Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Crossbow Review

Wicked Ridge Invader G3 Crossbow Review

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Wicked Ridge TenPoint Crossbow Review

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Hunting Crossbow


This review provides an in depth look at the quality and performance of the ​

Wicked Ridge TenPoint Crossbow

I have loved hunting ever since I was a kid. My grandfather and I use to hunt all the time. After my grandfather past several years ago, I no longer hunted after that, the experience just was not the same and I did not have the time or the means to go hunting like I use to when my grandfather was alive and also because life just simply just got in the way. 

When I use to hunt in my past the feeling it left me was indescribable, it was almost therapeutic for me. I absolutely use to love hunting as a kid. After I got older I got married and my family grew with three beautiful children. Believe me, hunting was the last thing I was able to think about. 

Recently my doctor advised me that my work life was exacerbating my health and they advised me to make time out in my personal life and find something that is relaxing for me to do. Nothing much, maybe a couple of times a month try doing something for just me. Thinking about the love I use to have for hunting, why not try to get back into this fun outdoor sport but where do I begin was my next question. 

What Makes for a Good Crossbow

I have always had a high interest in crossbows. I was unfamiliar with what would be considered good or what the best crossbow would be for me to use but I was told when it comes to crossbows, the bigger the crossbow the better and when using a crossbow you have to make sure it is able to do the job you are looking for it to do/

For example if you were hunting white-tailed deers, you want to be sure you have the right size crossbow and it has been said that the best size crossbows for white-tailed deer hunting are the crossbow should weigh anywhere between 150 to 175 pounds.

I have a strong interest in getting back involved with hunting again and I also am interested in learning the game of archery.

It is important to know depending on what state you live in you may not be able to use a crossbow during archery season in California, so before you purchase a crossbow make sure you have a full and complete understanding of the laws in your local state.

After weighing all of my options and after heavily researching high low long and hard for the perfect crossbow, I have not had any luck until now.

Loving the WickedRidge TenPoint Crossbow

The crossbow that I fell in love with was the WickedRidge TenPoint Crossbow. When I tell you this was the most awesome crossbow that I have come across, believe me, it is not an exaggeration. It has everything you need and the pricing for these crossbows are just right. 

The WickedRidge TenPoint crossbow had a few great ones to choose from, the ones that grabbed my attention were the:

  • TenPoint Venom
  • TenPoint Turbo GT
  • TenPoint Stealth XLT
  • TenPoint Stealth FX4

These are the top TenPoint crossbows available but for me, I fell in love with is the TenPoint Turbo GT. Out of all four listed above this one was more for me because this crossbow stood out to me and my needs amongst all the rest and they all were great, it was kind of hard for me to pick which one I really liked the best so I could buy it.

This particular one has all the features that I personally was looking for. It is a very good looking crossbow and really easy to handle and it is extremely lightweight weighing with the draw weight of 175 pounds, crossbow length weight is six pounds and eight ounces, and the velocity is 340-360 FPS. 

Final Thoughts about the Kings Archery Crossbow Pistol

When it comes to the TenPoint Crossbows choosing the one that's best for you will come down to how much you are willing to spend, will it be for sport or gaming?

There are not many cons to the ones I have listed but my personal preference was the TenPoint Turbo GT and the price was just right for me. The TenPoint Venom, Stealth XLT, and the Stealth FX4 are excellent choices for crossbows and if you are not concerned about the cost then investing in any of these awesome TenPoint crossbows I can personally tell you that you will not be disappointed.


  • Well made
  • Fast
  • Easy to Cock
  • Easy to Assemble
  • No noise suppressors

Get The Wicked Ridge TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow 

A high quality durable hunting crossbow that is accurate and fast

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