Compound Bow Sight Pins – Everything You Need to Know

A compound bow sight is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can use when hunting. T

he sight pins tell you exactly where to aim your shot to be accurate. Picking the right pins for your needs isn’t always easy, so in this blog post, I’m going to go over everything you need to know about compound bow sights and pins!

How to Adjust Your Bow Sight Pin

To use your sight pins, first make sure they are properly adjusted to your bow. It's a little tricky, but it's necessary for accurate shots. The adjustment process varies by sight. Even so, most sights allow for windage and elevation changes.

Aiming for a specific target requires you to loosen two screws on either side of the sight housing. Then tighten the screws to secure it.

The sight housing usually has an elevation adjustment screw or knob on the front or back. This screw raises or lowers the pin. Raising or lowering this will align your arrow with the target's center.

Remember that these changes are only temporary. They can damage your bow sight if used for too long, causing it to wear out faster than normal. It's best to double-check your adjustments to avoid overtaxing the system!

Sighting in a Single-Pin Sight

You can start with a 10-yard range and move the pin if you want to shoot a distance. The goal will be moving depending on how much wind is involved. Even if it is over the windage range, you can still shoot by loosening the screws to move the arrow left or right. It isn’t essential to make this modification.

In a Single Pin Sight, How Do You Sight?

Adjustable pin sights are difficult to measure at first. Shoot the same big target and measure slowly.

Single-prick scopes must be distance adjusted. This means they can use the yardage sight tape. The arrow moves the scope between the distances. The indicator will show your number and the distance between it and your target.

Sighting in a Multi-Pin Sight

You need to move the sight up and down and left and right. This is how you will aim your arrow. You can also change the distance, but it starts at 10 yards. Place a house where you want to shoot from. Shoot 3 arrows. If they are not in line, move the housing (part of your bow) until they align with where you wanted them to be.

How to Sight in a Multi-Pin Sight?

With multi-pin sights, you have the option of three, five, or seven pins. The most popular way to use the pins is to aim at the 20-yard marker on a bowhunting sight. This means it will be easier to shoot farther distances because they are all on one line. If you change your sights and shoot your first shot with them set for this distance, you won’t know where it hits your target. It is best if your target has plenty of space in both the top and bottom of the shot so that it doesn’t matter where it hits.


You should try to lower your sight bracket slightly to be closer to your target. The bracket is usually removed, lowered, and replaced for better visibility when you take longer photos. But this may have a clearance issue in the direction the ball is traveling. To check clearance:

  1. Place the arrow with it swinging forward.
  2. Hold the arrow level like if you were shooting at an eye (if you hit that, you will also hit the sighting and scope).
  3. Pull it out to increase your hit rate if your vision is adjustable.

How to Sight in a Compound Bow: Before You Start

The first step in sighting on a compound bow is balancing and tuning the bow. Tuned bows normally have a balanced rest and nocking point so that the bow remains straight.

Whenever the bow is not aiming right, you lose time finding an object. When shooting from different distances, your sight must be level with the bow, or it will go left or right off of where you are looking at when you place pins before your arrow.

Put It to the Test

Once you've seen the target, it's time to practice. Surprisingly, your group has grown closer. See your bow? We all sight in slightly different ways. Depending on the sight, you may be able to adjust for right or left shots. This is common practice when shooting a 10 ring target. Learn which walking length or sighting mode works best for you because not everyone walks the same.

The Results

Sighting is an important technique. You need to learn it throughout your archery career. I have some advice to help you: Don’t just shoot close shots. Take time to aim and shoot a good shot that you can see well.


Start shooting arrows from the closest distance. Usually, it's 20. Before moving forward, hold a telescope eyepiece to your eye. If your arrows have no point, look at the arrows you have shot. If there are three arrows to your left, rotate them to the right and wait for them to return quickly.

Best Compound Bow Sights Reviews

Many things can affect your arrow shot, such as the wind and light. But the most important thing is accuracy. That's why there is a bow sight to help you shoot better. It gives you a better view of where your arrow is going, so you are more likely to hit your target, whether it's in a competition or on a hunting trip. Knowing how important a bow sight is to archers and hunters, we've helped them compile a list of the top bow sights on the market that they can choose from.

1. Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

The Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight has many features that help shooters hit their target. Five.019 fiber optic pins are held in place by a pin guard.

This bow sight features a bubble level to help you line up your shots. It also has green pins to help you line up your target or adjust your shot based on the weather. For both right- and left-handed bow shooters. Its small size makes it easy to mount on the bow or carry.

The Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight is a versatile sight that may be utilized in various applications. It may be used on any bow because of the reversible mount design. Thanks to the infinite pin settings, you can also discover the ideal sight for your needs. The aluminum construction makes the sight light and durable, lasting long.

2. Field Logic IQ Bowsights Compound Bow Archery Sight

Take a bow sight with pins. The Field Logic IQ Compound Bow Archery Sight might be perfect for you. In terms of design, it is comparable to other bow sights. It has three and five pins. Small, offset pins sit close together.

The fiber-optic pins are visible here. If you need to shoot in low light, you can add a rheostat light. The entire sight is polymer. Aluminum is more durable, but its flexibility and light weight compensate. The 7.6 ounce sight is easy to install.

This unit has a unique patented Retina Lock System. It is a basic green and black dot. You can use it to make sure your bow doesn't twist when you shoot it. It uses an Allen wrench for adjustments, which might not be as precise as other sights. However, it is still versatile enough to be efficient.

3. Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight

The Trophy Ridge React V5 Bow Sight uses advanced React technology to improve accuracy. This bow sight's pins are precisely aligned and designed to help you in various conditions. It also has advanced technology, making it ideal for advanced archers. This bow sight can also be adjusted on the third axis for long-range shooting.

This model is heavier than other models on the market. But it is strong because it is made of aluminum and stainless steel. It also has a good design for compound bows. This model also comes with extras, like a rheostat light. This means you don't have to spend extra money on a separate light.

This high-end model also has a glow-in-the-dark ring, making it easier to see in dark and low-light conditions. It is also suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.

4. Spot Hogg Double Pin .019 Fast Eddie Sight

The Spot Hogg Double Pin.019 Fast Eddie Sight is a great sight that users will love despite its weight. For those who prefer to be close to their riser, this is the perfect solution.

This bow is adjustable nearly infinitely and is very sturdy. It also has a precision double-pin design. This means the two fiber optic aiming points will be perfectly aligned.

This bow sight from Spot-Hogg Archery Products is a good choice because it has multiple helpful features. For example, the multiple-ring technology helps with peep alignment in different light conditions. It also has a micro-adjust windage feature and adjustments for the second and third axes. This model is also very durable, important since it is a heavier weight bow sight.

This bow sight is not as light as simpler devices but one of the lightest models with more features.

5. Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight

A hunting outfitter, Trophy Ridge They're great bow sights. Their Drive Slider Bow Sight is a good one. In low light, the bright pin makes this bow sight very accurate. It is both light-absorbing and bright.

Night hunter need not fear. The sight ring and pin are illuminated by LEDs. It's a bubble level. So you can shoot at your target with precision.

The sight is user-friendly for both right and left-handed users. You just have to loosen the screws and flip the unit over to the best side for you. Although some people might see this as a drawback, it takes only three minutes. Overall, this bow sight is incredibly easy to install, with only two screws. It also packs a lot of features, but it is affordable too, making it a great value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Compound Bow Sight Pins

Are Bow Sight Pins Universal?

The author discusses how all bows use these holes in this paragraph. A few pins go in the holes, and some lenses have dots.

Can I Add Pins to My Bow Sight?

Yes, it is possible with pins and sliders to adjust your sights to move 30-40-50. You need more time before being accurate when shooting 20 feet or 50 yards.

On My Bow Sight, How Many Pins Do I Need?

If you come across a game and want to shoot it, make sure that the pins are at least one inch wide. This will keep you from making any wrong decisions when aiming for it. The pins will be good for a white-tailed deer hunter with no shots beyond a few yards.

What Do the Pins on a Bow Sight Mean?

The pin is at an angle and allows you to adjust it to a smaller distance. If you have a set of six pins for the distance, then chances are that one would work for your bowhunting range.

How Far Are Compound Bows Accurate?

A bow can be used effectively at 30-60 yards away. It can reach 1000 feet with its maximum recorded distance of 390.14 meters from the target. Sometimes people shoot from a distance instead of close by.

How Far Is a Good Bow Shot?

The distance from a bow can be anywhere between 200 and 500 yards. But the most accurate and effective range is between 150 and 350 yards. It depends on the type of bow and how much it is pulled back. The average hunting range is about 30 to 60 yards for experienced hunters but about 25 to 25 yards for beginners.

How Far Should You Shoot a Deer With a Bow?

If you want to shoot an arrow, you may need to go 60-90 yards away. The best archers can do this, and they can kill their target with an arrow shot at 80 yards. Some people use a compound bow that is 50-60 pounds.

What Yardage Should I Set My Pins at?

You can set up a target from 30 meters on a field or forest. Most bows have ranged from 10 to 20 yards. If the range is from 10 to 25 feet, you should use 20 meters.

Are Single Pin Sights More Accurate?

Single pin sight. There are no cluttered pin pieces, so it is easy to find the target. The automatic slider means you set how far you want the arrow to go. Many individuals favor this strategy for target archery because of this.

How Do You Sight in a Fixed Pin Bow Sight?

When you are shooting with a bow and arrow, take note of where the arrow landed. Then if it is close to the same general area, shoot another one. When you sight in your bow, follow the arrow on your target.

What Is a Fixed Pin Sight?

There are two types of bow sights. One has fixed pins that you can sight in for different distances. The other one has a single pin that is moved to the distance you want to shoot.

Is a Longer Bow Sight Better?

The longer the barrel of a gun, the more accurate the shot will be. However, this is not always the case with bow sight length. The further your bow sight is from the riser and your hand, the more your pins or point of impact will move with torque.

How Does a 1 Pin Bow Sight Work?

The single-pin sight has one aiming point that you move up and down to match the distance to your target. You need a sight tape, a chart that tells you how far each mark on the tape should correspond to your arrow speed.

Which Pin Is the 20-Yard Pin?

Set your first pin, back up to the distance you want it at--likely 20 yards. Then, set the top pin by moving the entire sight housing. Once that's done, let off 3-5 arrows while aiming with your top pin to hit the center of the horizontal line as accurately as possible.

How Far Is the Average Bow Shot?

If you want to be successful at bow hunting for whitetail deer, you need to practice shooting at a 6-inch target from 40 yards away. You may not be able to hit the target every time, but you will be surprised at how easy shots at 20 yards or less seem when you are actually hunting.

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