Predator Archery RAPTOR Review

Predator Archery RAPTOR Review

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RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

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Compound Bow


This review provides an in depth look at the quality and performance of the

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

Are you interested in taking up archery or using a bow to hunt or fish? If the answer is yes, you should look into purchasing the RAPTOR compound hunting bow kit. Finding the perfect bow can be challenging because if you are not an expert hunter you will likely have trouble finding the perfect accessories to go with your bow.

Installing the accessories can then be even more difficult to install. The RAPTOR compound hunting bow kit is perfect for novice hunters and gatherers because it includes everything you need, has excellent precision, and is extremely versatile.

What’s Included With the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit?

The RAPTOR compound hunting bow includes the bow, a 5 pin sight with a light and level, a rest, stabilizer, 4 arrow quiver, and string stop. It also includes an allen wrench set and a 2-foot paper target with 10 point scoring so that you can start practicing right away.

While this set is complete and ready to be used right away you will need to purchase arrows separately. The sight and d-loop are already preinstalled to make the job of assembling your bow much quicker and easier.

This bow comes in a black or camo design to fit your needs. It features a 24.5 inch to 31-inch adjustable draw length and a draw weight of 30 to 70 pounds.

It launches arrows up to 315 feet per second, so it is perfect for archery practice or to use on a hunting or fishing trip. The limbs are made in the United States and the company offers all users a 30-day money back guarantee.

What To Expect From The RAPTOR Bow?

The RAPTOR compound hunting bow allows novice adventurers to begin their archery practice immediately because this bow comes included with everything you need, except the arrows that need to be purchased separately.

This bow is made perfect for people who may have difficulty drawing a heavy bow. It provides a 75 percent let off to help ease the difficulty of pulling a heavy bow. This is great for people who may experience elbow, shoulder, or hand problems.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on an expert bow and separate accessories you can enjoy practicing immediately. It provides the power and precision of expert compound bows conveniently in one package.

Pros of the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow

-Sturdy Design: The limbs of this bow are made entirely in the United States so they are not cheap or flimsy. For this affordable price many people would expect the limbs to break easily under pressure or consistent use but they hold up.

-Affordable: This bow works as well as a thousand dollar bow for a fraction of the price. Not only are you getting a great bow for a low price that you can use for target practice, fishing, and hunting, but it also includes all of the accessories that you need.

-Adjustable: The RAPTOR compound hunting bow is adjustable so that no matter how tall or short you are you can adjust it to fit comfortably and work accurately. This makes the bow incredibly versatile. If you want to share the bow with your friends and family you can easily do so by simply adjusting it.

-Power: This bow is very powerful. While it is a great bow for a novice archer it can cause a great deal of damage so it is not recommended for children. The bow launches arrows at 315 feet per second making it one of the more powerful bows on the market.

-Accuracy: This bow comes included with a 5 pin sight that helps make your shot even more accurate. The tremendous power, sight, and stabilizer help ensure your accuracy while shooting targets or going on a hunt.

-Easy Install: Many bows are tremendously difficult to set up and novice archers can have a difficult time trying to install the many pieces. This bow comes with the peep sight and loop already installed making it a great buy.

-Money Back Guarantee: The manufacturer offers a 100% money back guarantee on its bow and parts for the first 30 days. This is an excellent addition to an already great bow.

-Design: This bow is wonderfully crafted and designed to stand out and get people talking about it. It comes in either all black or a camo print to help you blend in on a hunt or fishing trip. If you are planning to use the bow for only target practice you can choose the design that best meets your style.

Cons Of The RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow

-Tuning Needs Adjustment: While the factory produced a well manufactured bow that withstands constant use you may need to adjust the tuning before use and on a regular basis to ensure that your bow is working how you want it to.

-Arrows Not Included: While the bow kit includes many things that you need to start target practice you will need to purchase arrows separately.

-Watch Cable Guard: While this bow works great for the majority of users, some have found that cable guard falls off. While this can cause frustration, the company does offer a 30-day money back guarantee if this or any other problems occur.

-Not Meant for Children: This is a very powerful bow that is not meant to be used as a toy. It is a powerful weapon that can cause serious injury so you should make sure you know how to use a bow safely before purchasing this one.

Final Thoughts about the Predator Archery RAPTOR Compound Bow Kit

The RAPTOR compound hunting bow is an excellent bow for novice archers. It includes everything, except the arrows, that you need to start shooting targets. While this bow provides excellent power and accuracy for target practice it is also extremely versatile and can be used on hunting or fishing expeditions. 

If you are looking for the perfect bow, you should consider purchasing the RAPTOR compound hunting bow. With the 30 day money back guarantee from the company you will surely not be disappointed.


  • Sturdy Design
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Power
  • Arrows Not Included
  • Not Intended for Children

Get The Predator Archery RAPTOR Compound Bow Kit

An incredible bow for all your archery hunting needs

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