Best 3D Archery Targets

Three-dimensional, or 3D, archery targets provide lifelike field practice. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when picking out a 3D target.

Three-dimensional targets are available in a wide range of designs and construction quality. The targets come in a variety of big game species, including bear, deer, elk, moose, alligators and feral hogs, with whitetail deer and turkeys being the most popular. Some targets are so lifelike hunters have reported their whitetail deer target was mistaken for real deer by live deer in their backyard.

Some targets have a replaceable core area, allowing you to replace just the core when it wears out, instead of having to buy a whole new target. Also bear in mind that some of the less-expensive 3D targets are not rated for use with hunting broadheads.

A final thing to consider is the draw weight of your bow and the rated stopping power of the target. For example, a crossbow with a 350-pound draw weight will put a bolt clean through a target rated for standard vertical bows.

Now that you know the basics, here is a list of the best 10 3D archery targets we could find:

Best 3D Targets for Archery Reviews

1) Morrell Bionic Buck II

The Morrell Bionic Buck II is a full-size, solid-foam target that sports a true 180-inch Boone and Crockett double drop-tine rack. The target has three score rings on one side and raised vital patterns on the other. With four separate kill zones, the head and rear end of the Bionic Buck II can be switched in just seconds providing for a fresh set of vitals and effectively doubling the life of the target.

The target weighs in at a solid 40 pounds, keeping it upright even when shooting high draw-weight bows. The high-density foam provides superior arrow-stopping ability, allows for easy arrow and bolt removal and can withstand repeated impacts from field points as well as fixed and mechanical-blade broadheads.

2) Field Logic GlenDel Full Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

One of the largest and most lifelike 3D deer targets on the market, the Field Logic Full Rut Buck target stands 37 inches high at the shoulder and sports a 150-inch Boone and Crockett rack. The polyfusion foam-construction technology fuses the layers of the target together for uniform compression that allows for easy arrow removal.

A four-sided, 14-inch cubed replaceable insert provides for long target life and 1,000 practice shots. The Full Rut Buck target’s construction will stop all field points and both fixed blade and mechanical broadheads.

3) Delta Archer's Choice Real-World Buck 3D Target

The Delta McKenzie Real-World Buck 3D target features technologically advanced self-healing foams engineered for various levels of arrow penetration. When placed on the included swivel stand, the Real-World Buck 3D target rotates from the force of the arrow impact, presenting you with a different shooting angle on every shot for real-world, in-the-field type practice.

The Real-World Buck 3D targets offers an exposed heart and lung vital area and shoulder and spine bone structure on one side of the target. The replaceable core is rated for both fixed- and expandable-blade broadheads as well as field points.

4) Carbon Express Shooter Buck

The Carbon Express Shooter Buck 3D target carries a 125-inch Pope and Young class rack, stands in at a whopping 48 inches overall and 37 ½ inches high at the shoulder. The Carbon Express Shooter Buck comes with ground stakes to anchor the target firmly in place so it can’t get knocked over by even the most powerful crossbows.

A high-density replaceable vital core insert can handle all types of broadheads and field points. The core provides five times the shooting area as other targets and extends the shooting life for up to 2,500 shots.

5) Delta Riverbottom Series Challenger

Standing in at 40 inches tall at the top of its head, the Delta Riverbottom Series Challenger full-size 3D target is a true-to-size whitetail buck. The smaller size of this target will make you a better shooter and prepare you for that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The Riverbottom Series Challenger has a replaceable vital core made of Delta’s technologically advanced self-healing foam to withstand hundreds of shots with fixed and expandable-blade broadheads or field points. Each side of the two-sided core can be replaced individually, allowing you to keep shooting at the opposite side of the target even with on side of the core removed.

6) Rinehart Woodland Strutting Turkey Target

The beautifully designed and lifelike Woodland Strutting 3D turkey target simulates a 14-pound tom turkey in full strut position. The UV-resistant woodland camo finish provides true-to-life, anatomically correct practice with realistic hand-painted details. The finish is so realistic that some hunters have has success using the target as a full 3D decoy in the field.

The target’s 20- by 25-inch size provides the next best thing to real hunting shooting practice. Rinehart's durable high-density Signature Series self-healing foam allows for easy arrow and crossbow bolt removal and will handle hundreds of shots before the core needs replacing.

7) Delta McKenzie Aim Rite Bear

The Delta McKenzie Aim-Rite 3D bear archery target measures 28-inches high by 45-inches long, simulating the size of an approximately 100-pound black bear. The target come with two 16-inch long metal stakes to prevent it from tipping over when hit with arrows from more powerful bows.

The Aim-Rite bear is designed with tightly compressed layered foam for increased durability and easy arrow and bolt removal. The target has a replaceable core specifically designed for practice with either field points or broadheads and can stop arrows with speeds up to 350 feet per second.

8) Delta Howling Coyote

With true-to-life dimensions of 35-inches high by 33-inches long, the Delta McKenzie Howling Coyote 3D target offers a more realistic practice session than shooting at larger targets when preparing to hunt coyote-size game. The target has three scoring rings over on the vital section to help you focus on the smaller vital zone.

The self-healing Tech Flex E-Z Pull foam offers easy arrow and bolt removal and provides increased durability that allows the target to stand up to hundreds of practice shots. The target holds up well to both field points and either fixed- or expandable-blade broadheads.

9) Delta Pro McKenzie Pinnacle 3D Elk Archery Target

The Delta McKenzie Pro 3D elk archery target stands 54-inches high at the shoulder and has an 80-inch long body for lifelike elk-hunting practice. Because of it true-to-like size, the target’s legs are removable to make moving and transporting easier.

This target features dual replaceable midsections constructed of DuraFlex foam that can handle arrow speeds up to 350 feet per second and will stand up to hundreds of shots. It can handle both field points and broadheads of either fixed- or mechanical-blade design. The target can also serve double duty as a hunting decoy.

10) Shooter Field Logic 3D Hog Archery Target

The Shooter Field Logic target is designed to be representative of a 50 pound feral hog. The realistic 19-inch high and 32-inch long body size is designed for real-world hunting practice and is the ideal size for any shooting distances you would encounter in the field.

The anatomy on the Shooter Field Logic 3D Hog is also true to life, as the heart-lung vital zone is in the same location as it is on a live hog, which is lower than on a deer, and scoring rings surround the vital area. The target can withstand shots from a 200 pound draw-weight crossbow and comes with ground stakes.

Conclusion: Which 3D Archery Target is Best for Hunters

Overall, any of these targets would make a great addition to your archery-range sessions. Here’s a brief recap:

  • The Field Logic GlenDel Full Rut Buck 3D archery target is one of the most lifelike and durable 3D targets on the market.
  • The Delta Archer's Choice Real-World Buck offers an exposed heart and lung vital area and shoulder and spine bone structure.
  • The Carbon Express Shooter Buck 3D target can absorb up to 2,500 shots.
  • The Delta Riverbottom Series Challenger is a true-to-size whitetail buck with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • The Rinehart Woodland Strutting Turkey UV-resistant woodland camo finish provides true-to-life, anatomically correct practice.
  • The Delta McKenzie Aim Rite Bear target can stop arrows with speeds up to 350 feet per second.
  • The Delta Howling Coyote is great for hunting practice on coyote-size game.
  • The Morrell Bionic Buck II is a full-size, solid-foam target that has four separate kill zones.
  • The Delta Pro McKenzie Pinnacle life-size elk target can handle arrow speeds up to 350 feet per second.
  • The Shooter Field Logic 3D hog target’s vital area is in the same location as it is on a live hog.

Trying to decided which of these 10 targets is the best overall can be a little tricky. While you should go with that specific target design if you are targeting a certain species, because of the raised vital patterns with four separate kill zones and the high-density foam construction, the overall winner is the Morrell Bionic Buck II.

Before making a decision, we encourage you to check out all of these products for yourself and pick the target that will best suit your shooting needs.

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