Best Left Handed Compound Bow Reviews: Top 7 List with Buyer’s Guide

Hunting is often a challenge for left-handed archers. If you already know that you are left-handed, this post is for you. Here you will learn about high-quality compound bows and a brief buyer’s guide. We hope this post will help you choose the best left-handed compound bow.

Not many companies manufacture left-handed versions of their hunting products. However, there are still enough options to choose from. The goal of this post is to help you learn more about left-handed compound bows.

Before we discuss these compound bows, we should discuss something important. To choose your shooting style, you should pay attention to your dominant eye, not your stronger hand. Your dominant eye is the determining factor here. Many people think that they are right-handed but actually they are left-handed.

Top 7 Best Left Handed Compound Bow Reviews

1) Diamond Archery Edge SB-1Left-Handed Bow Package

This premium left-handed compound bow comes from a renowned brand—Diamond Archery. If you visit their sales page, you will realize how popular their products are. And Edge SB-1 is one of their well-known models. If you consider quality, there are very few left-handed bows that can compete with this model.

The length can be set from 15 to 30, which is amazing. There is no doubt that it is an impressive feature, but you will probably not use the feature to the full extent. It is a powerful bow, partly because its draw weight is 70 lbs. One can hardly expect more from a left-handed compound bow.

It provides a speed of 318 FPS, and many experienced archers think that this is the most effective number. The bow is strong and durable, but it is a bit expensive. However, for this versatile compound bow, the price is reasonable.


  • High range and draw weight
  • Highly effective stabilizer
  • Easy gliding


  • Uneven weight distribution
  • 318 FPS

2) Raptor Compound Bow Kit

This compound bow kit has almost everything you can expect from a compound bow. The on-bow quiver is permanently attached. The bow also has a 5-pin sight. It is generally known as a primary-level bow. However, if you are an intermediate-level archer, you will be perfectly okay with this tool.

Its maximum FPS is 315. That’s not bad, because 300-400 is the range on the average. But if you are an experienced archer, this FPS can be a matter of consideration for you. No plastic is used in the cams. Rather, the company has used high-quality aluminum, which is more durable. If you are looking for a bow you can use frequently, this bow will make you happy.

The total draw weight is 70 lb, which gives you a perfect balance. You do not get any arrow with the package, so you will have to purchase them separately. With this bow, low weight arrows will give you the best experience.


  • Lightweight
  • Draw weight 75%
  • No plastic usage
  • Has a 5-pin sight


  • Frequent tuning is needed
  • Maximum 315 FPS

3) Genesis Left-Handed Compound Bow

Popularly known as a basic level tool, the Genesis has many features that are popular with adults also. Although this left-handed bow is ranked as a basic level bow, it is very durable. An experienced archer may not be comfortable with this bow, but the durability of this bow is certainly something worth mentioning.

The bow has a cam system that is difficult to damage and easy to maintain. It is not surprising that this bow is the official bow of the NASP. If you are left-handed and you are going to buy a compound bow for the first time, the Genesis Original Left-Handed Compound Bow can be a great choice for you.

There is a reason why it is known as a beginner’s bow. Its highest draw weight is only 20 FPS. If you are going to use it in the backyard, you can do it. But it is not suitable for heavyweight hunting. With a standard design, it is a good beginner’s bow. But it is not suitable for excessive use.


  • About a dozen colors and designs
  • Low price
  • Aluminum riser
  • Durable


  • Low-level draw weight
  • Low-quality bowstrings

4) Southland Archery Supply Scorpii Left-Handed Compound Bow

A list of the best left-handed bows is incomplete without the Scorpii Compound Bow from Southland Archery Supply. Among the inclusive items is a five-pin sight, which is really good.

The grip is also something worth mentioning. The bow is very comfortable to hold, and you do not feel much kickback when an arrow glides out. The FPS is rather low—just 260. The maximum draw weight is 55 lbs. And this is part of the reason why it is considered an intermediate-level compound bow.

The most important thing about this inexpensive compound bow is that it gets the job done. No technical knowledge is needed to maintain and adjust it. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Comes with a five-pin sight
  • Weight range is adjustable
  • Low maintenance
  • Mid-grade stabilizer


  • Composite cams
  • Draw weight is up to 55 lbs

5) Bear Archery Cruzer Left Handed Compound Bow

Most experienced archers are familiar with Bear, a big brand of hunting bows. If you want to enjoy some smooth shots, you can rely on this left-handed compound bow. You will like the way the arrow goes out.

But, like Diamond Archery, Bear is a somewhat pricey brand. The speed is only 315 FPS, which is not a very attractive feature for experienced hunters. Well, 300-340 is the range on the average, but draw weight is 70 lb. You can significantly extend the length.

If you take all the aspects into consideration, you will find that the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is a powerful hunting tool. All the bows of Bear are finicky because the brand is premium. Before you try the bow, you will have to tune the tool. For this bow, frequent tuning is a requirement.

This left-handed compound is also known for its even weight distribution. You will enjoy a straight shot, thanks to the effective stabilizer. Here are the pros and cons of this bow:


  • Lightweight
  • The stable design of the handle
  • Smooth glide
  • Draw weight is up to 75 pounds


  • Requires regular tuning
  • Only 315 FPS

6) Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

If you are a serious archer, this feature-packed and versatile bow will make you happy. The draw size of this left-handed compound bow can be extended up to 31 inches. This sturdy compound bow can be used for a long time. The tool is waterproof and recyclable. The draw weight is up to 70 pounds, and that is part of the reason why this bow is often referred to as a versatile bow.

You can use this bow regardless of your level of archery competencies. With the package, you receive a peep sight, which can be used right away. However, this bow loses its tune pretty quickly, which is a drawback. Each time you use the bow, you must tune it.


  • Inexpensive
  • 31” draw length
  • Up to 70 pounds of draw weights


  • Requires frequent tuning

7) Archery Diamond Prism Left Hand

This is another amazing left-handed compound bow with an adjustable draw length. The length can be easily set between 18-30 inches. The bow also offers the convenience of ultimate modification, thanks to the adjustable limb setup. The draw weight can be set to 5 pounds to 55 pounds.

In a sense, it is the best left-handed compound bow on this list, partly because it has a highly sought after and accurate cam system. There are 2 symmetrical cams in the binary system. It has an EZ adjust pocket, and it offers extreme adjustability. Adjusting draw weight is very easy because there are easily visible marks.


  • Highly adaptable
  • Varying draw lengths
  • 5 pounds to 55 pounds of draw weight


  • Not very fast
  • Package does not include accessories

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Left Handed Compound Bow

As an archer, you should be able to choose a compound bow that works for you. The choice should be more careful when you are buying a left-handed compound bow. However, there are many options to choose from, and it is not easy to pick the right one.

If you know what you should consider when choosing a compound bow, you can make an informed decision. Here are a few things to consider:

Cross Eye Dominance

The difference between eye and hand dominance is an important thing to consider, but many people tend to overlook it. You have to make sure that the bow you are choosing is a match for your dominant hand.

It often happens that your dominant hand differs from your dominant eye. This occurrence is common, and it is referred to as cross-eye dominance. Follow these steps to know which eye is eligible for target shooting:

Raise your hands at your arm’s length, and make sure there is some space between hands. Look at an object through the opening. Bring your hands closer while maintaining the focus. Now close your eyes one after the other. Your dominant eye is the one that manages to maintain focus.

You may be right-handed but at the same time left-eye dominant. If that is the case, you need a left-handed compound bow. When hitting a target, you should pay attention to your dominant eye rather than your dominant hand. It is important to understand the difference between eye dominance and hand dominance.

Draw Length

For compound bows, draw length is usually adjustable. But before you buy a bow, it is not necessary to measure draw length. To choose the best left-handed bow, it is important to know the draw length. If you are a left-handed archer, you can not skip this step.

Divide the wingspan by 2.5 to find your draw length. But how do you find your wingspan? Just hold your hand’s straight side by side, and measure the length between your middle fingers. This length is your wingspan. When you buy a bow, request a technician or archery pro to measure your wingspan. In some cases, consultation with a professional is really helpful.

Draw Weight

When you are going to choose a bow, you have to be very careful about the subjective measurements of draw weight. Draw weight varies from person to person because it is actually how much weight you are capable of pulling back when you draw the bow. That is part of the reason why measuring draw weight is not easy.

As you get experienced, you will be able to handle more draw weight. The more draw weight you can handle the further your arrows will go. However, it is not necessarily hard for beginners, because modern bows come with the adjustable draw weight.

If you are not an experienced archer, a lower draw weight will probably work better for you. Do not just focus on improving your physical strength. Rather, try to master the full technique of shooting.


To be able to choose the right compound bow, you have to consider the versatility of the bow. Different types of bows are used for different types of archery. You have to know what type of archery you are going to participate in, and then choose a bow that is suitable for a particular purpose.

Now extremely versatile compound bows are available, thanks to the advancement of technology. Even if you choose a lower-end compound bow, chances are that it will have features of draw weight and draw length adjustments.

There is another important characteristic that you should consider: the axle length. If you are going to use the bow for hunting, probably a shorter axle length is a better choice for you. The bow size is the main reason why a shorter axle length is a better choice for hunting.

Also, pay attention to the bow weight. Choose a shorter and lighter bow if you are going to use it for hunting. In a competition, precision is more important. That is why a heavier and longer bow is a better choice for a competitive shooter.

Final Thoughts on the Best Left Handed Compound Bow

When you are going to buy a compound bow, you should also take safety factors seriously. The purpose of using bows is to kill animals, and that is why bows are dangerous. When handling a compound bow, you should by no means be complacent. When using a bow, do not forget that it is a lethal weapon.

We have reviewed some high-quality left-handed compound bows, and we hope you have found this post helpful. Now you know what to look for in a left-handed bow, and hopefully, you will be able to make a better buying decision.