Homemade Target Stands for Shooting: The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to try some target stand projects? We have got you covered. One way to improve your shooting skills is by using a target stand. In this article, we have put together a couple of DIY target stand projects that are easy to make. Some are pretty easy, while others might be a bit more challenging. It’s up to you which one to choose and start building.

Quick Picks:  Homemade Target Stands for Shooting: The Ultimate Guide

1. DIY Portable Target Stand For Shooting

Making this portable target stand is easy. You can carry it to different locations and set it up without much effort. This guide is perfect for beginners who want to make one from scratch.

You can find the materials you need for this portable target stand at a nearby hardware store. It would help if you had some wood strips, PVC pipes, and other items. This project shouldn’t cost you much – you will spend around $19 on the materials.

2. $6 Cardboard Target Stand

Are you curious about learning how to build a target stand at about six dollars? It’s pretty straightforward. You can use some cardboard that you may have lying around at home. In minutes, you can make a cardboard target stand with a hammer, saw, pipe cutters, staple gun, and measuring tape. You will need two wood strips and some PVC pipes for this project. The wood goes into the pipes, which can be buried in the ground for balance.

3. DIY Target Stand With PVC

The job will be much easier if you have PVC pipes at home. 80% of this stand is made with PVC pipes. You will need to insert wood stripes near the top to place the cardboard with the target mark.

If you don’t have PVC pipes, you can buy them at a hardware store. They can also help you cut the pipes to the correct size if you need them to. You will need a pipe cutter if you want to do it yourself. You will also need four 1½-inch PVC 90-degree elbows and two 1½-inch PVC T sockets.

4. How To Make A Portable Target Stand

This portable target stand is excellent because it is easy to carry in and out of your house. The legs fold up neatly so they may be stored conveniently and transported to any location you want. It is ideal for use when conducting shooting drills.

This stand is made of foldable wood stripes. There is a storage place below where you can put some different targets. You might need some woodcutting experience, but watching the tutorial gets easier.

5. Simple Target Stands Made From Conduit

It might be hard to move, but it looks good. It is better and calmer than a regular cardboard and wood target stand. It won’t work well for beginners who have little experience in engineering. So you might skip this choice altogether if it seems too difficult to do.

6. $7 DIY Target Stand

You can make this target stand with just $7. The stand is constructed of wood and cardboard, and the wood must be cut and compartmentalized.

It is an excellent wooden target stand that is easy to make, and you can easily transport it. The stand has a separate base that you put on the ground. Then, you attach the other leg that holds the target. It’s very convenient.

7. How To Build A PVC Target Stand

It is easy to make a target stand using PVC pipes. You will need PVC sockets, pipes, and glue. The following guide will show you how to do it quickly and easily.

You will need the materials to make the base. You will then add two wood stripes into the PVC outlet on top. It will allow you to hang and unhang your target easily. The stand cannot be folded, but it can be transported to a safe place, like indoors, if you have a backyard shed.

8. 3D Model DIY Target Stand

It is easy to make a model target stand. A hammer, some wood, and nails are required. Cut the wood into strips, then mark where you want to make the cuts. Use the hammer and nails to put the stand together.

The wood model target stand should not be too broad because this is meant to carry the b-27 class silhouette stand. The base of the stand should be about 26¼ inches apart, so it is stable.

9. How To Make A Target Stand For $10

The materials you need for this project are easy to find. You will need two wood stripes, PVC pipes and sockets, and four pieces of charlotte pipes. You will also need 16 pieces of 90-degree hub elbow pipe and four pieces of furring wood stripe.

10. DIY Nerf Gun Target Stand

Providing a target stand for your children to play with can be a lot of fun. It can be fun for them to shoot at targets, and you can make the target stand yourself if you want. You only need some paper targets, scrap wood, wood glue, and a nerf gun. Make sure the target stand is safe for your kids using wood screws instead of glue. It will help keep the edges of the screws from being sharp.

11. DIY Clay Plinking Targets

You can make a target stand using a nine gauge wire. Stretch the wire to any length you want. Make an oval shape pocket that is wide enough to hold the clay. Put the wire in the ground and make sure it is stable. You can then use hardboard to create spaces where you can insert the clay into the hardboard. Use a stapler to keep the clay in place.

12. Target Stand DIY

You can make a target stand using PVC pipes and some wood. Cut the PVC pipes to 6″, 12″, and 14″ lengths, then glue them to 90-degree elbow sockets. Then, glue a piece of wood into each of the pipes to form a stand. Finally, attach a target board to the stand and start shooting!

13. $5 Folding DIY Target Stand

Making this foldable target stand can be stressful, but it’s satisfying. The stand is made of connected wood so it can be easily folded and put away on a shelf. You will need this when you are ready to shoot. Then, you have your board which should preferably be white and hardboard, so it is easier to see from meters away. Finally, you can place your target on the whiteboard or create your target by drawing on the board.

14. DIY Target Stand

You will need some time to make this target stand. You must be careful and use many techniques when cutting the PVC pipes. Ensure you connect the pipes to the 90-degree elbow socket correctly, or you will have to start over. It would help if you had many PVC pipes for this project. You need two stands, one for the target and one for the bow and arrow.

15. DIY Simple Target Stand

You can make a stand for your target shooting using metal pipes. The legs of the stand will use metal pipes. You will also need a conduit for the target itself. The target will be attached to the stand with S-hooks. These S-hooks are not very durable, so you should expect them to break after a few rounds of shooting.

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