The Best Arrow Rest for Target Shooting: Find the Right One for You

If you want to have a lot of fun while shooting targets, you need a good arrow rest. This part of your archery gear helps make your shots more accurate. The sight and shooting form are less important than resting a good arrow.

The accuracy of a bow can be improved by using an arrow rest. However, many people are not aware of this. There are several types of arrow rests available on the market.

There are many things to think about when choosing an arrow rest. We have gathered all the information you need below, including reviews of the best arrow rests on the market.

Quick Picks:  The Best Arrow Rest for Target Shooting: Find the Right One for You

What Characterizes a Good Arrow Rest for Target Shooting?

The arrow rest keeps the arrow stable until it’s released from the bowstring. It helps to eliminate any wobbling and guarantees a smooth launching. It is often advised for target shooting because of the following reasons:


If you’re a compound bowhunter, you need an arrow rest that is durable and can hold the bolt in a level position or pointed down when you fire it from a tree stand. It’s also important to hold the arrow in place when you draw the bow. If the arrow moves even a little bit when you’re pulling back on the bow, your shot will be off-target.

Hunters prefer a quiet crossbow. When the bolt is discharged, the animal is not terrified. A drop-away rest is more comfortable for certain hunters since there is no interaction with the arrow path.


Arrow rests are long-lasting and can resist different weather conditions. They are also built to withstand accidental drops on rough terrains, which means you will not have to keep purchasing new arrow rests as soon as the old ones wear out.


A lightweight arrow rest helps you stabilize your shot and reduce any external forces that might hinder a precise shot.

Noise Reduction

Many of them have a noise reduction feature that prevents the prey from getting alerted when you shoot the arrow. This can be very helpful for the overall hunting experience.

Ease of Use

The installation and adjustment process for these is quick and easy, so most users find them user-friendly. They provide a steady release and eliminate all shaft contact.

Is It Necessary to Use an Arrow Rest for Target Shooting?

An arrow rest can help you improve your target shooting. It can do this by providing you with several benefits, such as:


These rests hold the arrow in place to fly in a straight trajectory.

Flexible Aiming

Archery targets offer flexibility because you can shoot from different angles. This gives you more freedom to move around and hold your arm in different positions.

Low Noise

Some features that can help you focus on your target and be careful without them knowing are low noise.

Arrow Shaft Protection

A consistent arrow rest helps avoid any wear and tear on the user. If it is not consistent, the arrow shaft may contact the user, which will change the direction and speed of the arrow. This will make it difficult for the arrow to hit the target.

Key Terms to Know

We have included a few key specifications to help compare products in this review. An overview of their main points is provided below.

Full Containment:

Full containment means that the arrow is held in place by multiple points. This also helps guide the arrow until it is completely out of the bow.

Mounting Type (Snap-On, Tie On, Stick On):

This refers to the way the bow attaches to the rest.


Total weight in ounces of the rest.

Type (Drop Away, Whisker Biscuit, Capture, Pressure):

How the rest works when connected to the bow.

Correction Options (Elevation/Windage/Overdraw):

Windage is the ability to adjust the placement of your rest left and right. The elevation can adjust how high or low your rest sits. Overdraw allows you to shoot smaller arrows even when you are at full draw.


The main material(s) the rest is made of.

Hand Orientation:

This is the hand that corresponds to your dominant hand.

Review of the Best Target Shooting Arrow Rests

After looking at many different arrow rests and trying out a few, spending your money on one that isn’t what you wanted would be disappointing. To help you choose the best one, we have compiled a list of the best quality arrow rests available.

1. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit AWB500M

Trophy Ridge arrow rests are easy to use because they are designed to be versatile. They work for both left and right-handed users. They also have a low-noise feature, which is good for hunting in quiet areas.

This arrow rest offers adjustable settings for windage and elevation. This means that users can customize it to their own style and preferences. The arrow rest has been in the market for about 20 years, its quality and reliability.

Another thing that makes it unique from other bows is its ability to use both beginners and experts. Its body is encased in composite material, making it resistant to high pressures.


  • Offers a more silent approach to hunting
  • Because the body is composed of aluminum, it will last a long time.
  • For rapid adjustments, windage and elevation are simply changeable.
  • The mount is designed to be reversible, so it may be used with either a left or right-hand bow.


  • It might not be suitable for those looking to learn how to shoot, as it has many features that provide ease and shortcuts for the user.

Bottom Line

This is the most trustworthy item on the list. People have given it good reviews because it helps them do better in their fieldwork. It also arrows silently, so you can use it for hunting without making any noise.

2. Quality Archery HDX UHXBK-R

This arrow rest is popular among both target shooters and hunters because it helps them make accurate shots. It also has a design that does not get the arrow’s way.

One of the most important things about this unit is how it helps you use a bow safely. It is sleek and looks good with any bow. It is also lightweight, so it won’t change the bow’s balance. This unit has a curved capture bar that makes it easy to shoot horizontally or vertically.

Before and after mounting, the item is simple to modify. It also has a timing cord which you can change the length of according to how far away you are from your prey. To ensure each shot is accurate, vibration technology tells you when the bolt is loaded without alerting the prey. This way, the arrow will fly straight and hit its target.


  • It has a complete containment system.
  • The design provides durability and sturdiness.
  • The user can alter the settings, giving them more versatility.
  • The brand’s lifetime warranty is a guarantee of product dependability.


  • Can fall past the arrow shelf’s parallel position, resulting in irregular shots.

Bottom Line

This model is very strong and lightweight because it is made from aluminum. It won’t wear out easily because it is resistant to the weather. It also has complex features that make it a good choice for professional shooters.

3. SAS Brush Capture

This arrow rest is well-known for its sturdy build and advanced drop-away technology. People have frequently reported the safety feature’s benefit, which helps the rest move forward when the bowstring is drawn.

This model has velocity drop-away technology which helps aim accurate shots and makes it possible to set up the bow in many different ways. The capture bar is curved and helps the arrow fly straight. For decades to come, the stainless steel structure ensures its long-term durability. The molded rubber can help reduce the vibration rate to a minimum. This makes it quieter and helps hunt prey close by without getting scared and running away.


  • The shaft or fletching of arrows poses no barrier.
  • A high-quality, full draw indication aids in accurate launches
  • A timing cord with a lock is adjustable to fit everyone’s unique shooting style
  • It has advanced vibration, lockdown technology, and velocity drop to improve the rate of success


  • The overall design is somewhat bulky from an aesthetic standpoint, which might cause problems with the vision for any vertical changes.

Bottom Line

This SAS Brush Capture is very convenient because it has features that help with timing, locking, and positioning. It is also a good value because it is affordable and has all the features you need for a smooth draw.

4. QAD Ultra Rest Hunter

This has been helpful for those who like to shoot shorter arrows. It’s also popular because of its design, allowing hunters to approach closer to their target before shooting because it blends in with the surroundings.

This arrow rest is designed to be very stable and accurate. It can be used for vertical and horizontal shots, giving the user more flexibility when taking shots.

This unit is designed to quietly lure in prey without scaring them away. The construction of the unit from durable aluminum and stainless steel means it will last for many years without needing replacement or repairs. It’s also quite easy to place on a flat surface and customize to your liking.


  • The composite construction style enables long-term use.
  • For on-point draws, it provides full fletching clearance.
  • Allows for high and low anchor locations to be adjusted.
  • With the velocity drop-away technology, shots become more accurate.
  • The HD extended lever and thumbwheel are among the high-end features included.


  • This arrow rest is designed for right-handed shooters only. It has all the features you would expect in a good arrow rest. If you want an accurate shot and a professional shooter, this is the arrow rest for you.

Bottom Line

This arrow rest is designed for right-handed shooters only. It has all the features you would expect in a good arrow rest. If you want an accurate shot and a professional shooter, this is the arrow rest for you.

5. The Little Green Change COSMOS

The Little Green Change COSMOS is a drop-away arrow preferred over others because it has a tight grip on the arrow while drawing it. It also gives way to release the arrow to have a touch-free and precise draw.

This arrow rest has a unique feature: an internal brake system that helps get inertia. This means your shots will be clearer, and you won’t have to move the arrow from its original direction. The lightweight body also keeps shots balanced without any user intervention.

The aluminum components have been over-molded to eliminate any potential noise while drawing. This means that hunting prey, big or small, is possible from close ranges.


  • Comes with an internal brake system
  • Minimum tuning is required for drawing the arrow
  • The body is super lightweight, which results in more concentrated shooting
  • While drawing the shaft, the design provides for a more comfortable experience.
  • The area for gripping the arrow has been designed to be stable, allowing for a firmer grasp.


  • This arrow rest is designed for right-handed shooters only. It has all the features you would expect in a good arrow rest. If you want an accurate shot and a professional shooter, this is the arrow rest for you.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an arrow rest that is simple and easy to use, this is a good option. It shoots arrows quietly and with great accuracy.

6. TRUGLO EZ-Rest TG615B

This arrow rest’s ‘drop-away’ design is recognized for releasing the arrow without the fletching. It’s also noted for being simple to set up. If you’re searching for a rest that you can use from various sitting and standing positions, this is it. This one is said to be versatile enough to accommodate all shooter poses.

This arrow rest is popular with many enthusiastic bow hunters. It features a camouflage design that helps the hunter blend in with their surroundings and not scares the prey. The rubber dampeners also help make a silent draw, but they may need to be maintained as they are not weather-resistant.

The hard-wearing bushings protect the shot and help it to speed up. The bounce-back design makes sure the shot goes in the right direction. well technically.


  • Metal construction offers long-term durability.
  • It would not require the use of a bow press to set it up.
  • It has basic, easy-to-use functionality, making it suitable for beginners.
  • Rubber dampeners were used to provide a noise-free arrow loading system.


  • Rubber dampeners are susceptible to a variety of weather conditions.

Bottom Line

This TRUGLO arrow rest is a good choice because it is very functional. It has camouflage abilities and can be used in different positions. Plus, it works well technically.

Types of Arrow Rests for Target Shooting

Three main types of arrows rest on the market. Each type has its own unique features and benefits. These include:

Shoot Through Arrow Rests

These rests are also known as Whisker Biscuit rests. They use a disk with a hole in the middle as a base to hold the bow. This solves the earlier problems with arrow rests by making the bristles more flexible. These bristles stay in place with the arrow until you shoot it, which helps it fly better.

Some beginners may have trouble with the target being downrange if their arm is slightly off because they shoot at the last minute. This type loses about two feet every second, but the flexibility it provides is unrivaled.

Drop Away Arrow Rests

These arrows are more recent, called ‘drop away arrows.’ This is because they fall off the bow when you shoot, which most hunters want. You can connect other things to the bow with a small cord. This will pull everything into place and make it ready to shoot.

The only thing you need to use in this bow is the right tuning to drop the arrow at the right time. This makes it more ideal for professional target shooters familiar with working with fast-moving arrows.

Standard Arrow Rests

Such units usually look like they were designed by a flipper. This is because they have a small arm that is made of metal. The metal is covered with plastic to prevent any noise from being made when it is used.

Arrows are easy to control and can be shot with many accuracies. They are a good choice for beginners who want to improve their shooting skills.

How to Install an Arrow Rest

Arrow rests help keep your arrows aligned with the target. Installing them properly can make them last longer and prevent wear and tear. Here are four simple steps to follow:

  1. Ensure that the surface you are installing is meant for use in oil- and dust-free environments. Always use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface before installation.
  2. Align the arrow rest with the bow handle at this point. From the middle of the arrow to the bottom of the sight frame, leave a space of 58 inches. The latter can be found immediately above the handle on the bow’s bottom. Apply a little pressure to set it in place once it’s positioned.
  3. Next, set the nocking point on the string. You can find this by looking for a small, U-shaped metal piece. This piece is used to hold the arrow in place and ensure it is five mm above the string.
  4.  To test your setup, shoot some arrows. Continue adjusting until you’re satisfied with the results. If you experience rotation, increase the nocking point by one or two millimeters.

Best Arrow Rest Reviews

An arrow rest is an important part of your bow. It helps the arrow go in the right direction when you shoot it. People who shoot arrows for fun or to hunt use them. You need to get the best arrow rest for your bow to be accurate when you shoot.

In the last ten years, arrow rests have come a long way. As we better understand how arrows fly and the settings in which we use bows, it becomes evident that selecting a rest is a challenging assignment. This is especially true for beginners who are new to bowhunting.

It is important because it helps the arrow fly straight to the target. The feathers on your hand must be clear of the bow so that the arrow doesn’t wobble or twist. The arrow rest serves as a launching platform for your arrow.

There are several different arrows on choosing from, and the right one for you depends on how you shoot your bow and what type of shooting you plan to do. Once you figure these things out, it will be easier to choose the best arrow rest for you so that your arrows hit the target more consistently.

1. Vapor Trail Limbdriver Pro-V rest

Some people say that the Whisker Biscuit arrow rest is easier than other arrows. But there are so many different arrows rests available that people might buy one just to try it out.

The timing cord is very important for the performance of drop-away arrow rest. If there are any problems with the cords or tuning, your success rate may drop. The Limb Driver Pro V remains in contact with the shaft for 70% of the shot cycle, which helps ensure good speed and accuracy.

The Pro V arrow rest is suitable for both beginners and experienced archers. It’s quick and simple to use, ensuring that you always strike the target. You don’t need to modify your bow before shooting, so you may get started right away.

This arrow rest is a good choice because it has a full-capture system. This means that the adjustments are simple, and setup is easy, so you’ll always get good results.


  • Simple timing.
  • Contact with the shaft for 70% of the shot cycle.
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Drop away rest provides speed and only releases the arrow when it has reached an absolute velocity.
  • Low maintenance and tuning are required.
  • Adjustable string tension.
  • Left and right-hand orientation considered.


  • It might not be accurate if tuning is not done correctly.
  • Relies on the limbs and cords, which may cause inaccuracy.

2. Ripcord Technologies Code Red

The Ripcord Code Red is a simple arrow rest that holds the arrow in place as you draw it. The rest quickly drops away as you release the arrow, so you get a clean release every time. This will help you be more accurate with your shots.

This arrow rest has a great internal brake. It helps stop the arrow quickly and keeps it focused on its target without moving it.

Aluminum is a lightweight material that helps keep your shots balanced without extra effort. Plus, the aluminum parts are over-molded to provide a quiet and smooth shot, eliminating the need for moleskin and bringing down the big prey without any alerts or warnings.

This arrow rest is good because you will shoot without noise or bounce-back. This will help you shoot more accurately.


  • The design ensures the arrow is always held in the rest.
  • Makes it more comfortable to draw the shaft.
  • The patented rapid fall-away system never touches the fletching
  • Internal brake system minimizes vibration on fall-away.
  • Lightweight and minimum tuning.


  • Amazing, but it can be considered a bit costly.

3. Wingeler Medium Arrow Rest

The Wingler Medium Arrow Rest is a well-designed and well-built arrow for hunting. If you combine it with the best compound bow, it will fit perfectly.

This tool has markings to help you adjust the rest to fit your shooting position.

The Wingler is designed to suit both right-handed and left-handed people.

This brand is perfect for you if you are on a budget or just starting out. It is easy to install, easy to use, and lightweight.


  • Great rest for beginners
  • One of the best arrow rest for compound bow
  • You can easily install and adjust it
  • The bristles support the arrow very well
  • Ideal for both right and left-handed shooters


  • The whisker bends easily
  • Bristles wear out after some good numbers of shots

4. Tabiger Arrow Rest

The Tiger Arrow Rest is a great way to make target shooting more enjoyable.

The compound bow hunting rest is a safe and secure arrow rest designed for right-handed and left-handed bow users.

The arrow rest has a unique design that keeps your arrow from hitting your fletching.

The encased biscuit holds your arrow securely in place so you can aim your bow in any direction you want.

Another unique feature that sold me on this product is the Windage and elevation adjustment. This feature enables you to move the riser to a point where you can aim more accurately for your shot.

The rubber boots also have a silence loading feature, making your shots smooth and quiet.


  • Perfect for a beginner who would want to improve on his shooting skills
  • Designed to capture your arrow safely and securely while waiting for the right time to release it
  • Sturdy and easy to install
  • Aims at your target accurately
  • Gives your arrow total clearance without damaging your fletching


  • The arrows rest comes in plastic but still works great
  • The product shoots well, but it’s quite delicate

5. Ripcord Code Red Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Ripcord Code Red Drop-Away Arrow Rest is one of the best products on the market. It has an aluminum body and is fully coated. I like it because of its innovative features, which give users comfort and better accuracy.

The product is produced in the USA, but it is available in most places. One of the things that makes the product good is that it is full of contamination. This means the quality is guaranteed. The product also has a special feature that eliminates most of the bounce back from the bow and other problems.

The soft and durable rubber ensures smooth molding and launching. Arrow travel is always a big issue for the archers. But with this product, the offset cord doesn’t get into or interfere with the arrow travel. So, no matter how long your hunting trip gets, the comfort will keep your concentration intact throughout the game.

This arrow rest is durable and will help you stay rested even if it doesn’t have proper internal protection. The internal dampening system will help avoid future damage to the arrow rest and keep your hunting easy. The adjustable mounting arm means that the ripcord can be mounted on any riser, no matter its appearance.

The windage adjustment ensures that the bow can shoot arrows at wider distances. The offset cord makes the experience of shooting smoother and easier, and the clamp helps attach the cord to the cable quickly and smoothly. Additionally, several materials help make shooting more silent and discreet.


  • Aluminum body material and coating
  • Comes with windage adjustment for a wider range of shooting
  • The internal dampening system minimizes the damage to the rest
  • check Fast fall away time for increased accuracy
  • check Unique offset cord design that makes shooting easy
  • check Adjustable mounting arm


  • Sometimes the adjustment is an issue
  • Packaging can be damaged sometimes
  • exclamation-triangle Installation can be an issue from time to time

How to Choose the Best Arrow Rest?

You need a bow, arrows, and a quiver. But what about an arrow rest? When looking for a hunting rest, what should you look for? You need to think about a few things before you decide.

It can be challenging to customize your crossbow if you don’t know the basics. You need to figure out what you need and then your priorities. Before purchasing an arrow rest, there are a few things to consider.


The most essential factor in choosing an arrow rest is its costs. Most arrow rests are not very expensive, but a few have special features that you might need. It depends entirely on what you’re looking for.

Arrow Alignments

Do you want a rest that will interfere with your arrow while shooting it? This is important because how the rest interacts with the arrow is vital. Most rests don’t interfere with the arrow, but some do for different reasons.


The rests should be easy to use. This is obvious because people will not buy a rest if it is difficult to use. The rest should have features that make shooting more enjoyable.


A sleek body cannot handle the pressure from a really strong bow. But if you put a hard shell on it, it might damage the whole body or make it difficult to point.


The most essential factor in choosing an arrow rest is its costs. Most arrow rests are not very expensive, but a few have special features that you might need. It depends entirely on what you’re looking for.


The material of the biscuit is important when you shoot a bow. If the material is not good, it can ruin your experience. But if you are careful, the material can help you have a good time.


You may know that an arrow rest is important for a bow. It helps you be more stable and shoot more powerfully in the long term. It also helps to keep the arrows Quieter when you shoot them. When deciding which arrow rest to buy, make sure to think about all of these things.

To learn more information about Archery, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Arrow Rest for Target Shooting

What Arrow Rest Do Olympic Archers Use?

Arrow rests are a critical part of Olympic-style recurve bows. Most Olympic archers use bolt-on magnetic arrow rests because they last longer. The archer knows they can shoot confidently that the bolt-on rest will not fall off during competition.

Is a Whisker Biscuit Better Than a Drop Away?

If you want a reliable bow in the field and don’t want to worry about accuracy, choose a Whisker Biscuit. It will be as accurate as you need it to be and will work well with your compound bow system. If you want even higher performance, then choose a drop away.

What Part of the Arrow Should You Use to Aim?

Multiple pins are available on certain sights for shooting targets at various distances. The top pin will be used for close targets, and the center pin will be used for medium-distance targets. You’ll utilize the bottom pin for long-range targets.

What Arrow Rest Should I Buy?

Drop away rests are the most accurate type of rest. There are many different types of drop-away rests, like the QAD Ultrarest HDX, RipCord Ace, and Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro.

What Is a Full Capture Arrow Rest?

Quiktune 360’s capture rests are essential for keeping the arrow in place until you release the string. This eliminates the uncertainty of whether or not the arrow is pointing in the correct direction. Many have no moving parts and keep your arrow where you want it to be at all times on your bow.

What Bow Does Brady Ellison Use?

Brady is an archer from the USA. He uses a recurve bow to compete. Brady has won multiple Olympic medals and is the 2019 World Archery Champion. As a target archer, he is widely considered one of the greatest of all time.

What Bows Do Professional Archers Use?

Some Olympic athletes will compete in Tokyo using bows made by PSE, Hoyt, and Samick this year. However, Hoyt bows have been used to win the most Olympic medals. Most Olympic archers use Hoyt’s Formula XI riser and Velo’s limbs. The Formula XI riser is a proven design that has been used by many athletes.

What Is the Bow Sight Aiming Method?

You can either use a sight pin or rely on your instincts to shoot a bow. You use a sight pin to align the target with the correct sight pin. Aiming with instinct is as simple as glancing at the target and releasing your gaze.

What Bow Rating Is Recommended for a Mechanical or Expandable Arrow Point?

The blades on this arrowhead open when it hits something. This arrowhead is meant to be used with bows 50 pounds or more. That’s because the blades need extra energy to open when they hit something, which reduces the arrow’s potential energy.

Why Do I Keep Shooting High With My Bow?

The arrow tips slightly upward on the rest when you discharge your bow on flat ground. A bow and arrow will rise and cross your field of view as you release the string. Using the same bow, you sighted in on the ground will shoot high since gravity impacts where the arrow flies.

How Does a Drop-Away Rest Work?

There are two types of drop-away rests. They hold the arrow upright as you pull it back, and then they fall away, so the arrow doesn’t hit them when it’s shot. This means the arrow won’t be affected by the rest. You draw the bow, and the cable pulls down on a cord that elevates the rest of the bow.

What Is a Containment Arrow Rest?

A containment arrow rest is an arrow rest that holds the arrow securely with multiple contact points. This will help keep the arrow in place until you are ready to shoot it. The contact points will also help guide the arrow until it has left the bow completely.

Does a Whisker Biscuit Affect Accuracy?

The Whisker Biscuit makes your arrow go a little slower and less accurate. Still, the difference is so tiny that most shooters won’t even notice.

Is Hamskea Making an Integrate Rest?

This is not an integrated rest. It is low profile and will work with the new Mathews quiver.

Why Is One Fletching a Different Color?

The odd-colored vane on an arrow helps show how the arrow is pointing. The vane needs to stay away from the arrow rest so that the arrow doesn’t fly differently or damage any equipment.

How Do Drop Away Arrow Rests Work?

There are a couple of types of drop-away rests. They hold your arrow upright through the draw cycle, and then they fall out of the way as the arrow leaves the bow. This means that there is nothing to impact its flight. When you draw the bow, the cable pulls down on the cord, which raises the rest into position.

Do I Need a Drop Away Rest?

The drop-away rest makes any bow more accurate. A drop-away rest allows for more aggressive fletching and less arrow contact with the bow.

Why Do My Arrows Wobble?

The amount of an arrow wobble is determined by the arrow’s spine. This is determined by how bendy and long the shaft is and how heavy the point is. An arrow with a long, bendy shaft and a heavy point will wobble more than a stiff, short shaft with a light point.

What Bows Do Olympians Use?

The recurve bow is the only type of bow used in the Olympic Games. People use it to shoot arrows at a target. They pull the bowstring towards their face with their fingers and use sight to aim.

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