Best Carbon Express Crossbow Bolts Reviews: Top 6 List With Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right bolts for your hunting or target shooting can be quite confusing, especially if you don’t really know which one works best for each situation. This is the case for many hunters who try to purchase bolts that fit well with their crossbows.

With that said, in this article, we have researched and reviewed the top 6 best Best Carbon Express Crossbow Bolts from which you can choose. You can also check our buying guide for more details and general knowledge.

Top 6 Best Carbon Express Crossbow Bolts Reviews

1) Carbon Express Hunting PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbow Bolt with 4-Inch Vanes, 6-Pack

On the head of the list of the best Carbon Express crossbow bolts is the PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt from Carbon Express.

The company designs full carbon express bolts that feature unique qualities. These qualities allow hunters to have a better hunting experience. The bolts are made from large grain density which produces the highest kinetic energy and more surpassing crushing power.

Thanks to their advanced structure, the bolts are built-in with high-level spine consistency for more accurate shooting. The spine is created with remarkably strong and long-lasting materials.

This makes them exceptionally reliable for any kind of hunting performance.

The bolts come in +/- 0.004 in straightness, allowing the shooter to efficiently pierce their prey with ease. The bolts feature 4 inches of fletched vanes. It measures around 20 inches in length and 0.348 inches in Diameter.


  • Ultimate penetration
  • Great design construction
  • High-quality material
  • 6 bolts/pack
  • 6 Flat nocks are included in the pack


  • No filed points included

2) Carbon Express Hunting Maxima Crossbow RED Fletched Plus Carbon Arrows and Bow with Dynamic Spine Control and Blazer Vanes,

Available in 2 different sizes, the Carbon Express Hunting Maxima Crossbow RED Fletched Plus Carbon Arrows and Bows with Dynamic Spine Control and Blazer Vanes is surely a great addition to this list.

If you’re searching for no-frills shooting bolts set for the woodlands at an affordable price, then carbon express hunting maxima are your ideal choice.

The Maxima Red features a licensed hi-tech carbon material composition that leads Dynamic Spine in a different direction, allowing the broadheads to strike strongly and thoroughly.

They come in two different dimensions including 250″ and 350″. They also come with conventional additions and blazer vanes.

Straightness-wise, the bolts feature a maximum +/- 0.0025-inches straightness, for recurring greatest consistency. On the other hand, the laser indicated straightness to a striking 1/10,000 of an inch.

Almost all Maxima RED bolts and shafts are built to achieve a regulated bolt discharge, more reliable handle adjustment, and more constant precision in every single shot.

For 250 size carbon express hunting Maxima, the bolt features an 8.11 GPI. The spine is about 0.4 inches, the diameter is about 31.5 inches, and the weight is approximately 1.0-grain density.


  • Dynamic spine control
  • Available in dual sizes
  • Precise contact
  • Perfectly aligned Nock barrels
  • Concentric design


  • Fletching can be received in wrong colors

3) Carbon Express Mayhem Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

These Carbon Express Mayhem Fletched Carbon Crossbolts are designed for a top-rated performance. They are made for the hunters who seek the maximum crashing invasion upon contact. They expedite the ultimate kinetic energy and more powerful knockdown finishes.

The Mayhem carbon express bolts feature a multi-layer construction. The bolts perfectly synchronize with the lastest powered crossbows on the market. K360 Weave technology provides them with sufficient power and spine consistency.

To maximize straightness, you can rely on the +/- 0.004icnhes straightness. It is efficient in reproducing the best consistency needed for hunting.

With 0.348 inches size diameter, 420 grains, and three dragon vanes, you can remain sure of an outstanding distance accuracy and a crush through penetrations.


  • Maximum kinetic energy
  • Greater penetration
  • Durable and powerful bolts
  • K360 Weave technology


  • Field points not included

4) Carbon Express 22-Inch Crossbow Release Bolt, Single Pack

This is another Carbon Express release bolt. It comes in size 22. This carbon express bolt features a woven coat, providing the ultimate power to accurately release your bolt shot by shot.

It provides excellent penetration abilities that enable the shooter to experience the greatest of his hunting adventures. dense

The bolt features a well-made shaft that is built from Carbon identifying with endurance and strength. In fact, with its solid front end peak which is made of steel, the bolt is capable of remaining sound.

This permits the bolt not to snap off whether in-ground impact or when shooting your prey. Thanks to its visible red fletching, the bolt is easier to spot once it is released.

If your crossbow supports moon nocks, then you don’t have to worry. This kit comes with moon nocks contained in the package.


  • Easy to spot
  • Ultimate accuracy and penetration
  • Moon nocks are included
  • Strong and long-lasting


  • The nocks can fall after several uses

5) Carbon Express Hunting Maxima Hunter and Fletched BuffTuff Plus Carbon Crossbow Bolt with R2 Vanes, 6-Pack, Mossy Oak Treestand Pattern

Another Maxima Model in this list is the Carbon Express Hunting Maxima Hunter and Fletched BuffTuff Plus Carbon Crossbolt. This set comes in two sizes including 20 inches and 22 inches.

The bolts feature white and red fletching, making them easy to trace once they are strung. It also features a Mossy Oak treestand Camo, allowing the hunter a better camouflage.

The bolts assure the hunter shooting accuracy and consistently decrease the loading interval. These bolts are made for an effective hunting game as well as target shooting.

They showcase a forwarded dual spine weight in one bolt to control power more efficiently and allow the bolts to recuperate quickly.


  • Straightness
  • Carbon weave design for excellent power and precision
  • Straightness of +/- 0.0025-inches
  • 390 grains
  • 6 bolts per pack


  • Vanes might be larger than expected

6) Carbon Express Gameslayer Fletched Carbon Arrows with 2″ Nrg Speed Vane,

Last but not the least on the list of the best Carbon Express Crossbow Bolts, we have Carbon Express Gameslayer Fletched Carbon Arrows.

These arrows offer the maximum accuracy thanks to their 360 spine consistency. The build-in materials are remarkably strong and long-lasting, offering them a durable and effective user experience.

For a maximized penetration encounter, the bolt features 2″ Nrg Speed Vane, 250 sizes, 8.99 GPI, and 400 in. spine.


  • 3 filed points included
  • Placed inserts
  • Weight limit of ±3.0 grain
  • Straightness +/- 0.009″


  • Tight Diameter

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Carbon Express Crossbow Bolts

A successful hunting game will highly depend on the crossbow bolts you will be using. Therefore, prior knowledge of the quality, type, and the overall construction of your bolts is quite essential.

If you think you can just adjust any bolts to your crossbow for your game, then you are quite wrong, and this is especially when we are talking about low-quality made bolts.

Therefore, the best way to avoid an accident from taking place as well to prevent your time and money waste is to consider a number of factors that help you to learn and choose the best one that matches your needs.

This buyer’s guide reviews in detail all the features that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing the best Carbon express crossbow bolts. Check them out!

Decide on the material

Generally, there are 4 types of materials used for crossbow bolts construction including, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon.

Crossbows bolts that are made of wood and aluminum are usually the least expensive. Those that are made of wood usually need consistent straightness or else they won’t hit the target.

Their weight will depend on the type of wood used. The aluminum ones tend to bend easily, making them worthless and incompetent for a hunting game.

They are also considered heavy compared to other types of materials and this can be a problem if the weight is center-fronted.

The fiberglass bolts are pretty common among newbies. They are inexpensive and remarkably powerful. However, they may not be the best choice to use in the woods.

Carbon bolts, on the other hand, which are the highlights of this article, are one of the most well known and common materials that are preferred and used by professional hunters. They are much more durable and accurate in comparison with the other types of materials.

The best thing about these bolts is the fact that you can customize it by attaching distinctive bolt nocks and weight operations.

The only thing you should note regarding this type of material is cracks. Since it is super strong and robust, it is much likey to be break-prone.

In brief, the Carbon material is notably long-lasting and enduring. It is supremely competent and reliable. Moreover, it guarantees spine consistency for an eminent precision.


Besides materials, the weight of your crossbow bolts is crucial. There are different weight ranges when it comes to bolts from light to considerably heavy.

The weight of the bolts is determined by grins/inch (GPI) just like the conventional bolts. To further understand clearly the importance of weight when purchasing carbon express crossbow bolts, we have divided the weight range into three categories:

  • Lightweight(W<GPI) Lightweight bolts usually follow a straightened trajectory in ideal conditions. They build speed with the distance which makes them reach their target faster than you can expect.

However, windy or rainy weather may hinder the accuracy of lightweight crossbow bolts. In general, lightweight bolts are an ideal option for competitions shooting or for miscalculated distance.

  • Standard(between 350-400) Standard bolts are ideal for a variety of purposes which makes them super convenient. They usually feature an adequate equilibrium between kinetic energy and speed rate.

Being neither too light nor too heavy allows added force to be transmitted from string to the bolt. As a result, enhanced and accurate target penetration and noise reduction are achieved. In addition, standard bolts are less likely to be influenced by weather conditions.

  • Heavy(400<GPI) Heavyweight bolts possess more kinetic energy than the two previously mentioned. This allows them to make a robust and powerful shooting of the final performance.

Since they are quiet when shooting, they make an ideal option for wood hunting games, especially when dealing with species that have thick skins. They must be used with rangefinders to best judge the accurate target distance and avoid any quick descending or missed trajectory.

Also, since they are heavyweight, they are less likely to diverge in windy weather. Nevertheless, they must be used with the right crossbows, or else they won’t be able to achieve your purposes.


The nocks are the small pieces that connect to the string for greater balance when shooting your bolts. They are generally made from an enduring plastic or robust aluminum.

They usually come in 3 types; One nock, Half-moon nock (also known as moon nock) which can be adjusted to the string before your shooting so it won’t slip, and finally Flat nock which includes a flat disk on the rear of the crossbow bolt.

Spine and Bolt Length

The spine is also important when considering the accuracy of your shots. You should consider inspecting a spine range chart to determine the choice of your bolt shaft.

If you are considering a lightweight crossbow, then you should consider a shaft that bends oftentimes. However, if you are considering a heavy one, then maybe you should opt for a more solid and robust shaft.

Moreover, spine selection can also depend on your hunting style. Lengthwise, it is advised to select a bolt that is 1 in, longer than the draw unit.

Final Thoughts on the Best Carbon Express Crossbow Bolts

All the above-mentioned Carbon express crossbow bolts come with interesting features and different dimensions.

Make sure to thoroughly read the buying guide for more information on the different factors you should take into consideration when purchasing the best carbon express crossbow bolts.

Depending on your crossbow dimensions and constructions, needs, and budget, you can choose the one that fits the best. Happy Hunting!