The Best 3D Archery Targets for the Perfect Shot

When you’re not working or competing, it is important to practice. This will help you stay sharp and improve your skills.

There are several different ways to practice, but the best way is to use commercial targets. Commercial targets can be solid block targets, lighter bag targets, or 3D targets.

The 3D design will help you see what your arrows will look like when they hit the target. The design is also realistic to better understand where your arrows will go.

For this reason, we have put together a list for you to choose from. Let’s start now!

List of 3D Deer Targets Suitable for the Bow Hunters

1. Field Logic Big Buck Shooter Target

This is a 3D target that looks like the real thing. You can use it to practice shooting.

The Shooter Buck target is 51 inches tall and has a bigger insert than other 3D targets of the same design. Even though the target is not very big, it will be challenging to hit the center.

This target will be good for use with speed bows, and it will last for a while. You can also remove the core so you can practice more.

Field Logic makes a lot of different targets, and it is worth taking a closer look at them.

2. Rinehart Alert Deer Target

This is a deer target that simulates an alert deer. It is part of the Rinehart Signature/Competition series of 3D deer targets. This target offers the perfect opportunity to practice your shot groupings on a trophy buck.

The vitals area is replaceable on the target. This means that the target will last longer because the self-healing foam helps fix the area where arrows were removed. However, this will eventually wear down over time.

This is a competition target that simulates the weight of an animal is 160 lbs. If you want, you can buy extra inserts for $99 each.

The company makes 3D targets that are very realistic and diverse. They also have many other types of targets.

3. GlenDel Full Rut Buck Target

The Glendale Full Rut Buck is the biggest one. It is 62 inches tall, so it is close to the size of a real deer. The insert size is also generous, measuring 14 inches in each direction.

The PolyFusion Technology construction helps to keep the target looking new for a longer time. The layers are fused in place and will hold their position when hit by an arrow. This reduces the damage as the arrow goes in and also makes arrow removal easier.

The target core insert is four-sided, which gives you more surface area to shoot at than most other target cores. If it becomes completely shot out, just remove it and put a new one in.

4. Delta Intruder Buck Target

This is an extremely tough target, one of the best in terms of durability. It will withstand the treatment handed out by arrows constantly being shot at it.

If you want to practice before your next hunting trip, the Intruder Buck is a good target to choose. Delta calls this its Backyard Series, which is perfect for full-on practice.

The padding on the target is easy to replace. This will make the target last much longer. The target is also weighted well to not fall over when you shoot arrows at it.

The internal padding is designed to heal itself when the arrows are removed. This means that the padding will wear out over time and need to be replaced.

This target is 37 inches tall, 41 inches long, and 10 inches deep. It is designed for use with broadheads, expandables, and field tips. The target can withstand arrows from compound bows that shoot at speeds between 300-350 fps.

5. Delta Bloodline Buck Target

This is a target from Delta’s Backyard Series of 3D archery targets. The Bloodline Buck is a larger target than the Intruder, measuring 40 inches in height and 43 inches long. This provides a realistic practice form for the serious hunter.

The target is designed to look and feel like a real animal. It has a large body and a big rack. The vitals area is made with self-healing foam so that it can be hit many times without breaking. A replacement core is available, making it cheaper to keep using the target over time.

The target is designed to be used with all types of arrow tips, including fixed broadheads, expandables, and field tips.

6. Morrell Bionic Buck II 3D Archery Target

This is a 3D deer target made with Flex Back self-healing foam. This will help the target last longer as you use it.

This target has features that are good for practicing many different things. You can use raised vitals to practice your aim on one side. On the other side, there are universal score rings so that you can track your progress.

This target is good for shooting arrows with field point targets, fixed blades, and mechanical broadheads. It is a solid block that won’t be knocked over when you shoot it. The arrow removal is easy with this model.

This target can be reversed because the head and tail can be removed and the legs switched around.

7. R & W Big Buck 3D Archery Target

The main feature of R&W archery targets is their durability. The Big Buck 3D target is a good example of this.

The company’s Ethafoam-fabric core allows many shots while never shooting through, making it a perfect choice for those looking for safety and durability.

This target is 40 inches tall and has a circumference of 48 inches. It is meant to replicate a deer that weighs 250 pounds. The target’s mid-section can be replaced, and it has vital organs on both sides.

R&W’s 3D targets are often talked about as the best and most reliable targets on the market for hunters. People recommend these targets when asked which deer targets are the best.

8. Rinehart Woodland Buck 3D Target

The Woodland Buck target is designed to look lifelike and help you practice better. The target is made from Rinehart’s FX Foam technology, which creates a complete mold without any fillers in the body.

The FX Foam target will last a long time because the core is made of solid, self-healing, high-density foam. This means that the target can withstand many arrow strikes without becoming damaged.

This target is 30 inches tall, 29 inches long, and has a replaceable locking insert.

What Makes A Good 3D Target?


When discussing the size of a 3D target, we are talking about the vital organs zone of the target. This is the part of the target you want to hit when hunting an animal. The overall size of the target should be close to the size of the animal it represents, but you want to make sure that the target area is well defined and clear.


A 3D target is a good way to use for target practice. You will need to hit it many times, so you want to get one that will last long. Other targets are made from high-quality materials that heal themselves after an arrow hits them. The target must also be heavy enough to stay still when hit multiple times.


You don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy getting your arrows back after shooting them. Make sure the target you get can be easily pulled out and that it can withstand all types of weather. The target should be able to stay outside for a long time in different kinds of weather, like the sun, rain, and cold.

Preparation for Your Next Hunt Is Easier With 3d Targets.

Nothing beats the realism of using the greatest 3D archery target when hunting. These life-size animal targets will help you improve your shooting skills and get the most out of your archery practice time.

Practicing animal targets will enhance your bow or crossbow accuracy, making your shooting more pleasurable.

Using these targets instead of standard bags or foam targets will give you a new archery experience. You’ll be able to fine-tune your aim and shoot from any angle.

However, the price and quality of 3D archery targets can vary widely. With so many 3D targets on the market, how can you choose the best one for your shooting practice?

Best 3D Archery Target Buying Guide

3D Target Durability

When selecting a 3D archery target, keep in mind the likelihood of bad weather. If you reside in a snowy location, bring your target inside during these times.

Place your target in a shady area all year to protect it from bright sunshine and rain. Some users advocate covering it with a heavy-duty or plastic sheet for further protection.

The 3D target must be weather resistant and survive many rounds. It would be a shame if these pricey life-size targets were irreparably damaged.

If you buy a 3D archery target, opt for those with changeable components for the most often shot places (called ‘vital’ sections because they represent the essential organs).

This prevents you from changing an entire target by giving it a refresh after repeated shoots in the same places.

An overly light target may become unstable and will not remain long in your chosen place, making it more prone to damage.

3D Target Maintenance

Even if you prioritize preserving your 3D target from the elements, it will need to be repainted.

Spray paint and a high-quality outdoor sealer can be used to re-paint many archery 3D targets. Some users apply a sealant to a new target before using it for the first time. However, this should not be done on the target’s removable areas.

If you don’t plan on shooting your target all year, you must cover it up regardless of the weather. There are target covers manufactured expressly for 3D targets that you could find handy, or you might use a heavy-duty plastic tarp cover.

These alternatives should help protect your target from any damage for an extended period if necessary, ensuring that your target is covered.

Target Size

The size of your 3D target is determined by the type of practice you want to receive. Because these targets depict a range of creatures, it’s important to think about how realistic you want the target to be.

For example, a deer target is usually big, but if it is too big, you won’t get the best practice, which will make it harder for you in the real world.

It’s also worth thinking about the target’s size, the amount of practice area you have available, and if it’s practical or inconvenient.

3D Target Placement

You can’t buy a 3D archery target without considering how much space you have. Suppose you are fortunate enough to have a large amount of land. You will be able to shoot larger targets easily, which may not be achievable in a small space.

If you just have a tiny backyard, there is some good news: there is a wide variety of smaller 3D targets on the market.

But to have the best shooting session and get the most out of your target practice, you need to think about how much room you have and how far you’ll be from the target.

What To Look for in 3D Targets:

Bow Use: You should only utilize targets designed to be shot with your specific bow. There are some targets that a recurve bow can hit, but a crossbow would ruin them. Low draw weight bows can shoot through some targets, while heavier compound bows can shoot straight.

Before buying, make sure you know what kind of bows the target is designed to be shot with.

Durability: The level of durability is one of the most significant considerations when selecting a high-quality 3D target. The majority of 3D targets aren’t inexpensive, which is all the more reason why they should be made to last.

They must withstand the elements and hundreds or thousands of arrow shots. When purchasing one of the larger, more expensive 3D targets, look for those that have important replaceable regions.

Because those are the locations you’ll be hitting the most, and, significantly, you can change them if you need to, so you don’t have to buy a new target. Self-healing foam targets are ideal for taking a lot of arrow impacts over a long period.

Look for stable targets and have enough weight on the bottom to stay in place once you’ve placed them where you want them.

Arrow Release: Arrow hold is a typical complaint among 3D archers. Some 3D targets make retrieving your arrow difficult because they become stuck in the target.

Fighting the target to reclaim your arrow is never a good idea because it can bend or destroy your arrows. Look for targets that will effortlessly and softly release your arrows.

While we’re at it, some arrow oil and an inexpensive arrow puller may make retrieving your arrows from even the most “grippy” targets much easier. These items are fairly inexpensive and should be in your archery bag if you shoot 3D archery.

If you don’t want to spend money on arrow lubrication, you can use bar soap instead, as many archers do. Experiment with both and see which one seems to work best for you.

Types of Archery Targets for Bowhunting

1. Foam Block Targets

Archery targets made of foam blocks are lightweight and long-lasting. Foam blocks are a target shooter’s bread and butter. Foam targets can be set up practically anyplace, including the range, garden, or even a cellar.

Because the layers of foam absorb the impact of hunting arrows rather than concentrating them in a single spot, foam blocks are tough to break. Pulling out the arrow too hard and taking a chunk of foam with it may be the most damaging thing you can do to a foam block. Simple field points and fixed blade broadheads are both stopped by them. They come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from simple bullseyes to multi-faceted targets that resemble dice.

If used frequently, broadheads will take out chunks of foam, but most will last several seasons. It’s simple to take out foam pieces with your arrow when a broadhead lodges deep through a foam target. Shooters should set up their targets with the layers facing them upright and avoid shooting through layers of foam targets.

Bowhunting target practice, competitive archery, tuning and sighting bows, and anyone who wishes to shoot from home should use foam archery targets. Stick to lower-powered bows since higher-powered compounds can cause arrows to become too firmly trapped in the foam.

2. Bag Style Targets

The bag target is known for its simplicity. As the name implies, fabric bags filled with a stopping material such as straw or fiber are positioned wherever is most convenient. Because of the huge shooting area, errant rounds can still hit the target even if they aren’t dead-on.

Bag targets are ideal for target practice since they allow for a high volume of projectiles. By simply adding extra material to the target, you can increase its stopping power. Removing shafts from bag targets is simple without injuring the target or the arrow.

Broadhead target shooting should not be done with bag targets. Broadhead arrows are tough to remove from cloth and frequently result in a ripped bag. Leaving the bags out in the rain and exposed to the sun’s UV rays can cause the bags’ material to deteriorate, reducing their lifespan.

Even if some bags are weatherproof, keeping them indoors is still good. Bag targets are heavier than foam targets, making setup and take-down more difficult. Bag targets are ideal for novices and can withstand the wear and tear of daily target practice.

3. 3D Archery Targets

Bowhunters all over the world prefer 3D targets. They are lifelike, resembling whitetail deer, turkey, and even bears in shape and size. Almost any animal species may be found in 3D form. By pointing out key organs or arteries that can rapidly take down an animal, the greatest 3D archery targets can help you enhance your ability to deliver a clean kill shot.

They also allow you to replicate shots of an animal from any distance and angle. Most 3D targets are light and portable, allowing them to be moved and repositioned.

You can practice the precise shot if you shoot from a tree stand. You can recreate the circumstance by hunting from ground blinds. While nothing beats the real thing, lifelike targets are excellent for preparing bowhunters for the real thing.

Due to the number of gunfire focused on the primary organs, 3D targets tend to wear out faster than other targets. Bowhunters will pay far greater attention to the area on the target where a deer’s critical organs are located than to its hindquarters. Replaceable foam cores are used in some of the best 3D archery targets. Simply replace the foam core with a new one after you’ve worn out an area of the target. Most 3D targets should be used with field points because broadheads will cut and burrow into the foam.

4. DIY Archery Targets

If you already have all the necessary materials, making your archery targets can be inexpensive or free. When learning how to create archery targets, the most important thing is that safety should always come first. Not all stuffing materials are ideal for stopping an arrow or capable of doing so. If the target is created incorrectly, the shafts can bend, and hazardous deflections occur. You must ensure that your homemade target foam or filler will handle today’s strong bows.

Final Thoughts

Different shooters need different types of targets. What works for one person might not work for you. You need to find the best archery targets for your shooting style and purpose.

When choosing a great target, make sure it is big enough for you to shoot at. You should also practice often, especially during the off-season.

To learn more information about the 3D Target Tips, click here.

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