Fastest – Most Powerful Compound Bow for 2020

While shopping for a compound bow, there are plenty of features to consider. Feet per second (FPS) remains an aspect many archers, whether beginners or experts, place high up on the list of priorities.

You need to understand if you really need a faster compound bow though. If it's just a hobby, you may be firing at a stationary target with no competition involved. In that case, speed isn't a necessity.

For hunters or competitive shooters, it can actually spell the difference between hitting your prey or missing, or even nailing the top score or coming in last.

Beyond the obvious advantage of firing quicker, these types of best compound bows are useful in other ways. For instance, they can manage flat arrows exceptionally well. This allows the arrow to cover much greater distances and at great speeds.

Even so, other factors contribute to whether or not the bow is not only fast, but beneficial overall to your needs.

The compound bow should handle well. Since you'll be firing faster, it's important to maintain control so that you get accurate shots too. You may catch a fleeing prey with a speedy lighter arrow, but it's worthless if you missed the kill spot.

Likewise for competitive archers, you can surpass a professional record in terms of how fast you get the arrow off, but you just may miss the bullseye if you lack control. This is why it's vital to address the best bow as a whole from the brace height, to the binary cam system design, and even the draw length and overall balance.

Finding that ideal fast bow on the market is tough with so many clogging up the market. So, we searched and found seven top-rated speedy best compound bows in an effort to find you the fastest compound bow for your needs.

Quick Picks:  Fastest Compound Bows

Fastest Compound Bow Reviews

Elite Archery Impulse 34

Reaching speeds up to 350 FPS, the Impulse 34 is one of the fastest bows on the market. What's even more appealing about this starter bow is that it doesn't eliminate shooting capability in an effort to increase the speed.

With a 70lb draw weight and a 6 inch brace height, you get a smoother draw cycle overall.

There is a great deal of stability. Much of this is due to the improved binary cam system, a better pocket system, and a stiffer riser.

The pocket system increases the overall limb alignment, creating tight stack tolerances. This creates more consistent shooting.

For concerns, the bow starts out at 4.4lbs, and once you add accessories, it may become a touch heavy for some archers. Also, how comfortable the grip is depends on the individual and how you’re using this.


  • Smooth draw cycle
  • Offers good stability
  • Shoots quietly


  • Might be too heavy for some
  • Not everyone may find the grip comfortable

PSE Archery Evolve 31

The Evolve 31 is a suitable hunting compound bow that offers a secure, wide grip. It shoots very quiet too, which can make things easier when sneaking up on your prey.

You can make adjustments on the fly with this bow, so there's no worry about stopping and wasting time while out on a hunt to adjust your setup.

As for what adjustments you can make, PSE offers you plenty of room to adapt. You can adjust the draw length from 24.5in. to 30in. Meanwhile, the draw weight changes from 50lbs to 70lbs, but with how smooth it draws, you might barely feel the weight.

The bow alone weighs 4.4lbs, which isn't as light as some other fast bows, such as the fastest compound bow, but the speed is still noticeable. It can achieve up to 338 FPS. With the ultra-stiff riser, you'll notice how stable the bow is even with those speeds.


  • High let off settings
  • Easy and fast adjustments
  • Smooth draw


  • Some tuning issues due to cam length
  • A bit weighty

Bear Archery Escape

Another popular model, the Bear Archery Escape has a comfortable long draw length range between 25in. and 30in. With a minimum 32 inch axle-to-axle length, the bow is a healthy in-between size that's not too small or too long.

The VersaGrip grip system used creates a stronger, more secure hold. There's minimal lateral torque when you shoot thanks to the hinge guard.

It's balanced well too between strength and weight thanks to the aluminum riser and cams. This material provides it with the necessary durability it needs while keeping it lightweight and flexible.

Speed-wise, the fastest compound bow is known to reach up to 350 FPS on the highest weight setting. However, the draw cycle may not be as smooth when you get to that higher setting, so it may take more an effort to fire off a successful and fast shot.

With its 6in. bow height, there is still some level of forgiveness felt. Overall, this compound bow has some ideal stability so that it's easy to handle, especially for those of you tree standing.

The Escape's platform is designed for speed. To achieve 350 fps, shooters must make some sacrifices. Perhaps the most significant advantages of a high performance bow are the ability to shoot heavier or lighter arrows without sacrificing speed. Aside from the Escape's speed, many shooters want to tweak the settings and still get great results.


  • Strong grip
  • Balanced well between strength and weight
  • Stable and easy to handle
  • Maximum speed is 350 fps


  • Tough to draw at higher weight
  • Initially stiff

PSE 2018 Ferocity

The PSE 2018 Ferocity features a good number of accessories to help you get started on the right foot. There's an amp micro sight, a red aluminum peep sight, nock loop, and more.

This compound bow has a lower weight of 3.5lbs compared to other similar compound bows. With such a lighter weight, this might allow you to handle it far easier, especially if you're bow hunting and need to keep on-the-go while carrying other gear.

There's an adequate let off at 80%, and it has a maximum rating of 320 FPS.

It doesn't leave much room for adjusting, however. The draw length moves from 24.5in. to 30in., but the weight is set at either 70lbs or 60lbs.

The compound bows, on the other hand, appear to perform flawlessly at any draw length.


  • Lightweight build
  • Shoots smoothly
  • Numerous of accessories


  • Chance for the string to pop off
  • Minimum adjusting

Bear Archery Cruzer G2

The Cruzer G2 from Bear Archery weighs only 3lbs, making it a remarkably easy to handle and compact compound bow to cart around.

The draw length ranges from 12 to 30 inches and the weight ranges from 5 to 70 pounds. It may need frequent adjusting, but it appears simple and allows for use by archers of all skill levels and ages.

It comes in a ready-to-hunt design, giving you many accessories like a quiver, stabilizer, nock loop, sight, and much more. This is available for both right and left-handed use, and it even comes in multiple colors for the ultimate personalization.

Shooting is consistent as well in terms of accuracy and the shooting arrows speed. It can shoot up to 315 FPS, and you should remain stable and comfortable thanks to the advanced grip design.

One thing to keep a look out for is that when adjusting down from the max draw weight, there's a chance that the limbs might crack or pop out, so take care when making your adjustments.


  • Comfortable, compact size
  • Consistent shooting
  • Easy to hold the draw


  • Might require frequent adjusting

Predator RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

From entry-level youths to adults, this Predator RAPTOR Hunting Bow is designed to adapt. It boasts a fully adjustable draw length from 24.5in. to 31in., and a weight range of 30lbs to 70lbs.

There's no need for a bow press to adjust, but there may still be some issues changing things around. Due to the location of the pins and limbs, the adjustment process might not go smoothly and take some time to manage.

Still, once you have adjusted accordingly, the compound bow does its job well by offering consistent shooting. As it only weighs 3.6lbs, it handles well and presents minimal vibration or inaccurate shooting.

With its 75% weight let off, you may not even feel yourself shooting at the highest draw weight. In fact, 70lbs may feel like less than 20lbs, which may help you hone your skills without giving up the bow's speed and power.

It shoots up to 315 FPS. There are a number of accessories included in an effort to enhance your experience. Knowing that, the accessories don't feel as high in quality as the rest of the compound bow.

Compound bows require a good arrow rest and stabilizers to perform to their full potential and achieve maximum accuracy.

The Raptor is equipped with a whisker biscuit arrow rest as standard equipment. These arrow rests are renowned for their ease of use and dependability. The whiskers not only hold the arrow in place but also allow it to fly away with little resistance. Perfect for those with quick reflexes!

The stabilizers that come with your best bow are designed to greatly reduce vibration, rotation, and "kick." These are also essential for any compound bow archer who uses a compound bow. As a result, having them included is a huge plus!

The Raptor eliminates this issue by installing it from the start. It also has a guide rubber string to keep it straight at full draw. You do not want your peep sight to be out of alignment during your hunt.


  • Wide adjustment ranges
  • Handles well
  • Maximum speed is 315 fps 
  • Weight reduction at full draw
  • The peep sight and the loop are already installed.


  • Accessories seem low-quality
  • Some adjustment issues

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

The Infinite Edge Pro from Diamond Archery is a quality, versatile compound bow. Available for users right or left-handed, this bow offers great balance between strength, speed, and power.

It can shoot up to 310 FPS, and the integral stabilizer ensures that you keep your balance and stability for a cleaner, more accurate shot.

It may not be the most comfortable bow to grip for extended periods of time though considering it may leave a mark. Also, the included accessories may need replacing as they don't feel reliable.

However, the versatility stands out above most else. You can change the draw weight from 5lbs to 70lbs. The draw length goes from 13in. to 31in. As such, this compound bow can be used by children and grow with them, or it can be used by everyone in the family.

If you want to take the appearance fully into account, know that you can choose to get this compound bow in three different colors.


  • Good amount of adjustments
  • Wide draw length range between 13 and 31 inches
  • Quiet, smooth shooting
  • Low recoil


  • Accessories feel cheap
  • Grip might leave a mark

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Fast Bow?

One of the main advantages to a fast compound bow is that it shoots flatter arrows. Depending on your blind or stand location, you will need a compound bow with a higher IBO speed rating. Having a high FPS bow on the market won't matter if your stand is set up to give you clean close-range shots.

Hunters often find it hard to figure out how far a target is from them when they finally come into view. These things are even more important if your adrenaline is running high. You could end up misjudging the distance when you fire. Having a compound bow with a faster IBO speed will let you make up for that miscalculation of distance more and let you shoot further without having the arrow drop.

Once a target comes into view while hunting, it is often more difficult to judge the total distance between you and the target if it is at a greater distance than you are used to. If your adrenaline is pumping, you may misjudge the distance when you fire. You can forgive distance miscalculations and carry your shot further with a compound bow with a faster IBO speed. That is a significant advantage when hunting on the edge of a field or when you know you will have a longer shot. So, what about the drawbacks? What's wrong with having more speed than you need?

The main disadvantage of using a hunting compound bow with a faster IBO speeds than you require is that faster speed compound bow can be more unstable. To gain the fastest speed, you must always give up something, and with most modern fast bow and that is the stability of the bow. A fastest bow is jumpy and have short brace heights, making them unforgiving when forming with an arrow release. If you twist your bow a little, you'll be off-target by a long shot. Pull the trigger, and your arrow will fly in the direction you are aiming for.

However, such advancements come at a high cost. So the real question for hunters becomes one of value, and whether or not paying top dollar for the fastest bow available is a good investment.

How is Compound Bow Speed (IBO) Measured?

First, we must define the IBO speed parameters. The parameters are used to compare all compound bows' firing speed. The arrow weight and draw weight are the two most important parameters. pound draw weight per five grains arrow weight for IBO speed-accuracy So we have a standard that has no variables due to arrow weight.
The IBO ratings do not take into account the weight of your bow or how it affects speed. Because your precision is lower than a machine's, subtract 8-10 fps from the official description.

Does a Higher Draw Weight Always Mean a Faster Bow?

The higher the draw weight, the slower the bow. The overall FPS is calculated based on arrow weight, draw length, and weather. For improved accuracy and ease of shooting, some hunters prefer a lighter draw weight. Also, as draw weight increases, so do the way a bow acts and feels. The draw weight for whitetail deer hunting is often 60 or even 50 pounds. It is critical that you are using equipment that you are comfortable with.

Also, increasing your bow's draw weight will result in faster arrows. Any additional draw weight can be purchased as a new bow or increased by a technician at a Pro shop.

Lengthen your limb bolts evenly and measure your draw weight. Increasing your bow's draw weight by a few pounds is a great way to build strength and prepare for a new bow with a larger draw weight increment. As a hunter, you must chose a fast compound bow that has a minimum draw weight that is acceptable in your state.

Brace Height

Having a shorter brace height on a compound bow can help it move faster. Keep in mind that drawing with a longer draw stroke releases more stored energy. It will be able to easily penetrate thick hides and reach the target before moving out of range due to the increased energy levels. For its strength, some call this the "power stroke."

The brace height is measured from the grip throat to the bowstring. Brace height is usually expressed in inches. It is estimated that for every inch of brace height reduction, the bow's arrow speed increases by ten feet per second! This allows the arrow to travel farther and faster while keeping its original trajectory.

Using a compound bow with a shorter brace height also has its disadvantages. As a result, beginners should avoid compound bows. Slowing down the shooter's ability to move quickly and accurately causes an unsafe release. Choosing a compound bow with a brace height slightly higher than 6 inches is highly recommended by most experts if you want to benefit from speed while maintaining high performance.

Verdict: Which of The Fastest Compound Bows to Choose

Not every archer may appreciate the need for a lot of speed, but it certainly comes in handy under special circumstances like hunting and competitive shooting. Of course, you still don't want to give up other vital traits like accuracy and balance for the sake of a fast flying arrow

Finding the fastest compound bow that's also simply a high-quality bow is a trying task. However, other than the rest on our list, we feel like that Elite Archery Impulse 34 stands out at the top.

On this compound bow, there is a great feature called the "pocket system." It also makes this bow the most consistent shooter. Because it can go so quickly, it even shoots with very little noise.

How do you feel about the Impulse 34 from Elite Archery? If you have thoughts about our top pick or the other six fastest compound bow in our list, feel free to let us know.

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