The Best Bow Cases for Every Archer

It is easier to travel with your bow if you have an approved case. This is especially true when traveling by air. However, even when traveling by car, your bow can be damaged if it is not protected. Recurve and compound bows can have delicate attachments, such as sights and stabilizers you don’t want to be bumped around. You also need a place to carry all your accessories, such as arrows, tools, and spares.

Take a look through our roundup of bows. We have something for everyone, whether you are looking for a compound bow or recurve bow, hard or soft bow case.

Quick Picks:  The Best Bow Cases for Every Archer

Buyers Guide

Which Bow Case?

Each type of bow (recurve, compound, and crossbow) has different sizes and specifications. Because of this, case manufacturers make slightly different cases for each type of bow.

Compound bows are not usually takedown, which means they are not easy to take apart. The bow cases will be in a rectangle or D shape to match the shape of the bow. A hard compound bow case will usually have a mechanism to keep the bow in place inside the case.

These bows can be taken apart. This means the bow can be made smaller to fit in a special case that just holds the bow’s limbs and riser with any accessories.

These cases usually have a mechanism to keep the bow’s components from hitting each other when you transport the bow.

Crossbows are different from regular bows. While folding crossbows exist, they are not as common as fixed-limb bows. A crossbow case has to be made to fit that specific shape. You can’t mistake a crossbow case for any other type of case.

Will My Bow Fit?

You will need to know the dimensions of your bow (height, width, and depth) to pick a case that is the right size. If unsure, you can look at the customer Q&A section on the company website. If you have takedown recurve bows, you just need to know the length of your limbs to ensure they will fit inside the case.

Hard vs. Soft Bow Cases

A hard bow case is a type of case that has a rigid exterior. This type of case is designed to protect the contents from harsh environments and accidents. A hard case will be more useful if you are a hunter going into the wilderness. You can drop it, bump it, and knock it. You can also step on it, sit on it, and pack it into a trunk. The contents of the case will be protected from everything around it. Some hard cases are so tough that you can even drive over them.

A hard bow case offers the most protection for your bow. However, a soft case is more portable because it is light and easy to shoulder. It is just designed to protect your bow from occasional knocks.

The type of case you choose depends on what you want to do with it. A soft case would be the best choice if you just want to take your bow to a local shoot. But if you’re traveling or hunting long distances, we recommend using a hard bow case.

Airline Travel

If you want to travel by plane with your bow, you can buy a special case approved by airlines. These cases are expensive, but they can make the process easier. Make sure that the case has latches or can be padlocked shut. This will help keep your bow safe during travel. You should also get a sturdier case than you normally use to give yourself peace of mind that your bow won’t get damaged during transport.

If you’re traveling with your bow, you’ll want to choose a case with a padlock that the TSA can open. This is so they can investigate the contents, if necessary, without damaging your lock.

Features to Look For:

Case Locking

A bow case with a locking system is a great bonus when traveling. This way, you know that your bow will be safe during the trip and that no one will be able to steal it.


A hard bow case can be waterproof. This is very useful for hunters camping, traveling by boat, or hunting in wet conditions.


Getting a bow case with wheels is a good idea if you travel a lot. This will make it just as easy to transport your bow as carrying a regular suitcase.

Shoulder Strap

Both soft and hard bow cases can come with shoulder straps. However, a soft case is much easier to shoulder and carry this way than a hard case.

Built-In Quiver / Arrow Storage

Many bow cases have storage places for arrows. This is helpful because you need arrows to shoot. When traveling, think about how many arrows you need to bring and choose a case that can hold that many arrows.

Extra Storage Compartments

Generally, you have more than just a bow and arrows when hunting. You need tools, accessories, sights, rests, and other pieces. A bow case with storage compartments can help you carry everything you need. Soft cases are better because they are cheaper to produce than hard ones.

Best Bow Cases

Plano makes a variety of cases for guns, fishing, and other purposes. We’ve featured some of their best-selling cases here. Still, they have others that are good for various purposes and different bow sizes. Plano Protector compact bow case is highly rated and popular now because it is affordable.

This is a light and small hard bow case. There are straps inside to keep your bow in place and a holder for 5 arrows. The interior has one inch of cushioning foam to protect your bow. This case has 4 latches to keep the lid closed and is made from sturdy plastic. It may not be able to take a lot of abuse, but it’s great for short hunting trips if you’re on a budget.


  • Compact
  • Light
  • PillarLock system
  • High-density foam
  • Affordable


  • Not for the serious traveler

This case is designed to protect compound bows. It is made with rugged construction that can withstand a lot of abuse. This makes it perfect for people who go on hunting trips or travel a lot. In addition, this case is also waterproof!

This bow case can store up to 12 arrows. The case also has thick or thin shafts, and it comes with straps that you can use to secure your bow and other accessories. There are four velcro straps in total, which gives you plenty of options for how to organize and protect your gear. The foam padding inside is thicker than you would find in a cheaper option, providing more protection for your equipment.

This case has a lock that you can use to keep your things safe. You can also add a padlock to ensure no one can get in. This is useful if you are traveling by plane.


  • Rugged
  • Waterproof
  • Lockable
  • 12 arrow storage
  • Airline Friendly
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Heavy

The SKB Hunter has good build quality. There are 4 latches on the lid, 2 of which can be locked. The lid also fits tight and securely, so dirt, dust, and moisture shouldn’t be able to get into the case. Inside the case is a lovely furry compartment where you can set your bow. That compartment has foam slots for up to 12 arrows that sit below the bow.

This case lets you fit a bow with a quiver attached. But that doesn’t mean it will work for every bow and quiver. You might still need to remove the quiver, especially if it is tall.

Even with your bow in the case, you will have some extra space. You can use that space to carry additional components or accessories if you are creative. This case does not have extra space for those items, but you can make do.


  • Rigid ABS shell
  • Lockable latches
  • 12 arrow storage
  • Designed to fit bows with quiver attached
  • 5-year warranty


  • No additional compartments
  • No accessory straps

If you need a bow case that is light and easy to carry, with a lot of storage, the Allen Gear Fit Pro is for you. This bow case has seven external zipper pockets, so you can store various items with your bow. One of the pockets (the long one) is specifically designed to hold an arrow case. The pocket will fit arrow boxes up to 33″ long by 5″ wide. You should be able to fit any bow up to 35″ Axle to Axle inside this case.

This case is soft, but it is made with heavy-duty construction. The exterior is made from polyester, which means it can handle a lot of wear and tear. There are no straps inside to secure your bow, but that’s okay because the bow fits snugly and isn’t likely to take a lot of abuse. Plus, you get a shoulder strap too!


  • Light
  • 7 Storage Pockets
  • Arrow Box Pocket
  • Up to 35″ A2A Bows
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Heavy Duty Polyester
  • Affordable


  • None!

The Vista Traveller is a hard case that is weather resistant. This means it can protect your bow from the rain, but it is not waterproof. Inside the case, there are lockable latches to keep your bow safe. The case is designed to fit a Samick Sage or Journey bow, but other bows may also fit. If your bow is much different in size from these two bows, you can adjust the foam to ensure it fits properly. However, the foam is only soft, so you can cut it to the shape you need.

This case can hold 18 arrows and your bow. The arrows fit with foam holders that can fit any shaft thickness. The case also has a built-in broadhead wrench cut out of the handle plastic. There are also storage compartments inside the case for small accessories like a bracer, tab, or glove.


  • Built in-broadhead wrench
  • Up to 18 arrow holder
  • Lockable
  • Extra storage for accessories


  • Not the most rugged construction for the price

Plano hard recurve bow cases are of great value. The interlocking foam on both sides will securely hold your riser, limbs, and other accessories. This case does not include a place to store your arrows, however.

The Plano signature crush pillar inside the lid means that the case should be able to resist being stood on or crushed.


  • Affordable
  • The interlocking foam holds any size riser & limbs
  • Crush Pillar


  • No arrow storage
  • Not whether or dust resistant
  • Not lockable

This SAS takedown recurve case is a great way to transport your recurve bow. It’s not very sturdy, so don’t be too rough with it, and make sure it’s not too heavy to carry around.

This case has two soft, padded pouches. One is designed to hold the riser and the other the limbs. There are also two mesh pockets for storing other accessories like stringers, tabs, and gloves. You don’t get arrow storage inside this case. Still, straps allow you to attach an arrow tube (sold separately) should you also want to transport arrows. This one is available in four colors.


  • 4 color choices
  • Affordable
  • Arrow Tube Holder
  • Padded pocket holders
  • Accessory pouches


  • No serious padding

A compound or recurve bow is a significant investment; you should safeguard it by purchasing the most expensive bow case you can afford.

Our team of bow hunters and archery enthusiasts has evaluated 13 bow cases. It will show you the best hard cases, best soft cases, best for air travel, best for compound bows, best for recurve bows, and more.

After careful testing, we’ve determined that the Pelican 1745 bow case is the best we’ve examined. If you like to learn more, please continue reading.

The Pelican 1745 is the Holy Grail of bow cases, including ample storage, TSA locks, and exceptionally durable construction. However, it comes at a steep price.

It is manufactured from ultra-light HPX2TM Polymer, which is extremely robust and lighter than other leading hard bow cases.

The Pelican 1745’s stainless steel-bearing wheels make traveling by air a breeze.

Due to a watertight o-ring gasket, it is totally dust-proof and waterproof. No longer must you worry about transporting your bow in the truck bed.

In addition, it is equipped with an automated purge valve that equalizes pressure to prevent water and dust from entering the case.

The TSA-approved Press and PullTM locks have been tested under extreme conditions for pressure changes and violent impact. Are one of the features that set this case different from the others we’ve evaluated. They function excellently, securing the contents and being simple to open afterward.

Your arrows will fit flawlessly, and there is ample space and storage for your bow release and other accessories.

The Molle System is utilized by the Pelican 1745 to safely secure your bow and accessories within the case.


  • We adore the portability of this case.
  • The wheels on this case roll really smoothly.
  • The press-and-pull locks are revolutionary.
  • With space for all your tools and accessories, it’s simple to stay organized.
  • We appreciate the lifetime guarantee.


  • The Molle System requires some adjustment.
  • The Pelican 1745 is the last bow case you will ever need to purchase. That is how good it is.

The SKB iSeries 3614 hard case is extremely resilient and secure. Customized foam perfectly conforms to compound bows. This close fit is excellent for holding the bow in place.

The exterior of the casing is impervious to water, dust, rust, fungi, and even ultraviolet light.

In addition, a pressure equalization valve prevents water and dust from penetrating the interior of the casing.

This case is TSA-approved, which indicates that it provides a substantial amount of protection and security. Additionally, we adore its trigger release latches, which provide additional security to prevent theft and secure the contents.

The only significant disadvantage of this scenario is its size. Nonetheless, the producers considered this, and a few features help compensate for its size.

For example, it incorporates wheels resembling in-line skates to facilitate transit through airports and on hard terrain. There are also three cushioned grip grips for carrying.

It is a great bow case for air travel or for transporting your bow in the back of your truck, as your bow will be protected in either situation.


  • We adore the wheels for airport transportation.
  • Durable
  • Good fit for the majority of bows
  • TSA-Approved Waterproof and dust-proof We appreciate the lifetime warranty


  • Not suitable for all bows
  • The SKB iSeries 3614 parallel limb bow case features superior durability and security. It is TSA-approved, so it’s ideal for air travel. Also included is a lifetime warranty. Remember that it only fits bows up to 35 inches in length.

The interior of the Case Club Compound Bow Case is exceptionally well-organized. It is made of high-quality foam with sculpted portions. These pieces hold your compound bow in place securely.

In addition to the bow, there is storage for accessories and tools. However, you may not retain your arrows, optics, or sights. Under the lid is integrated storage for twelve arrows.

The case’s exterior is rigid and contains a silica gel-based hydro absorbent canister. This indicates that it is watertight, airtight, rustproof, and will not come apart.

Little wheels are attached to the bottom of the case for easy portability.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Excellent protection
  • Ample storage
  • Long-lasting sAirline-approved
  • We appreciate the lifetime guarantee.


  • Not capable of holding quivers or huge sights
  • The Case Club Compound Bow Case is an excellent value and is airline-approved, although it does have some downsides.

The Plano 108110 AW Bow Case is durable and features strong walls, allowing it to resist any damage.

Like other Plano products, this case has the unique PillarLock technology, which makes it crushproof.

Not only will the case not fall apart, but the bow equipment within will also be safeguarded. Additional tie-down straps are provided to prevent damage.

Additionally, the Plano container incorporates elastomeric arrow storage that accommodates conventional and carbon fiber arrows. The storage also accommodates a fully loaded quiver. The box is equipped with dual-stage spring-assisted latches for security.


  • Robust PillarLock Construction
  • Maintains arrows securely
  • Allowance for accessories
  • Lockable latches
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Consent for air travel granted


  • During rigorous handling, the Velcro straps that hold the bow in place can get detached.
  • The Plano 108110 AW bow case is certified for air travel due to its durability and security.

The exterior of the Flambeau Outdoors Bow Case is composed of durable plastic. Its sturdy construction provides excellent protection for your bow gear.

The inside lid and base column supports provide crush strength, so your bow will remain intact even if the case is subjected to a sudden force.

The case contains a foam pad for securely storing the compound bow and bow sight. There are tie-down straps for safely securing the bow in place.

However, watch out for the Velcro straps that expose the metal screw heads on the interior. The screw heads may scrape or damage the bow if care is not taken.

This case’s interior dimensions are 47.5″ x 19.25,” and outside dimensions are 48.75″ x 20.5″, providing ample space for longbows and compound bows. The dedicated arrow rack can hold up to twelve arrows.

The rubber racking system for arrows allows for quick access while providing optimal protection for the arrow shaft.

In addition, the container has four lockable latches to secure your equipment and a convenient carrying handle for portable archery.


  • Sturdy build
  • Locks
  • Portable
  • Built-in blade broadhead changer
  • Accessory storage


  • Exposed metal screw heads
  • Overall, the Flambeau Outdoors Safe Shot is a sturdy case that provides ample protection for compound bows. It boasts excellent security and portability features.

The Plano Bow Guard strikes the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. It has a uniform black appearance with rounded corners and does not occupy much room.

Please notice that this case lacks adaptable dimensions and is only compatible with selected bow models. Before making a purchase, carefully measure your bow and compare it to the measurements of the case.

The interior of the bow guard housing is quite big. It can store a fully loaded bow quiver (in-line and offset).

The case’s angle-locking foam accommodates twelve standard arrows. There are also holding straps to secure your equipment’s limbs and strings during transport.


  • Long-lasting Good storage
  • Easy-to-use
  • Complete quiver storage
  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Made in America


  • A little fragile
  • The Plano Bow Guard is not a high-end, premium alternative but provides good utility and performance. It is worth the money because it is long-lasting and offers ample storage space.

The Legend Apollo is a soft case designed to keep your bow in pristine condition while traveling.

It has a two-tone exterior and is available in orange, gray, red, and blue, among other colors. You can personalize the bow case to your own specifications.

The case is also available in two different internal length sizes, 40 and 44 inches, allowing you to select the appropriate size for your bow.

In addition, the case’s exterior is made of water-resistant nylon, which protects the bow from rain and accidental water spills. On the interior is a dense foam cushioning with shock-absorbing properties.

A lightweight case with a padded shoulder strap and a neoprene carry handle. These features promote portability and traveling comfort.

The Apollo bow case offers unparalleled storage space. Its spacious inside can house any additional bow-tuning tools or hunting gear that may be necessary. Multiple compartments allow you to manage your items.

These pockets have heavy-duty protective zippers and hook-and-loop closures for convenient access. There are also helpful accessory straps to keep everything in place.


  • Lightweight
  • Ample storage
  • Superior protection Variable color options
  • One hundred percent money-back assurance


  • Cushioning is thinner than anticipated
  • In a nutshell, the Legend Apollo is an excellent travel companion. It provides superior storage and protection features. In addition, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Regarding bow and arrow storage capacities, the Summit Olympus is unrivaled. With dimensions of 41″ x 5″ x 19″, this big case can accommodate the majority of bows.

As for portability, the bag’s 3.9-pound weight is delightfully light. In addition, it incorporates handy carrying handles and straps.

Its mobility makes it excellent for hunting excursions or target practice at the archery range. The case’s big size, while cumbersome, is also practical because it can hold more goods.

There are ten outside pouches for accessories and personal things. There is sufficient space for both the bow and arrows and additional goods in the exterior pockets.


  • Numerous cubic feet of storage
  • Excellent protection
  • Available in many colors
  • Very low in weight


  • Velcro straps might be made longer.
  • The Summit Olympus Bow Case is an excellent alternative if you require significant storage space. We also enjoy that it is available in a variety of colorful colors.

The Silfrae Compound Bow Carry Bag is one of the most transportable products on this list. This plush bow case doubles as a carry bag, making it ideal for frequent travelers.

It has adjustable shoulder straps and handles, allowing you to carry it as a briefcase or a backpack.

This case’s 600D canvas exterior is weather-resistant and durable. This guarantees that no dust or debris will harm your expensive equipment. The interior of the bow case is padded with foam.

In addition, it features a molded part and a convenient tie-down strap that keep the bow in place. Please note that the bag’s interior measurements are 44″(L) x 16″ (W). It cannot accommodate bows of a bigger size.

The case also includes exterior and interior pockets for storing additional gear, such as a bow release, broadheads, or a broadhead tool.


  • Durable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Good security
  • Additional capacity
  • Cash-back assurance


  • Not suitable for really large bows.
  • The Silfrae Carry Bag is equipped with characteristics that enhance its portability. Its revolutionary design allows it to be used as a case and a backpack. Plus, it also comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Bow Cases

Should You Keep Your Bow in the Case?

To store your compound bow correctly, you should use a bow case. This is the best way to protect your bow when you’re not using it. You can either store it at home or when you’re traveling.

Can I Take a Bow on an Airplane?

Compound bow cases look like gun cases, but you cannot carry your bow on the plane. The Transportation Security Administration does not allow it. You must check your bow in with other baggage.

Is Shooting a Compound Bow Hard?

Shooting a compound bow is easier than shooting an old-fashioned bow and arrow. But that doesn’t mean it is easy. You will need to learn the basics of the form to the practice.

What Is a Parallel Limb Bow?

The parallel limb is supposed to help the bow move in a way that cancels out the inertia of the different parts. This makes it easier to shoot the bow. Unfortunately, some manufacturers have changed this idea to make more money.

Can I Store My Bow in the Cold?

To store your bow, it’s best to keep it in a place that is not too hot or cold. This will help to prevent the bowstring from stretching. It’s also important to avoid storing your bow in a place prone to moisture, like an outdoor shed. If the bow absorbs too much moisture, the limbs may warp, which could cause future problems with the arrows. Moisture can also rust the metal parts on the bow.

Can You Walk Around With a Bow and Arrow?

You can carry your bow and arrow in public as long as they are in a case and unstrung. That’s especially important when you’re walking in the street. If your arrows are easily accessible, anyone can take them and use them as a weapon to hurt other people.

How Much Does It Cost to Check a Bow?

Archery Equipment (bow and arrow) is usually accepted as checked luggage without an additional charge. Most airlines expect your bow and arrows to be packed in a hard case designed for archery equipment

Can You Carry a Bow on Your Back?

Special slings are designed to help you carry your bow on your back. You can buy these online or in archery shops. If you don’t have a sling, use a towel instead. This may take some time to get used to, but it is an easy way to carry your bow when walking.

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