IQ Bowsights 5-Pin Micro Bowsight Review

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Review

Great choice for bow hunters looking for a high quality 5 pin sight.

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Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight

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Bow Sight


This review provides an in depth look at the quality and performance of the Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight

The Field Logic IQ 5 Pin bow sight is an extremely аdvаnсеd, but incredibly simple, ѕіght featuring Rеtіnа Lосk tесhnоlоgу. This feature will give you the confidence to hit exactly where you are aiming. Bу аlіgnіng thе sight’s grееn” Rеtіnа” wіth thе fixed blасk dоt, the The Field Logic IQ will help to improve your shooting form by reducing the tendency to cant, or torque, the bow. This will in turn increase accuracy and produce consistently tighter groups at any distance.

All five of the Field Logic IQ sight pins can easily be adjusted for elevation and windage and then secured into place with a locking knob. All you need to do, once the pins are set, is center the green dot and virtually any chance of canting the bow will be eliminated.

Field Logic Sight Build

The Field Logic IQ 5 Pin sight frame is constructed from high-grade aluminum for light weight and durability. The sight has five ultra-bright, fully contained .019" fiber-optic pins that provide for easy viewing against any background.

The sight has second- and third-axis adjustments, the virtual lines the sight rotates on that run perpendicular and parallel to your body, for sighting in on flat ground and slopes. The sight pin adjustment knobs are constructed for spot on windage and elevation adjustments without the need for tools. The lосkіng knоbѕ are саn bе removed and rерlасеd wіth the іnсludеd screws if the shooters feels the knobs are too bulky or cumbersome.

The Field Logic IQ retina-lock technology is built with a moving dot housed inside a pinpoint-accurate bubble level that provides enhanced sight pin alignment for more precise zeroing and better downrange accuracy on longer shots. Several sight mounting points allow for the The Field Logic IQ to be mounted on various places on your bow, giving you the flexibility to customize the mounting of the sight to fit your own shooting style.

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Design

The Field Logic IQ Retina Lock is designed to ensure proper sight alignment both when sighting in and then every time you take a shot. This is easily accomplished by simply lining up the green and black dots when aiming.

The sight is designed with precision laser-etched markings that allow for quick, easy and minute elevation and windage adjustments. The five-pin sight design allows for setting up for five different shooting distances. The sight is designed with both second- and third-axis adjustments for increased accuracy on longer shots.

The all-aluminum design makes the Field Logic IQ both strong and lightweight so it is rugged enough to survive the tough hunts without your pins being easily knocked out of alignment or the sight adding a lot of extra weight to your bow. The multiple-mounting point design allows you to set the sight up to match your individual shooting style and the bracket is designed to fit most tapped risers. The sight is designed with mounting holes that will fit a standard quiver.

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Bow Sight Performance

The Field Logic IQ is easy to set up and shoot, with lining up the green and black dots becoming intuitive with a little practice. The bubble level performs as promised, allowing you to know before you let the arrow fly if you are holding the bow completely vertical.

The sight pins adjust easily and then set and lock your elevation and windage adjustments firmly into place with finger-turn knobs. The sight’s fiber-optic pins are fully contained and provide quick pickup against your target in all but the dimmest lighting conditions.

The narrow sight-pin design permits setting distances for as little as five-yard increments. The Field Logic IQ second-axis adjustment performs well on flat ground and the third-axis adjustments operate admirably when shooting on a slope or from a tree stand.

The multi-position sight mount performs well and allows for mounting the sight on your bow in the best position to suit your shooting style. An optional rheostat, that is sold separately, substantially increases pin brightness for the darkest dusk and dawn situations.

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight Features

The Field Logic IQ 5 Pin bow sight has a number of features to help you become a better shot. Retina-lock technology enhances shooting form by providing instantaneous feedback on the slightest canting of the bow or changes in anchor point. This results in better shot-to-shot consistency that allows you to shoot tighter groupings at longer distances.

The sight’s micro adjustment sight-pin knobs permit for quick and easy elevation and windage adjustment, even in the field, using the laser-etched adjustment markings as a guide. Adjustment of the locking knobs that prevent the elevation and windage settings from moving out of place do not require the use of tools. The five fiber-optic pins allow for fast target acquisition and stack tightly and the pins can also be completely removed if you prefer to have fewer pins on the sight.

The multi-position sight mount provides for attaching the sight to your bow where it will best suit your individual shooting style. An optional rheostat (sold separately) is available to adjust the light intensity of the sight pins. Thе pin adjustment lосkіng knоbѕ саn bе swapped out with the included ѕсrеwѕ for a more streamline appearance.

Final thoughts on the Field Logic Bow Sight

With all of its advanced technology, the Field Logic IQ 5 Pin sight is incredibly easy to set up and shoot by just lining up the two different colored dots. While it does require a little practice to get used to the retina-lock feature, this is a great concept for proving feedback on whether or not the bow is canted before you release the shot.

The sight’s multi-axis adjustments will help you shoot straighter and farther and the five pins provide ample illumination for most hunting situations, taking the guesswork out of shooting at various ranges. The multi-position sight mount provides for attaching the sight to your bow where it will best suit your individual shooting style. With all of its advantages, we think the Field Logic IQ 5 Pin sight is solid choice and worth the money.

With so many available options on the market, choosing the right bow sight for your specific shooting style can get a little confusing, However, with Field Logic’s guarantee that you will shoot better or your money back, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this bow sight for yourself. Check out the Field Logic IQ 5 Pin sight and judge it for yourself.


The Good Stuff:
  • The retinal-lock technology provides accurate feedback on form to help control unnoticed muscle movements that will typically disrupt your aim and through off your shot.
  • Guaranteed to improve your shooting or your money back!
  • Sight is well made and does not add noise when shooting.
  • The lighted pins are very bright during daytime hours.
  • An optional rheostat is available to adjust the light intensity of the sight pins.
  • Comes with all the needed tools and parts for attaching the sight to a riser.
  • The Field Logic IQ 5 Pin bow sight comes with a full product warranty.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Some users have reported that the sight’s aluminum casing has cracked when hit hard in the field.
  • Sight pins are not interchangeable with any sight from any other manufacture.
  • Pins may not be bright enough for a clear shot at dawn and dusk.

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A high quality bow sight for big game hunters.

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