Parker Crossbows Reviews: Top 4 Models with Buyer’s Guide

Crossbows can certainly add richness to your experience of hunting. As a hunter, you are expected to be able to choose a good crossbow. In this post, you are going to read seven parker crossbows reviews. We hope you will find this post helpful.

But many different crossbow models are available on the market, and making a choice may not be very easy. However, if you know what to look for in a crossbow, you can easily make a choice.

Founded in 1984, Parker Compound Bows, INC. is among the most well-known manufacturers of compound bows and crossbows.

Top 4 Parker Crossbows Reviews

1) Parker Challenger Crossbow

It is a nice lightweight crossbow. The first thing to know about the crossbow is that it is intended for young people. It is very easy to assemble this crossbow. With the product, you will receive some useful instructions. Once you know how to assemble it, you can do it in just 10 minutes.

The draw weight is adjustable, and it ranges from 125 pounds to 150 pounds. The minimum velocity is 275 FPS while the maximum is 300 FPS. It is more efficient at shorter ranges. However, to some extent, it depends on your level of experience in archery.

If you are going to hunt in a bush, you will find this lightweight crossbow very convenient. Thanks to the small size, you will find it very easy to cock the bow. When aiming a target, you will enjoy amazing maneuverability. If you set the draw weight at 150 pounds, the tool can be used to knock down a large deer.

It is also important to note that the kinetic energy varies because the draw weight is adjustable. However, with this crossbow, do not expect to hunt a buffalo or grizzly. The crossbow has an anti dry-fire mechanism, which works smoothly. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Adjustable draw weight


  • Capture nocks could be better
  • Delamination has issues

2) Parker Tornado XXTreme Compound Crossbow

This is another well-known compound crossbow from Parker. The tool is highly praised for its ease of cocking, quiet operation, advanced synergy cams, cavity-back riser, and inverted cams. If you are interested in the fancy technology of crossbows, this product will make you happy.

With the package, you get limb dampeners; detach quiver, arrows, and a sling. Although the tool comes in 3 parts, it is mostly pre-assembled. You do not need to attach the quiver bracket, foot stirrup, scope, and sling. To assemble it, you have to attach just 8 screws in total. Sighting in is also very easy and quick. Even if you have no experience with crossbows, you will be able to do it.

The arrow velocity of this model is 365 FPS, which is pretty good. If it is sighted in properly, the accuracy is simply astounding. If you have a good eye and a steady hand, this crossbow will certainly make you happy. But don’t worry if you are a novice user. You will learn things pretty quickly.

The crossbow has 165 pounds of draw weight, and it does not come with a cocking device. By using a cocking device, the draw weight can be brought down to 80 pounds. The pulling back of the string is consistent and smooth. The tool has a top-notch design, and it comes with some amazing safety features. The product has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Quiet, fast and powerful
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Fancy features


  • Heavy
  • Package includes not cocking device

3) Parker ThunderHawk Compound Crossbow

With a realistic price point, the ThunderHawk is an amazing crossbow from Parker. The crossbow has a solid look, and yet it is very lightweight. The tool has fore-grip and some other amazing safety features such as an anti dry fire mechanism. These features significantly reduce the probability of bodily harm.

But if you are looking for a very powerful crossbow, the ThunderHawk is probably not the best choice. Yet, in most cases, the power of this crossbow is more than enough. The arrow velocity of this tool is 320 FPS, which can easily knock down a deer. This crossbow is also known for its pinpoint accuracy.

The release of the trigger is very smooth, and your quarry does not get scared beforehand. However, for an average hunter, it takes some time to get used to this bow. Again, it is important to remember that this is not a very suitable crossbow for long-range shots. The tool is more suitable for those who are exploring archery.

Another great thing about the Thunder Hawk is that it is very quiet, thanks to the anti-shock and vibration system. Using some string dampeners and limb dampeners will help you get absolutely stealthy. Cocking is very easy, partly because of the advanced synergy cams.


  • Good value
  • Easy to cock
  • Accurate


  • To be used with Parker arrows only
  • Not very powerful

4) Parker MP-315 Crossbow

With a redesigned system, the Parker MP-315 crossbow features the Split Limb technology. The tool is highly compact, and the arrow velocity is 315 FPS. In a ground blind, the crossbow is very easy to maneuver, thanks to the ergonomic forearm and pistol grip. They also increase the level of safety.

The MP-315 is very lightweight, weighing only 7 pounds. It is also optimally balanced when you are using it stealthily. To reduce vibration and noise, it has a very effective AVS system. The tool is ambidextrous, meaning that it can be used by both right and left-handed shooters. Its anti-dry fire mechanism is a notable safety measure. The crossbow has a lifetime warranty.


  • Vented forearm
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Ultralight
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism


  • Anti-vibration mechanism could be better

Features to Consider When Choosing a Parker Crossbow

Historically speaking, crossbows have been around for thousands of years. However, crossbows used in ancient times were not like the ones available in the market in modern times. In ancient times, these tools were used in wars. Different types of crossbows were used for different purposes.

Despite the popularity of guns in modern times, crossbows are still popular. These days, crossbows are not used in wars. Rather, they are used for other purposes. For instance, they are used in-game hunting and shooting practice. They are, however, lethal weapons, and can be used for self-defense. In fact, many Americans prefer crossbows to firearms.

The stealthy state of crossbows is perhaps the main reason for their high popularity in recent times. The crossbows used in modern times are lighter and more advanced than their ancient counterparts. Shooting requires little effort, partly because modern crossbows are more or less automated.

As we have mentioned earlier, Parker is one of the most well-known manufacturers of modern crossbows. But what factors should you consider when choosing a Parker crossbow. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you will do with the crossbow. When it comes to choosing a crossbow, this is the most important factor.

Before we get into the discussion of what factors to consider when choosing a crossbow, let’s see what features you can expect in most Parker crossbows reviews.

Common features of parker crossbows

If you read some Parker crossbows reviews, you will find that almost all these crossbows have some things in common. The military-style cock is one of those common things. The perfect balance in the middle makes it easy to carry these crossbows.

They also have effective safety features. In any Parker crossbow, you will find a safety switch and anti dry-fire mechanism. These crossbows have foregrips that keep your fingers from getting in touch with the barrel.

With a Parker crossbow, you can aim your target more accurately because of the multi-reticle scope. Apart from this built-in mechanism, you can choose an additional scope. High quality is perhaps the most common thing that’s found in most Parker crossbows reviews. In terms of price, these crossbows are phenomenal. They are also very quiet.

Purpose of the crossbow

This is the most important question to ask. Why are you buying a crossbow in the first place? Your choice should be determined by why you are buying it. You may buy one for shooting a target or for hunting. Parker has different types of crossbows that are used for different purposes.

For shooting a target or hunting, you will do fine with a relatively cheap crossbow. In this case, you have to pay particular attention to features such as velocity and draw weight. By reading some Parker crossbows reviews, you will be able to determine what type of crossbow you need.


You have to make sure that the crossbow can produce sufficient speed. When choosing a crossbow, you must consider this factor. For consistent hunting, speed is indeed an essential factor. The arrow velocity is measured in FPS (feet per second). For example, if your crossbow has a speed of 370 FPS, the arrow can travel 370 feet per second.

If heavyweight hunting is not your goal, less than 200 FPS is enough. But for big game hunting, make sure you choose a crossbow with more FPS. It is important to remember that the price of a crossbow to some extent depends on its velocity. A crossbow with more velocity usually costs more than one with low velocity.

Draw weight

When choosing a Parker crossbow, in fact, any crossbow, draw weight rating is another factor to consider. If you are going to use it for hunting, make sure that draw weight is around 120 pounds. If it is less, you are going to notice a reduction in the overall performance of the crossbow.


When making a buying decision, it is also important to consider what broadhead to use. This factor is as important as the other factors we have already discussed. You may use a fixed or mechanical broadhead. In terms of reliability, the fixed type is better, partly because it has no loose part.

The mechanical type, on the other hand, is associated with less velocity. For hunting big games, the mechanical type may be more useful. If you sharpen them after use, the crossbow will become more effective.


This is a factor often neglected by archery enthusiasts. You have to contact the relevant authorities to get the permit for using the crossbow. It is in fact a lethal weapon, not less deadly than a gun. Learn as much as possible about the regulation of hunting activities in your area. Before you go hunting, make sure you get permission. You may get into legal trouble if you neglect this factor.

Authorized dealer warranty

Before you buy a Parker crossbow, you have to be careful about the warranties. Are you purchasing it from an authorized dealer? When buying it from a pro shop, make sure the shop is authorized by Parker. To get proper replacement or repair, check for product warranty, bow accessories, or claims for damage.

The warranty should cover the limbs, limb pockets, mechanism, trigger, barrel, and riser. The specific crossbow you choose has its pros and cons. It is your responsibility to check for the specifications.


Your Parker crossbow will arrive in a box. Please note that not all crossbows are pre-assembled. So, you may need to assemble your crossbow. But don’t worry. In most cases, the procedure is very simple.

All required accessories come with the package, and the instructions for or assembling the tools are easy to follow. Most parker crossbows reviews indicate that customers are serious about assembly.

When mounting the scope, you have to place it in the right orientation. Check the back and front, and avoid putting the scope on backward. The adjustments should be in the right position. Otherwise, sighting in the scope will be hard.

Age limit

In most states, a crossbow user must be at least 16 years old. If you are younger, your guardian must be with you when you buy or use a crossbow. It is a requirement. But this rule is not the same in all places. It depends on where you live.

Before you buy or use a crossbow, learn about the particular rules of age restrictions in your locality. Remember, crossbows are pretty dangerous, and you must be mature enough to handle them.

Final Thoughts on Parker Crossbows

When you are going to choose a crossbow, it is good to see if it has some cool features. But durability is the most important thing. If your crossbow is strong and durable, you will not have to deal with malfunctions.

Parker is a famous American brand, and the company is known for manufacturing durable crossbows. Lifetime warranty is another strong reason to choose these crossbows. Choosing a crossbow is pretty easy if you have a clear idea of what you will do with the tool. Now you know more about parker crossbows, and hopefully, you will make a better buying decision.