PSE Recurve Bow Reviews: Top 6 List With Buyer’s Guide

Founded in 1970, PSE archery is a leading name in the archery realm. The company comes along with its outstanding archery gear. Without further ado, in his article, you will find the top 6 PSE recurve bow reviews. Moreover, you can check out our buyer’s guide for more details on how to choose the best PSE recurve bow.With their wide range of uniquely crafted bows, there surely exists a piece of equipment that meets with everyone’s particular needs and preferences.

Quick Picks: Top 6 List With Buyer’s Guide

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PSE ARCHERY Snake Recurve Bow for Youth, Kids & Beginners

PSE Precision Shooting Equip Razorback Recurve Bow

PSE Archery Wisdom Take Down Recurve Bow

Summit Archery Products PSE Ghost Takedown Recurve Bow

PSE Optima Heritage Recurve Bow Right, 20#, 56

PSE ARCHERY The Kingfisher 56″ Recurve Bow Set for Bowfishing

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Top 6 PSE Recurve Bow Reviews

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the PSE Recurve Bow

Final Thoughts on the PSE Recurve Bow Reviews

Top 6 PSE Recurve Bow Reviews

1) PSE ARCHERY Snake Recurve Bow for Youth, Kids & Beginners

Starting off the list of the best PSE recurve bow reviews with this PSE ARCHERY Snake Recurve Bow for youth, kids, and beginners. As you can tell from its name, this recurve bow is ideal for newbies who have just started their archery journey. Design-wise, this one-piece recurve bow overall weight is 3.2lbs which is considered rather light compared with other products. The draw weight, on the other hand, is 25 lbs, making it an ideal option for learning and junior competitions.

When it comes to the length, the bow is about 60inches, and the brace altitude is 8 three quarter inches. It is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. The bow is made of durable and ensuring composition. Its one-piece design construction makes it easier to assemble and store.Performance-wise, this Sneak recurve bow has intact accuracy and firmness. It is strong enough for high spot firing.



2) PSE Precision Shooting Equip Razorback Recurve Bow

If you are looking for both accuracy and durability, then this PSE Precision Shooting Equip Razorback Recurve Bow is exactly what you need. It may not be one of the premium choices to go for. However, the recurve bow, without compromising its good qualities, comes at an affordable price, making it a cost-effective item for your archery gear.

Design-wise, this draws weight around 28-pounds which is considered adequate for target shooting. The brace height is about 7 inches while the recommended overall height is about 5.7 inches. The riser is made out of walnut, Burma-White, and beech. These are 3 types of woods that are combined together to give a nice contrasting result. The limbs, on the other hand, are made out of maple wood and fiberglass. The package includes a Stabilizer and sight bushings.Performance-wise, this recurve is accurate But not that powerful. With a draw weight reaching up to 28 pounds, it surely needs more strength for some good hunting. Nevertheless, the bow is extremely comfortable to hold thanks to its well-shaped grip.



3) PSE Archery Wisdom Take Down Recurve Bow

The new PSE Wisdom Take Down Recurve Bow is another great option to add to your list. This recurve is available at an affordable price. It features some interesting qualities just like those premium bows you come across on the market. This handcrafted product is made of beech wood, maple woods, cassia, and other durable wood combinations. That result design surely speaks Volumes of well-built construction. In terms of dimensions, the bow length is about 58 inches.

The draw weight measures around 50 lbs which is adequate and good enough for good hunting and target shooting. The wood construction makes it ideal for the hunting environment as it will not stand out in a bush. Accuracy and performance-wise, it surely fits for any kind of purpose.



4) Summit Archery Products PSE Ghost Takedown Recurve Bow

Another great PSE recurve bow is Summit Archery Products PSE Ghost Takedown Bow. It is a great option for both hunting and target shooting. Design-wise, this ILF (International Limb Fit) bow is made from high-quality wood. The riser is constructed out of ebony and Senna Siamea hardwood. It includes flexible limbs made from maple wood and fiberglass laminates. The limb pockets make it easy to attach them to the riser. The wood grip is comfortable enough to hold for long hours, it has a nice touch to the hand. The grip construction is durable and enduring.

The PSE Summit is surely fitting for beginners. Since it has flexible limb pockets, the bow can change slowly to meet the archer’s needs. Draw weight-wise, the bow features 4 different weight ranges including 40lbs, 45lbs,50 lbs, and 55lbs. With such range, the bow offers great shooting power for the archers when it comes to wood hunting.



5) PSE Optima Heritage Recurve Bow Right, 20#, 56

PSE Optima Heritage Recurve Bow Right is an ideal choice for target shooting. It can be used by archers from various sizes and age ranges. The packages come with all the different and essential components you need to put it all together. It is easy to assemble and store. An ll you have to do is connect the limbs to the riser. The packages surely come with a bowstring, but not with a stringer. Therefore, if you are taking archery thoughtfully, you might want to invest in a stringer.

Design-wise, the Optima PSE Heritage is made from the aluminum riser, available in two different colors including red and blue. The limbs, on the other hand, are white and showcase the brand logo.The grip is made of durable plastic and it also feels comfortable in hands. Its overall weight is about 3.1 pounds. Its lightweight construction makes it ideal for long hour shooting without getting tired easily.Performance-wise, the Optima heritage is accurate enough. Its power is based on the utilized configuration. The draw measurement ranges depending on your needs. And thanks to this flexibility in terms of weight, you can choose whether you want to use this bow for target shooting or some serious elk hunting.



6) PSE ARCHERY The Kingfisher 56″ Recurve Bow Set for Bowfishing

Unlike other models we have seen so far, the PSE ARCHERY Kingfisher 56″ Recurve Bow Set is ideal for Bowfishing. The package comes with one Fish Stick Arrow, drum Reel, and drag Chaser Rest.Design-wise, the recurve bow is made from durable fiberglass riser and limb. The limbs are coated with DK’D camo markings, allowing you to roam freely and secretly between your targets.The overall weight of the bow is around 5 pounds which is considered quite heavy compared to other products. When it comes to comfortability, it may not be the best option as it is heavy and its grip is rather thin.

Since it is a takedown type of recurve bows, its assembly and storage process is quite simple and easy. To put it all together in one piece, you only have to attach the limbs to the riser pockets.You may want to consider purchasing a stringer to help you string the bow, as this package doesn’t include one. The draw weight comes in 4 different sizes including 35lbs, 40lbs,45 lbs, and 50 lbs. If you choose a draw weight that is under 50 lbs, then don’t expect much power coming from the bow. However, 50lbs draw weight can be adequate enough to exert power when shooting, ensuring greater piercing and penetration to your targetThe Kingfisher tends to be loud until powerful silencers are installed. The Kingfisher is louder than most of my other bows if you install the monkey tails. This bow isn’t really ideal for deer hunting, because of the loudness factor.



Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the PSE Recurve Bow

Choosing the right PSE Recurve bow might be challenging, especially with the sheer number of models and designs available on the market. For this reason, knowing some factors that help differentiate one bow from another can be an advantage for when making your purchase. With that said, in this buyer’s guide, we have included the different factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing PSE Recurve bow.

Type of PSE Recurve Bows:

The PSE archery includes different types of recurve bow. Here are some of the well-known ones.

Bowfishing Recurve Bows

Just like the name entails Bowfishing bowls are made for water activities. In this section, one of the famous PSE recurve bows that are commonly used is the Kingfisher bow. This type of bow usually comes in a takedown design that is easy to detach and put together. The only thing that is missing is the stringer. The absence of stringer may not be a very safe option but the bow is quite accurate and powerful when shooting. Its heavyweight construction allows the bolt to penetrate any fish in the sea.

Contest Recurve Bows

For competition and games, PSE recurve bows are presented in 4 different types and come also in different colors. They are also the takedown type and can be easily assembled and detached. Some of them also don’t come with a stringer, however, you can consider purchasing a stringer if you think it’s essential for you.

Old Bows

In the conventional category, you can come across both types of recurve bow including takedowns and one piece. The old ones are surely beautifully designed, they are accurate. And they are perfect for beginners as well.

Long Bows

The PSE recurve bows are ideal if you want to increase authority in your shooting. They are powerful and accurate. They have a timeless design and are well-built in construction. You can find different weight varieties within this category of PSE bows.


Generally, the riser is created out of three different types of woods blended all together including lumber, nurma, and beech. Once combined, each of these materials used brings about an excellent color variation. The outcome result is a polished finish.


The limbs are created out of two materials including fiberglass and maple wood. The last layer of the limbs is covered with fiberglass as well. The outcomes should be white, unlike other recurve bows which include black colored limbs.The overall weight of the draw should not exceed 34 lbs. This weight limit, however, may not be suitable for hunters as it will not lead to the desired result. They are usually ideal for newbies who just got started in archery journey.

Shock Absorption

First, you need to set up your PSE recurve bow correctly and get your bolt ready to be strung. Once shooting your bolt, you will experience a slight vibration or shock transferred back to your hands. This showcases the power of your bow and bolt shooting.


PSE Recurve bow kits often include several accessories. Others may only include the basic elements your need include the bow and the string.However, for those who include more than that, their packages come with other items like stringer, bolts, loops, and more. Manya archers tend to make separate shopping for other important items for the shooting practice. While some of these items including quicker and display may not be quite essential, they will make your shooting experience much more easy and pleasant. Here are some of the accessories that you should consider when purchasing a recurve bow.

Bolt Rest

Bolt rest is usually made out of metal material. They are attached to the bow to help you when shooting bolts. You simply have to place your arrow where it is easy for your PSE bolt rest to hold it in the right position and bolster it once you string it. Bolt rest usually includes containment units and features some great technologies like LockDown. This kind of technology ensures that there is no bouncing back of your bolts/ arrows.


A bow stringer is a gadget used by archers to securely and reliably place the string in your recurve bow. Normally, when you receive a package you will only get a bow and a string, the stringer is not included. You can purchase it separately or just DIY it.

PSE Archery bolts/arrows

PSE archery incorporates a big range of Carbon and aluminum Arrows that are currently available on the market. This range both include arrows with feathers for shooting or simply shafted one. Depending on your needs and preferences you will surely find something that works for your and your recurve bow.


A bow sight is a tool that’s installed on our bow’s riser. It assists you to accurately direct your bolt. Briefly, it displays where your crossbow is aimed at.

Final Thoughts on the PSE Recurve Bow Reviews

PSE Archery provides a variety of popular and conventional recurve takedown and one-piece bows. Depending on the bow, both beginners and professional archers will figure out that using them is both a pleasant and fun experience.Hopefully, this list of the top 6 PSE Recurve bow reviews has helped you narrow down your choice to one that meets with your needs and budget.