Better?

Although tabs are thinner than gloves, they give the archer more sensitivity. It allows them to fine-tune and reflect on their release innately.

How Do You Protect Your Fingers in Archery?

Archery gloves cover the index, middle, and ring fingers. Archers often wear them because they make drawing the string feel more natural. The gloves protect the fingers completely, leaving nothing exposed. To ensure you have the best possible performance, ensure your gloves fit properly.

Can You Use Any Glove for Archery?

People who like archery know it can be tough on the hands and fingers. That is why it is essential to have high-quality gloves that will last a long time and provide support and protection.

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