Hunting Bow Setup: A Comprehensive Guide

Hunting has been a popular activity for hundreds of years. It can be traced back to primitive people who hunted with spears and arrows. Today, hunting still provides an escape from the stresses of life, as well as an opportunity to enjoy nature in solitude. One way to make this experience more enjoyable is using the right equipment. Specifically, archers need hunting bow setups tailored to their needs and skill level. This article will provide you with all the details you need to pick the best setup for your next hunt.

Compound Bow Setup

When hunting bow setups, compound bows are the most popular choice. This is because they offer several advantages over traditional recurve bows. For starters, compound bows are more forgiving when it comes to errors in the form. They also generate more power, making them better suited for larger game animals. Additionally, compound bows can be outfitted with various accessories that make them more effective in the field.

When setting up a compound bow for hunting, remember that draw weight will vary depending on hunting. For a smaller game like deer or elk, you will want a draw weight of around 40-50 pounds. But if you are targeting larger animals like moose or bears, you will want to go with a draw weight of 60-70 pounds.

For your compound bow setup to be effective, you will also need the right arrow rest and stabilizer. For example, if you hunt small game like deer or birds, an adjustable drop away rest will work best. But if you are going after larger animals that require more power in their shot, consider using an extended target stop instead. This can give your arrows greater stability during flight and make them less likely to wobble on impact!

Obey the Speed \ Limit

Broadhead tipped arrows usually shoot at speeds below 280 fps. The most important part of the life of a bow is to maintain its 275–285 fps speed. It offers the best possible balance between a relatively flat trajectory and high, wide head precision. It is easy for light arrows to break through that speed restriction with fast bows available today.

You can have a precise tuning if you use small, angled broadheads or flexing broadheads. Many people are getting open to something changing. My guns are very long. This season the hunting arrow will weigh around 504 grains per day and have a flight rate of 284 feet per second.

Shoot Small Diameter Shafts

Many arrow companies make small diameter hunter shafts that are good for penetration. A dropped backrest does not have any drawbacks. You can change your skinny to one of these arrows when you need an arrow. Victory Archers Insert/Outserts are available with various small shafts that permit 8-32 thread wide heads. Victory Archery inserts and extensions can be inserted on several common short diameter shafts and allow for 8-32 wide heads with standard threads.

Shoot a Proper Sized Peep Sight

If you have a peep that has a wide aperture, it will allow you to see the peep easily on a cloudy day. If my friend can’t see the pins or his level, he needs to use a peep with a wide aperture to help him.

In brighter light, big peeps are better. If you shoot more often, they will help you. Most bow sighted have round-shaped housing that is easy to look through. If your site has a different shape, it might be time to buy a new one.

Balance the Bow

The bow needs to be squeezed in the clockwise direction. You will not waste time and energy trying to control gravity so that your bow is level. I recommend the equalizer system for archery. The equalizer integrates the stabilizer with the quiver, making it easier to balance bows and reducing all bow accessories’ overall weight.

Shoot a Quality Handheld Release Aid

Trigger devices usually have a double-shock trigger that can be easily adjusted. These triggers usually have a “creep” set at almost no creep before firing. You can also adjust the trigger to make it as heavy or light as you want it to be. My friend uses his wrist straps and fingers, but I noticed he makes targets panic and sometimes hits them because the release is fast. When I took my first shot with this device, I realized that the trigger had a longer head than handheld releases. Because of the head’s size, he loses some of his draw lengths over someone who uses a handheld release.

Forget About FOCUS

An arrow made of heavier points, wider arrows, and shorter arrows will have a center balance point that is higher. This is called an “arrow forward at center balance.” The arrow’s weight, width, and length all affect how high the “FOC” point will be. I know to make them with 150 grains of weight when making my bows to have good results. But if you go too long with heavyweight on your bow without taking time to rest, it can cause problems with your bow or how it shoots.

Toss the Grip

Grips are places on the bow that you can touch. They make the arrow go really far and make it more accurate. There’s a lot of different types of grips: hardwood, metal, and rubber. They help you carry and store your bows easier and safer. The only thing is that grips can make your hand hurt if they’re curved because it makes it difficult to hold onto them for a long time.

Tie Knots Inside Your D-Loop

D-loops can make your teeth hurt. If a bowstring falls off of rest while you are drawing it, then there is a high chance that the d-loop will be pulling on your other strings and making it hard to shoot straight. You can remedy this in two ways: tie knots above or below the existing loop or attach a new one to an existing loop. So that no matter what happens, your bowstring will not get caught on anything else. When aiming with a camera, ensure that your arrow is green and not red or yellow because red means the rope is too tight, and yellow means the cable is too tight.

Mark Your Cams and Tiller Bolts

If you need to change the tension on your bow, using a camera will make it simple to observe how long the strings and wires are. A small change might not be seen and might cause problems in inaccuracy. Put a line on each side of the cams with a silver Sharpie marker, then put marks on the edges of your limbs that are straight. When you move strings or cables, these lines will move about your limb so that you can see where there is a problem. Just add some twists in the string, and it should return to its original position.

Use a Multi-Pin Bow Sight

Bowhunting is different from long-distance shooting. You can shoot a bow better if you practice outside to get used to the distance. The deer or sheep should not be too close to you, and they should stay still when you shoot them with your bow. Ensure that the animal has not been hurt before and that no other animals are in sight.

Go Heavy

The arrow’s weight is connected to the speed restrictions. But there are also drawbacks. If you want a heavy arrow, it can penetrate more than lighter ones. It can feel quieter when you use a heavy arrow too. Shooting heavier arrows is more effective because they don’t vibrate and go through the wind easier. When searching for additional arrow weights, focus on the shafts and not get crazy about weight points.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hunting Bow Setup

What Weight Bow Do You Need for Hunting?

A bow or crossbow that hunters use must have a draw weight of 240 pounds. It must be 28 inches long and can’t be drawn back more than the maximum point.

Is a 40 lb Bow Enough for Deer?

It is possible to kill deer with a 40 kg bow. 40-pound kinetic energy will kill whitetail, and you need more than 50 to hunt bigger animals like bears.

How Long Does It Take to Set Up a New Bow?

You need to sight your bow for a few days or weeks. If you shoot the bow every day, you will not get the best result because it is different each time, and you need to average it over several days. I’m waiting four days for a new bow that fits me well.

What Is Bow Tuning?

Torque tuning is when you change the rest of the bow so your arrow will fly true. Look at it from 20 yards away and see if it is correct.

How often a bow’s compound weight is determined by its use, quality, and how well it has been cared for. Proper maintenance of your bowstring can last for three or four years. This might be sooner if the cord or strand is fraying.

What Bow Is the Most Accurate?

A recurve is a curve on the bow. It makes the bow more powerful and fast. Most modern archers choose for their bows because they can be used with new materials like sights, stabilizers, and clickers for accurate shots.

What Type of Bow Is Best for Deer Hunting?

If you are hunting moose, use a recurve bow or a compound bow. Most hunters use compound bows. They are easier to draw, aim, and stronger than recurve bows.

How Heavy Should My Arrow Be for Whitetail Deer?

Aim for an arrow with around 6-8 grains per gram of bow weight and a lighter arrow around 9-10 grains per pound. A 60-pound bow has 360-480 grains. A 70 lb bow has 450-500 grams.

Is a 60 lb Bow Enough for Deer?

All deer that weigh over 40 pounds is okay. Elk and moose should weigh between 60 and 65 pounds. You should shoot your bow 30-40 times without getting tired.

Where Should My Arrow Rest Be?

To get the resting position of your hand, put it in a straight line with the direction that you are shooting. Point them towards the left if you release with your fingers (for right-handed shooters).

What Is the Number 1 Compound Bow?

The Stinger Max is a favorite bow for Pros. It delivers an easy-to-use 80% release and is good for hunting from trees or deer blinds.

What Side Should the Arrow Rest Be On?

Right-hand bow rest. Left-hand arrow sleeves: You’ll put the bow on the left side. Hold this bow by your right hand, and then pull up a rope with your left hand.

What Is a Nock Point on a Bow?

The recurve bow’s nocking point keeps the arrow in place on the string. This makes sure that the arrow will shoot out of your bow with consistent force and from a consistent angle. You can make a nocking point by tying knots in the string and then attaching your arrow to it, or you can just buy one at a bow shop.

Is a Bow Press Worth It?

Yes, this is a good purchase for you. If you want to do the tuning yourself. But if you don’t want to spend time on that, buy one already tuned.

Is a Bow Press Worth It?

Yes, this is a good purchase for you. If you want to do the tuning yourself. But if you don’t want to spend time on that, buy one already tuned.

How Do You Sight in a Single Pin Slider?

Sighting in a single-pin slider sight is like sighting in a bow with two pins. You should start with the default in the highest position and slide it up to 20 yards. Then, move your gang adjustment (vertical and horizontal) to ensure your arrows hit the target at 20 yards.

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