How to Make a DIY 3D Archery Target

Archery is a common sport these days. People use bows for hunting in many cases. Shooting targets will help you progress if you are still a beginner. There are different types of targets. One type, 3D Archery Targets, is very beneficial and advanced. This type is a replica of an animal that is hunted regularly.

You may be wondering how to make a 3D archery target. It can take a lot of time, commitment, and skill. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. You can make a 3D archery target even if you haven’t tried it before!

Targets for 3D Archery Practice

Archery in 3D mode is a great way to train for real-life hunting scenarios. The targets are replicas of animals, which makes the experience more enjoyable. You can practice on animals that are either alive or extinct.

There are many options for where to place your arrow on these targets. Some overlays show you where the arrow will hit, while others are designed for competitive shooting.

However, one drawback is that foam core can wear out over time. But the positive thing is that most 3D archery targets involve replaceable parts, which extends their life overall. Field points also match this goal well. However, Broadheads can get lost within the foam center.

This target type is perfect for lifelike hunting simulations. You can set it up in a practical setting while practicing from a tree stand. It will help you fire at the shadow of your actual animal in the goal game. This target style is light to bring and set up, making it perfect for a few shots down the range or in the woods.

When you start learning archery, a target is one of the most important things you need. You will need to fire many shots to get good at it. A target is perfect for this because it helps you improve your aim.

It is possible to buy an archery target, but it is better to know how to make your own. Making your target will be simpler and will save you money in the long term.

Making Your Targets for Archery

Before buying an archery target, knowing why you need one is essential. Archery targets are not just for shooting at anything or anywhere. There are many reasons why a target is necessary for your goals.

Archery goals improve safety when using a FITAStandardTargetStandFirst. Arrows, including arrows with field points, are sharp objects that can hurt someone if they touch them. An archery target gives you something to aim at and will stop the arrows from flying around and hurting people.

Second, setting goals for archery can help save arrows. Arrows are still precious, but we live in a modern era where things are mass-produced. Custom-made arrows also consist of materials that can be expensive. Even regular wooden arrows are costly because they need good fletching.

Archery targets make sure that they are not too hurt. For instance, if you shot at a tree or anything similar, the arrow would not go very deep, and it would be easy to pull them out. Besides, If you point it towards something heavy, the arrow tip will not be harmed. Many targets for archery are made of soft materials that will not harm the ends of metal.

Archery objectives help you to improve your precision. The unique targets will be fired if you aim at an archery range. It is a great way to see how much your accuracy has improved.

Guidelines for Making 3D Archery Targets

The materials that you will need are:

  • Polyurethane foam aerosol
  • Journals
  • Screws Screws
  • Drill by Drill
  • Turkey trap or cardboard (made of foam) (one-dimensional)
  • A single board piece (2 x 4 ft., one ft. long)
  • Two Board Bits (2 x 4 ft., three ft. long)

Here are the Steps for Building 3D Targets for Archery

Step 1:
Using old newspapers, you can create multiple layers of cover for your home. Place a turkey trap on top of it (made of foam) or cardboard. To start producing bulk, use a fine spray foam coating to cover one entire side of the decoy. Wait at least 24 hours before you allow the foam to dry completely.

Step 2:
To switch over the trap for the turkey, you will need to cover the other side of the decoy. Use a fine layer of spray foam to do this. Please wait 24 hours for it to dry before moving on. Do not hurry, and remember to keep a thin layer of foam. If you put on too much, it will ruin everything.

Step 3:
Apply an extra foam coat to the trap or decoy. Could you wait until it dries? Turn it over and position it in that area with extra foam spray. Could you enable it to dry? with another foam spray in that region. Could you make it, so it dries? Continue doing this until you are satisfied with the target’s mass.

Step 4:
To make a simple stand, place the two board pieces parallel. Then on the top side, position the one-foot-long board to create an “H” shape. Afterward, use a drill and screws to fasten the boards and ensure they are in the correct position.

Step 5:
Again, using screws and a drill, fasten your 3D decoy. In the center of the “H” circle, make sure it stands. It will help it stand up straight and be steady until the arrows come their way.

Advantages of Homemade Targets

It would help if you made your archery target because it has many advantages. There is already a range of commercially available targets, but homemade ones have many benefits.


One of the best reasons to set your goals is that it is cost-effective. Many of the materials you need to achieve your goals are easily accessible. Also recyclable materials are some of them.


If you can’t find an archery target that meets your needs, it’s a good idea to build your own. It will allow you to have the size and shape you want.


These handmade targets for archery can be recycled. You don’t have to worry about taking care of them. You can throw them away and make a new one.

Best 3D Archery Targets

If you want to know where to shoot 3D archery, here are some examples:

Rinehart Woodland Buck Target

His objective is robust because it is composed of high-quality materials. If it falls apart, you can quickly fix it. It looks like a deer that makes a shooting simulation possible when you are in the open fields. This way, you can know when to hit the deer to practice shooting.

Glendale Full-Rut Buck 3D Target

It is an expensive goal with numerous fields to shoot at and practice. As the last goal, it is also replaceable once it breaks from repeated use. It has the weight and scale of a natural deer, making it one of the market’s primary targets. Its four-sided heart offers more room for targets than other related products.

Field Logic Big Buck Shooter 3D Archery Target

It is a replica of the real thing. It’s suitable for practice, and it lasts a long time. You can wear it down and then replace it quickly.

Delta Intruder Buck Target

It is a strong goal that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Arrows will not be able to damage it, and it comes with easily replaceable padding. It is also the perfect weight and height, so it will not fall over easily when hit.

Tips and Warnings

Once you have shot your 3D target with some holes, you can fix them using more spray foam. If you want a bigger target, use more giant boards to build the stand. It would help if you never shot your decoy after the spray foam is dehydrated.

Your 3D target should be high enough so that arrows will not hit the ground. Arrows are not only meant to go through the target. If the target is too hard, it could damage or break your arrows.

Final Thoughts

If you have priced 3D archery targets recently, you know that they are not cheap. You can be sure of the quality, but it is expensive. When buying or making your archery targets, there are many things to consider.

When choosing an archery target, ensure it meets all regulatory requirements. It would help to consider what you want the target to achieve. If you are a hunter, you will need a target that can help you improve your accuracy. You might need a more durable target if you are a competitive archer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About DIY 3D Archery Targets

What Kind of Foam Is Used for 3D Archery Targets?

Polyethylene foam is an excellent material for making archery targets because it is dense, and arrows can penetrate it easily. When they hit the mark, the arrows stick to it instead of going through or bouncing off.

What Can I Use for Archery Backstop?

Hay bales are the most common and cheapest way to protect yourself when shooting. Hay is a very forgiving material, but it won’t last as long as foam. You might need to rearrange the hay bales regularly and fill in any gaps with use.

How Do I Build a Cheap Archery Target?

You will need flattened cardboard pieces of the same width and depth as your target frame. Once you have them, stack and compress them using a ratchet strap. This target can handle shooting from recurve bows and compounds up to 45 pounds.

Will Spray Foam Stop Arrows?

If you hit the target in a thin section, the arrow will bury deep into the target. However, if you shoot it in a wide area, it will stop the arrow. I recommend doing it in stages, so there aren’t any sticky spots on the arrow.

How Many Targets Are on a 3D Archery Range?

You will fire one arrow at each target. Once everyone in your group has shot their arrow, you will walk to the target, check your results and pull your arrows. The group then moves to the next target. This process continues throughout the course.

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