The Best Bow Sights for an Improved Hunting Experience

When you are out hunting, your equipment is the last thing you want to worry about. That’s why it’s important to choose the best bow sights for your needs. There are many different options on the market, so it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. What type of bow sight should you use for your next hunting trip? This blog post will help you decide!

When it comes to deer bow hunting, the most effective method is to use a bow sight. This tool makes it easier to aim, and your chances of harvesting a deer are much higher than if you don’t use one.

Many of the newer bow sights, especially those made by IQ Bow sight, have a micro-adjustable feature that considers windage and elevation. This ability will help you hit your target straight on.

You can also try looking at sight tapes or yardage tapes. They might seem a little confusing at first, but they can help you improve your accuracy.

You can use different sights to increase your accuracy and consistency when shooting a compound bow. These sights use pins (vertical pins and horizontal pins) to help you aim better. A youth compound bow can also benefit from these arrow rests.

Recurve bow sights are available from a variety of manufacturers. Some of these sights have light or glow-in-the-dark rings to help you place shots with greater accuracy during low-light conditions. This will help when you’re already in your anchor point and need to make an accurate shot.

Practice with your bow during the offseason so that you will be ready to shoot deer when the season starts. There are a few options below if you aren’t sure what you want.

We’ll go into more detail about bow sights below, but first, let’s quickly go over what a bow sight is.

Quick Picks:  The Best Bow Sights for an Improved Hunting Experience

What is a Bow Sight?

Archer with compound bow

A bow sight is a device that is mounted on your bow. It helps you aim the arrow by looking through the peep sight. The sight pin is like a bead on the end of a shotgun barrel.

The bow sight helps you hit the target by telling you where your arrow will go. You should also adjust the bow sight according to the axis. This will help you hit the target more accurately, especially from a distance.

Types Of Bow Sights

There are many different types of sights that you can use on a bow. The most popular and effective types are:

  • Fixed Pin Bow Sight
  • Multi-Pen Adjustability
  • Digital

The most popular type is the one with fixed pins. The sights in this variety have between 1 and 9 pins inside them. From a certain distance, they will be accurately placed.

The most common type of target is the 5-10 yard split. Look for a target that has retina lock technology. This will help you to correct any mistakes you may have when shooting.

A pendulum sight is a type of sight that is used on 1 pin sights. It helps to adjust the view so that the pin will automatically move for shots between 0-40 yards. This is not an effective sight for long-range shots.

Some fixed pin sights have an adjustment knob. This means that you don’t need a tool to adjust the view.

Multi-pin adjustable sights work like fixed pin sights. The difference is that you can quickly adjust the yardage for different shots. You’ll usually have 2-5 pins in your sight that are set to shorter yardages for quick shots while you’re in a tree stand.

If you need to make a further away shot, you can adjust your site to meet the distance you need. This way, if there is a deer at 40 yards away, you can quickly and easily change your sight to meet that distance.

Hunting Deer with single-pin sights: are they effective? However, they are just as effective as traditional pins. These sights use a projected light dot that you use to aim.

The hunter needs to have the best possible view of their target to take accurate shots. Before using this site, make sure to check your local hunting regulations to see if digital sights on bows are allowed.

Benefits of a Bow Sight

When using a bow sight and axis adjustment together, you become a more effective bow hunter. A bow sight makes your shots more accurate and helps you hit the animal in a cleaner way. This means that the animal has a smaller chance of getting wounded.

Considerations Before Purchasing a Bow Sight


When purchasing a bow sight, it is important to get durable. This is because we have all dropped our bows, or crossbows, out of a tree stand.

This means that you will be looking for sights made of either stainless steel or aluminum. However, there are some lighter materials on the market.


When evaluating the quality of your website, you must consider the materials used to construct it. You’ll also need to look at how many pins it has, whether true glory is, and how easy to adjust when sighting in. These factors will tell you what kind of quality sight you are getting.

Single Or Multi Pin

This depends on what the hunter prefers. A single pin adjustable sight is good because there is less crowding in the sight area, which means you have a better vision for your shot.

However, some people may not feel comfortable adjusting their sight while a deer gets closer.

Multi-pin sights are useful because they help the hunter know what each pin is set to. There is no need to adjust them. The problem arises when you have too many pins in your field of vision.

You should try out both local bow shops to see what you prefer.

Is It Legal In Your Area

You can usually use a single or multi-pin setup while hunting in North America. Still, it is best to check with local authorities to make sure.

Digital sights are a new technology that is becoming more popular. However, many places have not had a chance to make them legal yet. Some people think this technology should not be legal.

If you’re using a pin sight while bowhunting, you’ll be okay. But if you’re using a digital sight, it’s best to check the laws in your area first. You don’t want to use an illegal sight and get fined or have your license taken away.


When looking at durability, you’ll need to make sure the sight is made of strong materials. You should also consider who made it and how well it was made. If the sight is not well-made, it won’t matter what material it is made from.

Before you buy a bow, adjust the pins and handle sight. You can tell how well it is made and how durable it is by handling it.


The size of the sight depends on the hunter. You want a small and light sight that still has a good opening to shoot from most of the time.

The size of the pins on sight is important. The best sights have small pins so the hunter can see more of what is in front of them. They can still put the pin exactly where they want it on the deer or target.

Deer Hunting With Single Pin Sights?

A single-pin sight can be effective for deer hunting. Still, it is important to consider whether it is adjustable or not.

A non-adjustable single-pin sight will only be accurate from one distance. That distance is usually 20-30 yards, but it won’t work for longer distances. It can be used for any distance if the sight is adjustable, just like a multi-pin sight.

Best Bow Sight Reviews

Now that we know more about bow sights let’s look at some different types of sights. This will help you figure out what you need.


Anyone can benefit from the Trophy Ridge Volt Bow Sight. It is fixed with fiber optic pins, so you don’t have to worry about which side it goes on. It can be mounted on the left and right-hand bows.

If you are comfortable shooting in low light conditions, then the bright fiber optic rings on this site will help you see what you are aiming at. The green accent ring will also help you see your sight clearly.

For strength and lightness, it’s made of the same material as the Ridge.


This is the lightest sight in IQ’s lineup. It is resistant to high impact, meaning you can drop your bow without worrying that it will break.

This site has fiber optic pins that are easy to adjust. You can do it with an Allen wrench.

The bow also features a tool that helps you make sure the bow is steady and that you’re shooting straight.


This is a very simple site design that works well. It doesn’t have many extra features, but it is lightweight, durable, and reliable.


This is the most expensive piece of equipment on this list, but it might be worth it. One-pin bow sights are the best. Shooters can reach long distances with this weapon, which is highly accurate. When practicing at the range, they get good results with accurate shots out to 100 yards.

Rangefinders help you set the dial quickly to the correct yardage. This saves time and effort if you’re in a hurry or if the deer are moving swiftly. With a strong bow and someone who is experienced, you can take longer shots with more confidence.


This is a 5 pin sight helps the hunter set up different distances. It is also very strong because it is made of Ballistix Copolymer. This material is as strong as aluminum, but it is 24% lighter, making it good for people who like a light setup.

This bow has a strong, lightweight frame. It also has a five-pin setup. The bow is even equipped with a built-in bubble level, so your shots are always accurate. This helps the hunter make sure they aim at the target’s correct spot in low light.

The rheostat light on the bow is also included.

The bow also comes equipped with a rheostat light.

Top 10 Bow Sights Reviews

When you go hunting with a bow and arrow, you choose to have an equal playing field. You are also taking an oath as a hunter.

When you choose to go hunting with a bow and arrow, you are responsible for killing the animal as effectively as possible. This is much more difficult than using other methods of hunting.

Using high-quality gear is one way to be successful when hunting. Having the right archery sight for your bow makes every shot more deadly. Choosing the right sight for the specific task at hand is important to maximize your bow’s effectiveness.

1. TO POINT Deals 3 Pin

Amazingly, you can get a bow component that is so important machined out of aluminum for such a low price.

This bow sight doesn’t come from a well-known brand, but it does have 3 pins with fiber optic tips and a bubble level. You can mount it on both left and right-handed bows as long as they have a universal mounting system.

This bow sight is very affordable, and you can remove the entire sight aperture if that is how you like things set up. However, don’t expect this site to give you a good quality of sight pictures in low light.


  • Very Affordable
  • Bubble Level
  • Fiber Optic Pins
  • Universal L or R mounting


  • Occasional quality issues

2. Axcel Armortech HD Bow Sight

All of your needs are met by the new Burris Oracle 2. During low-light and long-range situations, this is the best choice. You can use it for shooting in the backyard, 3D target shooting, and big hunting games in the backyard, as well. This extreme precision will help any hunter increase accuracy and consistency after sighting in and taking a few practices.

This bow sight is sleek and can be used on any hunting bow, whether right or left-handed. It has individual micro-adjustments with 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments.


  • The 5-pins in this ball use Armor Fiber Technology to fully protect the fibers.
  • This rifle is incredibly precise and consistent, ideal for any hunter.
  • Windage and height are adjustable in 0.00156″ increments at 20 clicks per rotation.
  • A Harmonic Dampener is also included.
  • It can be used on both a right and left-handed hunting bow.


  • It might be a little too expensive if you are just starting out

3. Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin

Trophy Ridge has done it again by creating a high-quality and affordable product. The Volt 5 has 5 pins with fiber optic tips for good visibility in low light or at dusk. These pins are bright and slender, making them easy to see and not obscuring the sight picture as some other models can.

The sight has a bubble level to switch from top to bottom. It is well attached, but don’t do it if you are worried about breaking anything. Another nice addition is the green accent on the sight aperture. This makes it simple to find the aperture quickly when getting ready to shoot.

This sight housing is well-made and features a rubberized finish. This also comes with a light that you can use to see better in the dark.


  • Additional offset mounting holes
  • Fiber optic pins
  • Hood accent for sight acquisition
  • Mounts on Left or Right-handed bows
  • Sight light


  • For left-handed people, moving the bubble level is difficult.

4. TruGlo Carbon Hybrid Micro Adjust

The TruGlo carbon hybrid is a great site for people looking for durability and lightness. It is made from carbon composites and aluminum, making it strong without heavy. The carbon construction also helps reduce vibration.

This sight’s elevation and windage can be adjusted without the need for any tools. The pins can only be adjusted with tools.

If you get the model with a built-in light, you can adjust the brightness to three different levels. The pins are bright enough without the light. This also has paint on the front edge that glows in the dark, which is helpful if you want to use it during dusk. This is perfect for hunting.

If you want your bubble mounted on top or are left-handed, this one lets you switch the bubble mount to the other side without breaking any glue seals.


  • Camo or black option
  • Micro-adjustable
  • Quiet
  • Bright pins
  • Soft-touch coating
  • Variant with sight light
  • Easy to switch bubble mounting


  • None!

5. Truglo Ridge Range Rover Pro LED

If you’re a hunter who thinks bow sight pins obstruct your view when taking long-distance shots, It’s a good idea to go pinless with the Truglo Ridge Range Rover Pro LED.

The Truglo Ridge Range Rover Pro uses one or two illuminated dots to help you see your target. The dots are very bright and can be adjusted to different brightness levels depending on the light and weather conditions. In any situation, this will help you view your aim more clearly.

The slider sight can adjust the distance you hit the ball and how high or low the ball goes. It also features markers to assist you with hitting the ball at various distances and a level to ensure your shot is straight.


  • Removes all of the pins from the screen to provide a clearer and more expansive perspective.
  • It’s possible to customize the brightness of the LED dots from one of 11 preset values.
  • This product comes with a yard stop that you can adjust, elevation adjustment, and micro windage adjustment. It also has over 40 pre-marked yardage tapes.
  • This product is made from machined aluminum, and it is built to be strong and waterproof.


  • This bow sight is a tad more pricey than others.

6. Trophy Ridge Drive Slider

Trophy Ridge is back again with another good-priced piece of kit that has features you would sometimes find on more expensive models. This one is a single pin, which is very bright and made with fiber optics, so you can see it in any condition.

This site is quiet. The adjustment action doesn’t have any metal-on-metal contact, making it quiet. Thanks to the fiber optic pin and glow-in-the-dark indicator tape, you’re also covered in low light.


  • Affordable
  • Ultra-bright pins
  • Quiet adjustment
  • Glo-indicator tape and ring


  • Left-handers can use, but not clearly catered for

7. TruGlo Pendulum

If you’re going to shoot from a high position, like from a tree stand, you may want to use a pendulum sight. This site will stay perpendicular to the ground no matter what angle your bow is at. This helps you shoot accurately over distances up to 35 yards.

This pendulum can be fixed when you need to shoot from the level. This makes it adaptable and usable even when you’re not in a standing position. An aluminum stand protects the fiber, which is brilliant. This makes the sight more durable.

This TruGlo sight has a ring that glows in the dark, making it easier to see in low-light conditions.


  • Pendulum or fixed
  • Protected fiber
  • Silent operation
  • Glow in the dark aperture ring
  • Usable left and right-handed


  • None!

8. Burris Oracle 2

There is a new digital bow sight called the Burris Oracle 2. It meets all of your needs, too. Use it in low-light and long-distance situations, and you’ll love it! You can use it for shooting in the backyard, 3D target shooting, and big hunting games in the yard.

Combining a rangefinder with a bow sight means you don’t need to carry an extra device. This also reduces the number of steps you need to take to let loose when seconds count. It’s worth mentioning that high-end bow sights come with expensive ranging engines.

For accurate deer catches, the Oracle 2 ranges 500 and 200 yards. You’ll have real horizontal distances to compensate for being 30 feet up in a treestand or aiming into a basin from a high slope because the range engine also compensates for angles.

The Oracle is a glass-less bow sight. It uses a coin-cell CR123 battery to work. LED aiming points along the ‘pin blade’ will appear when you set a fixed pin (ex. 20 yards). If you ever doubt the estimated distance, you can switch to Fixed Pins Mode for a series of dots.

This bow sight is adjustable in several ways, including locking micro, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, and auto and manual brightness. It’s built for heavy-duty use in the field and comes with Burris’ Forever warranty, which is transferable and unconditional. This adds to its value as a high-end bow sight with the best in its class.


  • Rangefinder
  • Fail-safe fixed pin
  • Auto & manual brightness
  • Locking micro adjustments
  • Burris Forever Warranty


  • Price

9. IQ Micro

The new IQ Micro has a thinner construction, making it more accurate for competition and hunting. It is a good bow sight that is affordable and well-recognized.

The new IQ Sights have Feradyne’s Retina Lock Technology. When you shoot an arrow, you’ll see a circle that indicates if you’re shooting accurately. The best part is that this technology doesn’t need batteries to work.

The new Micro bow sight can adjust for the 3rd axis, which the old model couldn’t. The micro-adjust knobs and tool-free locking knobs make it easy to use, and the laser-etched markings make it easy to find your target. The fine-tuning of pins ensures a close pin gap.

The built-in sight level is modest. The rheostat (light control tool) is not included with the bow sight; it must be purchased separately.

The Micro has five pins designed for more light exposure and durability. The fiber optic threads on the backside of the pins allow for ultra-bright illumination in difficult conditions. The entire site is made from aluminum and is available in both right and left-hand models.

The IQ Micro is a good bow sight for the price. It offers quality features that improve your form and accuracy. It is also light and looks good.


  • Price
  • Retina Lock Tech
  • Micro-adjust knobs
  • Tool-free locking knobs
  • 2nd & 3rd axis


  • Tiny bubble level

10. HHA Sports Optimizer-Lite Ultra DS-5019

Despite its complex features, the HHA Sports Optimizer-Lite Ultra bow sight is simple enough for the typical bowhunter to use. This bow sight has one aluminum pin sight that is very advanced and contains fiber optic material. It also has a dial that quickly adjusts between 20 and 60-yards. The yellow sight ring helps you line up to your target so you can catch deer on the run.

The sight housing measures 1-5/8th inches and weighs less than 10-ounces. The micro-adjustable windage can be adapted to any type of bow setup with the help of 44 color-coded, computer-generated yardage tapes.

This bow sight is perfect for hunters who may find themselves in various situations where they need to take shots from a distance.


  • This contains over 3-feet fiber optic material and 44 color-coded tapes showing the target’s distance.
  • It can be used on any kind of hunting bow.
  • The yellow sight ring helps you rapidly line up your target.
  • Windage is micro-adjustable.
  • It just weighs ten ounces, so it won’t add a lot of weight to your setup.
  • The frame is made of ultra-durable machined aluminum.


  • Only available for right-handed setups.

Which Bow Sight is Best For You?

You should choose the right bow sight for you. This is important because you may have to follow some rules, such as what you can afford and use the site. When making a decision, consider the following points.

1. Cost/Budget

There are different types of bow sights. They can be very cheap, costing less than $100, or very expensive, as much as a 65″ flat-screen TV. The more expensive ones are usually of better quality and made with better materials.

Remember, a bow sight is only one part of the equation for hunting. You also must include the cost of arrows, targets, hunting licenses, and any other expenses.

A new bow will cost you more or less money, depending on how often you intend to use it. The type of activity you will use it for. Whether or not there are any expensive features you consider necessary.

2. Activity

What kind of bow sight do you need for deer hunting, competing, or target and field archery? Each activity may require something different from your sight, and the demands may be significant depending on what you need.

Bow sights are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. Each one has different features that might be good for a specific activity. For example, hunters often like fixed bow sights, but they’re not the only option. Look for features that will work well with the type of shooting.

Using the system that you are familiar with and appropriate for your application offers the best chance of success.

3. Mounting Brackets

Is the mounting bracket reversible? This means that it can be used by both right and left-handed shooters. Make sure you are not buying a model only for right-handed shooters if you are a lefty.

Materials also play a big role in how your bracket performs. Plastic brackets may break and leave you without a sight, while aluminum brackets may be more durable and last longer.

Dovetail and fixed brackets are different. Most shooters do not need to take their sight off or move it around. Fixed brackets are the most common type.

Dovetail brackets let you quickly remove the sight from its bracket. This system is useful and convenient for target shooters and competition shooters.

4. Additional Features

be desirable in a bow sight. Micro click adjustments, tool-less adjustments, and interchangeable pin technology are all impressive features that will attract your attention.

However, you must ask yourself if those features are worth the extra cost. Will you actually use them? Is it legal to use that type of electronic device in your state? Do you really need a sight light?

Getting distracted by new technologies is easy when adding features to your bow sight. But sometimes, simpler features like a highly-visible shooter’s ring and a reversible mounting bracket for left-hand shooters are more valuable. Make sure that the build quality and materials are also good.

Ways of Handling a Bow

Your accuracy will be affected by how you hold your bow. Make sure you hold it the right way so that you can use the sights on the bow to make it more accurate.

1. Start With a Consistent Stance

You need to have a comfortable stance that will give you balance and foundation. Every time, this must be the same. You can aid yourself by putting tape on the floor where you practice.

2. Keep Your Elbow Rotated Straight

Make sure your arm is straight when you shoot. If it’s not straight, your shots will be weak and inaccurate, and you might even hurt your elbow.

3. Hook the Bowstring the Right Way

There are different ways to hold the bowstring. You can use the split-finger hook, with one finger over the arrow and two fingers below the arrow. You should also use the same hand position for each shot and ensure that your fingers are tense enough.

4. Establish a Consistent Spot Point

This is the area on your face where you pull the drawstring. Newbies usually start by pulling it at the corner of their mouths. Just make sure you do it in the same spot every time, though if you grow better, you might want to consider doing it underneath your chin.

5. Finish Strong With Your Shot

Don’t try to aim too soon. Keep your gaze fixed on the target, but don’t forget to move your muscles properly. Take care of the muscle movements, and you’ll be able to release the ball powerfully with good follow-through.

How to Sight in a Bow?

Learning to sight in a bow is critical to achieving a successful result. This is something that experienced users can do easily, but it can be frustrating for beginners. When shooting at large distances, it can be difficult. There are a few basic steps to follow when sighting in a bow.

1. Prepare the Equipment

The primary thing is to choose the right type of bow and equipment. This includes the bow type, sight, arrows, and other gear. You will need to be patient and make sure that the sight is mounted on the bow correctly, at a right angle.

2. Set the Preferred Ranges

Set the distances in 10-yard increments. Your bow sight will have pins that represent every 10 yards.

3. Trial and Error

This step takes a lot of patience. But it will help you sight in your bow perfectly. Check to see if the pins are centered. Place the pin at 20 yards and take a position at the 10-yard line. Release numerous arrows while looking at the top pin.

Measure where you want the arrow to go. Adjust the sight accordingly if it is not in the direction you want it to go. Do this until you hit the target. Then, increase the distance and do it again. Remember that it will take some time to get used to this and make mistakes, but it is important for your final goal.

How to Improve Your Accuracy?

Some tips can help you improve your accuracy when using a bow sight. Some of these tips depend on your skills and practice, while others depend on your tactic. Let’s share them with you!

“Chasing the arrows” means that you should adjust your aim according to where the previous arrow hit. Move your sight up, left, right, and down until you hit your target.

Make sure your bow and arrows are properly tuned.

You will never hit your target, except by chance, if your bow and arrow are not in sync. This takes a lot of practice.

To be successful with a bow sight, you need to practice using it. This means that you need to spend time getting used to your bow and the sight. You must also be proficient in its application. The best method to achieve this is to practice frequently.

You should use arrows of the same type and make sure you don’t change them too often. This will help you be more accurate. Different arrows might look the same, but they might not work well for you. You should use arrows that make you successful.

When Do Bow Sights Work Best?

There are two ways to aim your bow: instinctive/intuitive aiming and using a bow sight. Instinctive/intuitive aiming is harder but can give you better results. If you are hunting in a more complicated environment or are a beginner who needs something simple, using a bow sight will be better for you. Even if you are a professional, you might need an advanced sight to deal with specific situations.

Your bow sight will provide you with the information you need to precisely estimate how far away the target is and then adjust the sight accordingly.

Final Thoughts

You could miss a shot if you don’t have the right bow sight. It is important to take some time and figure out what you need for your hunts. This might include trying out different bow sights to see what you are most comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Bow Sights

What Sight Should I Get for My Bow?

Hold the bow a few inches low if you shoot under 15 yards. If you are shooting past 30 yards, it is better to use a three-pin sight. This will allow you to set your pins for 20, 30, and 40 yards. You’ll be able to more easily hit your target and avoid a jumbled-up sight picture as a result.


What Is Archery Bow Sight?

Archery bow sights are devices that help archers hit the target by providing a reference point. The sight is generally centered in the middle of the target.

Is a Longer Bow Sight Better?

The length of the barrel on a gun is important for accuracy. But this is not the case with bow sight length. The further your bow sight is from the riser and your hand, the more your pins or point of impact moves with torque.

How Many Pins Do You Need on a Bow Sight?

If you hunt where the shots are typically close, like 30 yards or less, then a 1- or 2-pin sight is a good choice. However, if you are stalking and the shot is more likely to be further away, like, at 30 yards, you might choose a sight with more pins, like 7 pins. This way, you will be prepared for any opportunity that comes your way.

Are Single-Pin Bow Sights Better?

Clutter can distract from your target. When there is less clutter, you can focus on the target better and hit it more accurately. These sights help you by having one pin to adjust to the exact yardage. This accuracy is why they are so popular among target archers.

What Is the Bow Sight Aiming Method?

There are two ways to aim a bow: with a sight pin and instinctive aiming. You line up the appropriate sight pin on the target with a sight pin. With instinctive aiming, you simply look at the intended target with both eyes open and released.


Are All Bow Sights Universal?

Almost all compound bows have a series of threaded holes on the face of the riser. This is opposite and above the shelf on the bow. You can use these holes to attach any compound bow sight you buy. It’s possible that the housing contains a single sight pin, multiple pins, or a lens with a dot on it.

Do Recurve Bows Have Sights?

There are two types of pin sights for recurve bows: the “single-pin” and the “multiple-pin” sight. The next question people ask is what specific models they should purchase.

How Far Out Should a Bow Sight Be?

20 yards is the most common hunting distance in woods and open fields. The arrow trajectory varies slightly between 10 and 20 yards with today’s fast compound bows. There are times when a 20-yard pin serves as the first pin for distances between 10 and 25 yards.

What Is a Fixed Pin Sight?

A fixed pin and a movable pin are the most common bow sights. The movable pin is adjusted to the distance you want to shoot while hunting.

Is a Single-Pin Bow Sight Good for Hunting?

People who want to shoot things in the distance can do better with a single-pin sight. This is because it is easier to be accurate with this kind of sight. It is especially true for people who use compound bows.

Where Are IQ Bow Sights Made?

The Anchorsight is a sight you can use with any front sight, including slider-type sights.

How Many Pins Should I Have on My Bow Sight?

A 1- or 2-pin sight is a good choice if you bow hunt in an area where shots are normally 30 yards or less. If you’re stalking and may need to take a shot at a distance of more than 30 yards, a sight with additional pins, such as 7 pins, is a smart idea. You’ll have the highest chance of hitting your target if you do it this way.

What Is a Pendulum Bow Sight?

A pendulum bow sight is designed to help hunters aim their crosshairs while they shoot. This type of bow-shooting position makes it easier to hit your target than other positions, which is why it is called the “”hitting power”” position. The pendulum bow sight also benefits hunters because it provides excellent accuracy.

Why Is My Bow Shooting Left?

This is when you put your hand in the wrong place on the bow. This makes it hard to shoot straight. If your bow or sight isn’t working right, it can make your arrows go off in a different direction.

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