Tactical Crusader Crossbow Review

Tactical Crusader Crossbow Review

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Tactical Crusader Pistol Crossbow

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Pistol Crossbow


This review provides an in depth look at the quality and performance of the Tactical Crusader Pistol Crossbow

For a while, I have been looking for a crossbow that my son can use for his training. Naturally, I tried many brands that didn't work out for me. For instance, you'd find an excellent crossbow, but it would either be too fragile, too heavy or – as most of you must have already come across these – very expensive. 

However, when I was about to throw in the towel, I came across the tactical crusader handheld crossbow which ended up tickling my fancy (and in the right way). First things first, you are bound to be drawn by its simplistic design. Its size is also suitable for kids who are over the age of ten. Here's what I found out about this fascinating crossbow:

A crossbow with scintillating features

The bow comes with four arrows which are made in different colors. These arrows are sharp enough to kill anything, especially if it's within a 20-30 feet range and thus the users are often cautioned to take great care when handling the crossbow.

These arrows are also very light, and since they are quilted, they can fly quite far. Their bright colors will make them visible even in the bushes hence making them hard to get lost. The bow is metal limbed, which makes it long lasting.

The entire gun is also made of cast aluminum, which explains the lightweight, which is estimated to be about two pounds. The fact that it is light in weight makes it suitable for kids who are just starting.

Besides the metal frame is light and durable, it is also constructed in such a way that makes it impact resistant. The latter means that no matter how hard it falls or gets stretched, the bow will always go back to its initial state after the shooting.

The hunting crossbow also comes with five bolts which are used for adjusting the string to a tightness that you deem fit for you. In as much as most who use the crossbow usually have an issue with the bolts, it is always advisable to take your time to understand how the mechanisms work. That way, you'll know just how best to adjust the bolts for maximum performance as well as comfort. There is also an upside in getting extra bolts when you make your purchase just in case.

Since this durable handheld crossbow is designed for practice and fun, you should expect it to come with a target. The target is meant for practicing. You can also use the mark to learn how to adjust your handheld crossbow, ensuring that you are getting better at this before getting the real deal and using it in the wild. Just make sure that you are keeping the target away from people since, as I mentioned earlier, these arrows can cause real damage. 

The advantages of the tactical crusader handheld crossbow

The crossbow is light, which makes it easy to carry around without the fear of being fatigued. Unfortunately, not the case with the ordinary handheld crossbows which are either too light or too heavy.

It comes with a target and four arrows, which makes it easy to practice before getting a bigger crossbow for the actual hunting in the wild. The target can also give you an idea of how to adjust the crossbow before taking a shot.

The crossbow is built to withstand the test of time, thanks to its cast aluminum body which is not only durable but also makes it light (refer to the first advantage).

The crossbow is very affordable. Since the tactical crusader handheld crossbow costs a mere $13, you and your boy or girl can always enjoy some exercise in the wild which can also exempt you from going to the gym and wasting an awful lot of money getting cardio.

It requires little maintenance which will include oiling the bolts and tightening them as well as waxing the string to avoid it from breaking. Other than that, you won't have to go any extra miles to enjoy your handheld crossbow.

The instructions are usually straightforward, meaning you won't have to worry about getting it assembled as long as you are patient and keen when reading the instructions.

The disadvantages of the tactical crusader handheld crossbow 

Much care has to be taken, especially when handling this crossbow since it can seriously cause harm when shot at someone nearly two to three feet away.

The bow has a knack of loosening after over 20 or so shots meaning you'll have to keep tightening it. However, if you don't mind doing so, then there is no issue at all.

There have been many complaints about how hard it is to string it. The latter might be an issue since most of the owners are kids who might not have the strength to do so.

Loading the bolts can also be a challenge for most since it's complicated and takes time. However, once you've learned how to go about it, then there will be nothing to worry.

Final Thoughts about the Tactical Crusader Pistol Crossbow

Despite having a few drawbacks, we can safely conclude that the tactical crusader handheld crossbow is an excellent crossbow, especially for those who are starting. As you get better with it, you'll be expected to upgrade to a more severe crossbow that you can go hunting with it. Also, since this kind of crossbow is suitable for kids, it is essential for you always to keep watch as they use it.

The latter is the case because the tactical crusader handheld crossbow can shoot to injury, especially if shot at close range. Moreover, that's why it should be used for practice only, which is why it comes complete with a target. The target is used to help you practice before you are ready to go out and hunt using a real crossbow. However, I highly recommend the Tactical Crusader Pistol Crossbow for any newbie out there. And if you ever find yourself in doubt, feel free to conduct your own research online and be amazed!


  • It is light
  • Comes with Arrows 
  • Target Included
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • String tends to loosen over time
  • May be hard for kids to string
  • Hard to load the first time

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A quality crossbow great for target practice

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