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NXT Generation Crossbow and Target Kit

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Practice Crossbow


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NXT Generation Crossbow and Target Kit

Like many parents, I was searching for a product that would give my kids a preliminary introduction on how to use a crossbow for hunting purposes.

Have you tried to find the ideal crossbow that could be used for practice without hurting anything or anyone? Through my search, finding the right crossbow that included accuracy and dependability with functions of a real crossbow was not as easy as I thought.

However, once I determined what features and products that was available on the market, I was able to narrow down my decision. Therefore, I decided to put this review together, to help make your decision faster, so you do not have to go through numerous products before you find one that is ideal for your kids.

Finding The Right Crossbow For Both Kids To Enjoy

My first thought to getting my kids a crossbow was to enhance the experience of hunting, but it had to be with safety in mind, as my kids have never held a crossbow before.

I am sure you have the same intentions, but with my experience, I tried a few different products before I realized that there was one that featured everything that I desired for my kids. A few of the features that I sought after were the following:

• Safety: Due to my kid's age, and the inability to hold a real crossbow, safety was the most important factor with a crossbow. I wanted to give them the chance to know what it was like to hold a crossbow and understand what power it contained. In addition, I knew that because this was the first time they needed something that could not hurt a fly or themselves, before even attempting to carry the real thing.

• Accuracy Dependent: Another feature that I sought after was the accuracy capabilities. I wanted my kids to learn how to shoot the crossbow with ease, but also understand how to accurately line up the arrow to the target, and become proficient with their skills.

• Accessories: The accessories in the ideal product also were a determining factor on my overall decision. I wanted to find a product that had a possible target, soft projectiles, and a well-manufactured crossbow. Moreover, I wanted to make sure that there were more than just a few projectiles they could use, in case they lost one or two.

• First Use: Since my kids have never used a crossbow before, I wanted to ensure that their first experience was a positive one. Therefore, finding a crossbow that could create a stable and fun experience was essential, for short and long term results. I essentially wanted to find a crossbow that would create memories they could later share with the future generations.

• Price: With all the details and features that I mapped out, my search also had to be within a budget-friendly, as I am sure you can relate to. There are some product and kits out on the market that looked decent, but the price was not. Therefore, I wanted to find a product that was cost-efficient, because if it broke, my bank would still be intact.

The Perfect Crossbow Find

I scoured the internet over and over again and tried out a few products, however, none of them were satisfactory to give to my kids. There were some that I tried, that broke within the first use, or the projectiles only made it five feet. Coming from a family that hunted with crossbows,

I was determined to find the perfect one. That is when I came across the NXT Generation Crossbow. I decided to give it a try, and honestly, I was astonished by the results. Not only did the crossbow come with additional features and accessories, but it felt so real, that it put an instant smile on my face. The first time I let the kids use it, was a perfect scenario, and I will never forget the look on their faces when they used it over and over again.

I decided to get the entire kit that I found online that came with a hanging target and suction cups to hang it up, six nerf-like projectiles, and a crossbow that was capable of shooting over seventy feet. In addition to the features, the crossbow was made with durability in mind, and it felt realistic. 

Overall, after trying out many other products online, this was the best one, and I would highly recommend it. In fact, my kids are outside playing with it right now, as yours could be too.


• Safety Was Above And Beyond For Entirety Of Product And Projectiles

• It Comes In A Kit That Offers A Hanging Target, Additional Projectiles, And A Built To Last Crossbow, And There Was Options To Buy Additional Darts To The Order

• The Bow Can Shoot Over Seventy Feet With Ease

• The Pull Of The Bow Was Sturdy And Extremely Close To The Real Thing

• The Crossbow Offered Accurate Training And Accuracy To Give The Kids An Experience That They Will Never Forget

• The Price Was Perfect And Allowed Me To Buy More Than One For Each Kid To Have Their Own

• Gave The Kids An Excuse To Be More Active Outside With Hours Of Fun And Engaging Adventures. Moreover, They Wanted To Learn How To Increase Their Shooting Skills Because Of This Crossbow

• Adults Can Use It To Increase Their Own Skills For Crossbow Hunting, And Have A Blast


• There Could Have Been A Few More Projectiles Added To The Kit, But The Ability To Order More By Themselves Overthrew The Drawback

• There Was No Instruction Guide Included

• The Product Mentioned It Was For Children Over The Age Of 14, However, I Supervised My 8 Year Old And He Handled It Accurately.

• It Comes In A Few Parts That You Will Have To Assemble, Instead Of Being A Put Together Piece, However, After Adjusting The Crossbow And Messing With It For A Minute Or So, It Was In One Complete Piece

Final Thoughts about the NXT Generation Crossbow and Target Kit

In conclusion, I am an avid hunter that has used a crossbow since I was a child, and in order to give my kids a similar experience, only with a safer means of training, getting the NXT Generation Crossbow was the perfect solution.

Not only did my kids get the ability to understand what it feels like to shoot one, but they became enthusiasts of the crossbow. They get to spend hours outside, instead of sitting in front of the T.V, playing games, and they also get the ability to shoot a crossbow that is safe, so I don't have to stress out. It was a win-win for my entire family, and now they are shooting the crossbow with ease and hitting the target every time.

This was the perfect solution to getting them outside, engaging with new development skills for future hunting experiences, and getting early training that is safe. Therefore, if you and your family have a history and a passion to hunt, and you want to encourage your kids to experience a similar memory, then getting them this NXT Generation Crossbow Kit, is a perfect option in my book. On the last note, I actually found myself, as an adult, using it just as much as them, and you will too. Check it out now, and see how much entertainment and fun you and your family will have now, you will not regret it.


  • Safety
  • Shoots over 70 feet
  • Pull was like a real crossbow
  • Accuracy
  • No instructions
  • Some assembly required

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A quality safe target practice crossbow for kids

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