Wicked Ridge Crossbows Reviews: 7 Models with Buyer’s Guide

A high-quality crossbow can significantly add richness to your hunting experience. But there are many brands and models on the market, and you may find it a bit hard to choose from so many options. However, if you know what to look for in a crossbow, making a choice is a lot easier.

Wicked Ridge is one of the most well-known manufacturers of crossbows, and the company has come up with some amazingly light, fast, and narrow crossbows. This American brand is popular among experienced hunters for a whole bunch of reasons. The goal of this post is to provide some of the best wicked ridge crossbows reviews. We hope you will find this post helpful.

7 Wicked Ridge Crossbows Reviews

1) Wicked Ridge Invader 400

This incredible model is a better version of its predecessor. The crossbow has a built-in cooking device and an ultra-lite stock. This 35.5-inches long and 15-inches wide crossbow is designed for accurate and effortless cooking. It is also designed for great maneuverability and handling.

The package includes optics, cooking devices, quiver, and arrows. Made in America, the crossbow comes with a built-in cocking device. So, it will give you the experience of accurate and effortless cocking. For its price, it is one of the best crossbows available on the market. Here are the pros and cons of this crossbow:


  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Package includes necessary accessories
  • Instant detach quiver


  • Not for inexperienced users

2) Wicked Ridge Invader X4 Crossbow

Made for great maneuverability and accuracy, this is one of the best Wicked Ridge crossbows. The crossbow is amazingly light; it weighs just 6.3 pounds. The length of the bow is just 8.5 inches. It comes with 3 duplex crosshairs and fully coated optics. There are not a lot of models with so many fancy features.

The bow has ACUdraw Cocking Device, which is a practical and user-friendly feature. It has no dangling parts; all parts are perfectly integrated. The bow also has an enclosed trigger guard, safety wings, and high-quality fore-grip. This fore-grip provides not only comfort but also extra protection. The trigger guard is fully enclosed.

When cocked, the bow looks very narrow. In fact, the width is just 15 inches. In tight situations, the bow is more convenient to use. It includes 8-inch mounting rings. No matter what your level of experience, you will not regret buying this crossbow.


  • Lightweight
  • Advanced fore-grip
  • Compact design


  • Cocking mechanism could be better

3) Wicked Ridge Warrior Ultra-Lite Crossbow

It is one of the most well-known models of Wicked Ridge. If you just randomly read some Wicked Ridge crossbows reviews, you will come across this model. It has a lightweight design, thanks to the open-back mechanism. The adaptor plate is very easy to install.

The high-quality fore-grip provides some extra comfort and protection. The safety wings are elongated, so you do not have to worry about hurting yourself when firing a shot. For added safety, the bow has an ergonomic pistol grip.

When cocked, the bow is only 15 inches wide. You can comfortably use the bow even when you are in a tight situation. If you are looking for a bow with excellent accuracy and amazing speed, this crossbow will make you happy.

The scope is lightweight and only 7 inches long. It comes with 3 duplex crosshairs and coated optics. The arrows are made of aluminum. The arrows have a flexible rubber loop and a very durable spine.


  • Lightweight
  • Pin-point accuracy
  • Aluminum arrows
  • Safety wings


  • Not for experienced archers
  • Registration is required for full warranty

4) Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow

This narrow and fast crossbow is a good choice for people who are getting started with archery. Thanks to its lightweight and manageable size, it is particularly suitable for smaller-framed shooters. This crossbow weighs only 5.9 pounds.

Although the crossbow is for relatively small-framed archers, it is designed for great speed—up to 330 FPS. Its length is 33 inches and draws weight is 150 lbs. When cocked, this crossbow is 16 inches from one axle to another.

The crossbow has an aluminum riser, special sting, and velocity-enhancing cam. This lightweight hunting tool has some amazing safety features. Auto safety trigger and Dry-Fire-Inhibitor are two of those safety features. The tool comes with a quiver and 3 carbon arrows.


  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Pin-point accuracy


  • May not be suitable for highly experienced archers

5) Wicked Ridge RDX 400 FPS Crossbow

In the last few years, reverse-draw crossbows have become highly popular. These crossbows have been pioneered mainly by TenPoint. Now Wicked Ridge presents RDX 400, one of the best crossbows of its kind. This crossbow is known for its speed (400 FPS) and pin-point accuracy.

As a shooter, you will enjoy many advantages, thanks to the reverse draw design. If you have used traditional crossbows, maybe you are familiar with a “nose-heavy” feel. With this amazing crossbow, this is never an issue. You will find it relatively easy to hold it steady because the assembly does not tend to weigh down. The result is less fatigue and pinpoints accuracy.

The width of this bow is only 9 inches, so it is ultra-narrow. The limbs are isolated and separated from direct contact, thanks to the limb pocket. The aluminum riser contributes to reduced vibration. The crossbow has a strong foundation and some amazing features. With the package, you get 3 arrows, a quiver, a scope, and a string stop system.


  • Sleek and compact
  • Pin-point accuracy
  • Reverse draw technology


  • Not lightweight
  • Noise dampening system could be better

6) Wicked Ridge M-370 Crossbow

If you randomly glance over some Wicked Ridge crossbows reviews, chances are that you will learn about this popular model. Wicked Ridge M-370 is one of the lightest crossbows, weighing only 5.8 pounds.

The crossbow is very narrow—the width is only 9.5 inches. In tight situations, you get more shooting opportunities. The draw weight can be reduced to 5 pounds, thanks to ACUdraw. It has Gordon glass limbs that are double laminated.

It is a deadly hunting weapon, but it is surprisingly quiet. The speed can go up to 370 FPS while maintaining accuracy. The scope is lightweight and just 7 inches long. The optics are fully coated. It includes 7-inch mounting rings. The package comes with some aluminum arrows. The quivers, weighing only 4.75 ounces, come with a durable spine. The quiver has a rubber loop, which is unique.


  • Gordon glass limbs
  • 3-arrow quiver
  • Advanced cocking device


  • An auto-engaging trigger could be better

7) Wicked Ridge Rampage 360 Crossbow

If you are looking for a high-value crossbow, the Rampage 360 can be a great choice. This crossbow has a combination of several popular designs by TenPoint. It has an attractive camo pattern. There are a couple of crank options, and one of them is the user-friendly and time-tested ACUdraw.

The crossbow has some amazing features. It has an internal cocking mechanism. It should be noted here that this mechanism in an entry-level crossbow is pretty rare. TenPoint uses ACUdraw in almost all their crossbows.

The Rampage 360 is among the best crossbows marketed by Wicked Ridge. In a low price crossbow, the performance is astonishing. Another great thing about this crossbow is that it has a lifetime warranty.


  • Lower price tag
  • Dry-fire inhibitor
  • Built-in cocking mechanism
  • Great performance


  • May not be suitable for seasoned archers
  • Arrows not included

Why Choose Wicked Ridge Crossbows?

Wicked Ridge is one of the most well-known brands of crossbows. If you are an archer, chances are that you are already familiar with the name. For people who are looking for reliable crossbows, Wicked Ridge carries much value. Here are some reasons to choose these crossbows:


TenPoint, the patent company of Wicked Ridge, has a fascinating history. Richard Bednar, the founder of TenPoint, inherited his fascination for archery from his father, Bill Bednar. From his early childhood, Rick Bednar was familiar with the activities of Portage Archery Center, his father’s company.

As he grew up, Rick Bednar got actively immersed in this family business. He received invaluable knowledge from his father, who was a renowned archer. Richard traveled the world with teams such as World Field Archery, World Target, and USA Pan Am. He achieved fame as a renowned archer, and then passed down the heritage to his son, Phillip.

Phillip Bednar became the new planner of the business, and he managed to establish a new brand–Wicked Ridge. These entry-level crossbows became famous for their accuracy, reliability, and simplistic design. Gradually, Wicked Ridge has become a leader of the market.

Phillip Bednar has been highly praised for his strategic planning, marketing, customer service, and management. Now Phillip Bednar and Wicked Ridge are synonymous.


Cutting edge technology is one of the main reasons why Wicked Ridge is such a popular brand among archery enthusiasts. Talk to an experienced archer and you will learn what makes Wicked Ridge different from other brands.

To achieve success, Wicked Ridge has not relied on TenPoint, it’s patent company. The brand has been highly appreciated for introducing some amazing features. If you use a Wicked Ridge crossbow, chances are that you will never go back to other brands.

A lightweight and rugged weapon can not usually provide much accuracy. But for Wicked Ridge, this is an exception. In fact, these crossbows are known for their surprising accuracy. All these crossbows come with safety features such as advanced fore-grip and engineered wings. Thanks to these safety features, you do not have to worry about any unwanted harm.

All Wicked Ridge crossbows come with a Dry Fire Inhibitor, and it is a very useful safety feature. The brand is also known for its dependable strength and superior engineering.

Other Reasons to Choose Wicked Ridge Crossbows

Wicked Ridge crossbows come with many useful accessories and features. Some features include TenPoint Scoop, automatic safety, adjustable cable yokes, ACRA Barrel, Quad Limb System, dampening system, safety wings, and Detach Quiver.

No matter what your hunting needs are, Wicked Ridge has something to offer you. Wicked Ridge offers some of the fastest, safest and lightest crossbows. The cocking mechanisms of Wicked Ridge are exceptional. In this industry, Wicked Ridge is the first to introduce a retractable and portable rope cocker.

The devices are lightweight and compact, and the crossbow optics are perfectly sized. Wicked Ridge also has logo T-shirts of different sizes. The company also has shooting accessories such as crossbow monopod, slings, and quivers. These accessories are good at dampening vibrations and noise.

This USA-based company is among the best in this industry. If you are looking for a crossbow with dependable quality, Wicked Ridge can be a great choice. Even if you are an experienced archer, Wicked Ridge will not disappoint you.

Factors to Consider

Wicked Ridge is one of the most well-known brands in this industry. So, if you randomly choose a Wicked Ridge crossbow, chances are that you will not regret the decision. In the long run, you will be satisfied with the crossbow.

Yet, there are a few factors that should be taken seriously. First, make sure the crossbow you choose is a good fit for your physical shape and strength. Second, pay close attention to draw length, draw weight and versatility. Your choice should be determined by your purpose. Make sure you have a clear idea of why you are buying a crossbow in the first place. An experienced archer may be able to help you choose the right crossbow.

Final Thoughts on Wicked Ridge Crossbows

When choosing a crossbow, you should try to make an informed decision. It is important to consider your particular needs. Making a buying decision is a lot easier when you have a clear idea of what you are going to do with the crossbow.

Factors such as draw weight, draw length and total bow weight should be taken seriously. Now that you have read some Wicked Ridge crossbows reviews, you know a lot more about this brand. We hope this knowledge will help you choose the right crossbow.