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TOPARCHERY Traditional Recurve Bow

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TOPARCHERY Traditional Recurve Bow

When I first developed an interest in archery, I found myself in a pickle that I think many newcomers initially find themselves in when taking those first few tentative steps into a new world. The sheer number of different bow styles and brands available, while great for more experienced consumers, was overwhelming to me.

Plus, I was more than a little intimidated by some of the complex looking metallic compound bows I saw.
Imagine my delight when I found a simple wooden bow with powerful curved arms, affordable but well-made. Not to mention it had that classic "Robin Hood" sort of vibe that my nostalgic side still secretly adores.
Turns out it was one of the best choices I could have made, both as an amateur and as an archer overall.

The TopArchery Traditional Recurve

Are you an experienced hunter who wants a bow with a bit more power than your average compound? Are you a beginner who is put off by all the wheels, add-ons, and settings of some modern sporting bows?

Surprisingly, there might be a perfect bow available for both groups.
The TopArchery Traditional Recurve Bow is a straightforward, classically designed recurve bow with a significant amount of power in it's small, light-weight frame.

TopArchery is a popular manufacturer of high-quality, low-cost bows for hunters and sport shooters alike. Their bows can be ordered online through a variety of channels, including Amazon.

They design their bows carefully to fill specific needs, craft them with solid, long-lasting materials, and make them available online.

What is it?

The Traditional Recurve is intentionally simplistic in it's design, coming about as close to "standard" as a modern bow can get. It has no adjustable settings, modular inputs, or targeting aids attached to the frame. What it does have is durable materials and an intuitive design. 

This bow is hand carved, with a wooden riser, faux leather handle, and fiberglass arms. This gives the Traditional Recurve a classic look that matches it's name, however these material weren't chosen purely for aesthetics. The combination of wood and fiberglass gives it a light weight in the hand, ensuring that you'll only be expending energy on this bow when you need to pull back the string for a shot.

The wood riser is reasonably sturdy and more comfortable in the hand than the aluminum alternative. This is especially beneficial to hunters who live or hunt in cold climates, who would otherwise find gripping a freezing metal rizer for long periods uncomfortable and distracting.

Who is it for?

In general, the bow is an excellent choice for hunters who have a great deal of experience and are confidant enough in their skills to shoot without the aid of targeting assists or adjustable settings. The Traditional Recurve has a powerful shot, a quiet draw, and is light-weight by design.

It's also sleek and simplistic, easy to pack, store, or carry, with no extra components jutting out that may snag or snap off and need to be repaired.

This no frills design is also great for beginners, however. Most archery training programs recommend a recurve of similar design. The minimal weight and easy grip reduces strain which can otherwise cause fatigue, especially with less experienced archers who are still training up the specific arm and back muscles that go into drawing a bowstring.

It's easy to carry and handle and less likely to break if dropped or impacted in some other way. The stringing process is relatively straight forward and there are no additional bells and whistles to manage or maintain. 

The TopArchery Traditional Recurve is made so that it can be used with either hand, allowing archers to figure out their preference, switch based on situation, or share if necessary. All these features make it a great choice for beginners who want to learn and master the necessary skills before they start messing with more complicated customization options.

Learning on a Traditional Recurve or similar bow gives an archer the basic tools needed to shoot, and hit the mark, with just about any bow on the market.

That said, this is still an adult bow with a draw weight of about 30 to 50 pounds. As such it is unsuitable for children under the age of 14 to use this bow unsupervised.


The bow itself has a body length of 53 inches with a draw length of 28 inches. The weight comes in at about 1.92 pounds. This is light for a bow with it's strength, however it not ideal an ideal choice for archers with a lighter build or those who prefer an easier draw, in general.

Because there are no interchangeable pieces or modular settings, the bow comes with no assembly required. A bowstring is also provided with the purchase. The bowstring is made from paracord and should string easily, provided the bow is strung before the cord is cut. Note that paracord is affordable and functional but will stretch over time and may need to be replaced.

Final Thoughts about the TopArchery Traditional Recurve Bow

Because of it's efficient design, durable construction, and light-weight the Traditional Recurve is a go-to for tournament archers and hunters alike, appealing to both beginners looking to hone their skills and veterans who favor reliability and ease of use.

As such this is one of TopArchery's most popular bow brands and they make an effort to ensure it is accessible anyone interested. You can get the TopArchery Traditional Recurve bow at Amazon, with bow string included and no additional assembly required. Just place an order online and get ready to start shooting just soon as your new bow arrives.


  • Affordable
  • No Assembly Required
  • Easy to Use
  • Not Adjustable
  • Durability

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A great entry level recurve bow for target practice

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