Bear Crossbows Reviews: 7 Models with Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing a crossbow, there are many options to choose from. Yet, if you are a serious archer, you know how hard it is to find a fully-equipped, accurate, durable, and affordable crossbow. In this post, you will find some Bear Crossbows reviews.

To be able to choose a good crossbow, you have to know what to look for in a crossbow.

These reviews will help you learn more about crossbows in general, and you will be able to make an informed decision. We hope you will find this review post helpful.

7 Bear Crossbows Reviews

1) Bear X Saga 405 Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package

The Sage 405 is one of the deadliest crossbows on the market. From this crossbow, you can expect speeds of 405 fps. Its draw weight is 210 lbs, and it is known for aggressive lethal power. The crossbow is 18-inch wide uncooked and 14-inch wide cooked.

If you are looking for a reliable crossbow with ambidextrous safety and adjustable grip, the Sage 405 is a really good option. It includes a dual spring suppressor and an effective fire inhibitor. It also has four bolt quivers, a functioning eye piece, three carbon bolts, and a spring wax.

The performance-price ratio is satisfactory. Here are the pros and cons of this crossbow:


  • Anti-dry fire inhibitor
  • Adjustable grip
  • Rear adjustable stock
  • Ambidextrous safety


  • Not the best choice for an inexperienced hunter

2) BearX Constrictor CDX Crossbow

The first thing you will notice about this crossbow is that it is compact and narrow. This slender crossbow is only 10 inches when cocked. Although the crossbow is slender, it has a lot of muscle. If you are going to hunt large animals, this crossbow is a great choice.

It delivers lethal results, thanks to the lightning speeds of 410 fps. Another great thing about this crossbow is that it does not drain your wallet. The package includes 4-arrow quiver, illuminated scope, 3 bolts, and cooking rope.

How does a hunter know that a crossbow is a good one? Well, a crossbow is good if it gives you results. Bear X Constrictor CDX is a good crossbow in terms of shooting speed, weight, drawing weight, and size.

The crossbow has some amazing features, thanks to the advanced fire mechanism. It has two camo patterns: Veil Stroke and True Timber Strata. These patterns are a mixture of brown, green and grey. All modern crossbows come with protective guard rails, and this one is not an exception. Here are the pros and cons of this crossbow:


  • Compact design
  • Very quiet
  • Comes with anti-vibration tabs and string dampeners
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Adjustable intensity dial


  • Relatively heavy
  • Not suitable for smaller folks
  • Shooting freehand can be cumbersome

3) Bear X Desire RD Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow

If you are looking for a crossbow that delivers amazing accuracy and speed, you should seriously consider choosing the Bear X Desire RD Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow. This crossbow is also known for its compact design and dependability.

If you read some Bear crossbows reviews, you will certainly come across this model. The crossbow has a self-cocking arm, which is pretty user-friendly. You can comfortably hold the handle, thanks to its forearm grip. It also has three premium bolts and a red dot sight. Fast speed, light weight, and compact design are some notable features of this crossbow.


  • Self-cocking arm
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight


  • Not the best option for a beginner

4) Bear X AC90A0A160 Desire Crossbow Pistol

This self-cocking crossbow comes in a compact and precise design. Its speed is 175, draw weight is 70 pounds, weight is only 2.2 pounds, and length is 22 inches uncocked. This crossbow is fairly easy to put together.

Cheap price is one of the reasons why this crossbow has become so popular. It has a safety tool which clicks forward and backward. When it is in firing mode, you can easily cock it. What you have to do is to hold the lever and bend it down until it snaps into place.

One of the great things about this model is that it is very comfortable, even for beginners. On the back, it has an extended buttstock. You can lean it into your shoulder, which gives you some good leverage and balance. It also has ambidextrous safety, so you can hold it on either side.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Extended buttstock


  • Relatively low-end product

5) Bear X Crossbows Archery Torrix FFL

If you are looking for a crossbow that can meet the requirements of efficiency, speed, adjustability and balance, Bear X Crossbows Archery Torrix FFL can be a good choice for you.

Thanks to the FFL design, you can enjoy a balanced and comfortable shooting. This is partly because the weight of the bow is evenly distributed. As it is easy to move, you do not need to worry about right angles and blind spots.

The draw weight is 125 lbs, which means shooting is comfortable. In a ground blind or tree stand, it is easily maneuverable, thanks to the compact design. From the front to the trigger, it has a Picatinny rail. To adjust the pull, you can slide the butt stock 3.25 inch. The bow fits well, because there are many grip options. From 25-70 yards, the crossbow is deadly accurate.


  • High speed (355 feet per second)
  • Adjustability
  • Deadly accurate


  • Not very lightweight

6) Bear X Intense CD Ready to Shoot Crossbow

In this list of Bear crossbows reviews, the Bear X Intense CD is a special one. When cocked, this high-performance crossbow is just 10 inches wide. The crossbow is also known for its extreme accuracy and speed.

Its speed can be up to 400 feet per second, thanks to the powerful stroke. The package comes with an illuminated scope, three arrows, a string wax, cocking rope, and four arrow quivers.

The intensely powerful performance of this crossbow will amaze you. The compact package includes everything you are going to need. It has an advanced fire mechanism. It also comes with an amazing accessory package, which can be used right away.

If you are looking for a crossbow for your next adventure, the Bear X Intense CD Ready to Shoot Crossbow is one of the best choices. This 7.8 lbs crossbow will surely make you smile. Here are the pros and cons of this crossbow:


  • Ready-to-hunt accessories
  • Advanced fire mechanism
  • Veil Stoke camouflage
  • Illuminated scope


  • A bit pricey

7) Bear X Saga 370 Ready-to-Hunt Crossbow Package

The Saga 370 is a trustworthy and dependable crossbow that is popular among many hunters. Your whole family can use this lethal and sleek tool. The weight of the crossbow is 7.5 pounds and the draw weight is 175 pounds. It is 18 inches wide when uncocked. And when it is ready to fire, the width is 14 inches.

With this crossbow, you get accessories such as a neoprene sling and an illuminated scope. Bear X Saga 370 Ready-to-Hunt Crossbow provides great accuracy and amazing line speed, and the price is affordable. It has an adjustable cheek piece that offers 3 inches of adjustability. You will like its aggressive performance.

If you are looking for an aggressive crossbow, the Bear X Saga 370 Ready-to-Hunt Crossbow is one of the best choices. Even if you are an experienced hunter, this amazing crossbow will not disappoint you.


  • Adjustable cheek piece
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Aggressive performance


  • May not be suitable for physically weak people

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Bear Crossbow

If you are interested in crossbow archery, you should be able to choose a crossbow that works for you. You should at least know where to start. Now we are going to provide a guide that will help you choose a good crossbow.

Bear X has several crossbows, and all of them are pretty good. However, all do not provide the same performance. Price is a good indicator of the performance of a crossbow, but it is not a very reliable indicator.

There are some other factors to consider when choosing a crossbow. Now we are going to discuss a few factors that you should consider when choosing a Bear X crossbow.


When it comes to choosing a crossbow, speed is perhaps the most important factor to consider. The type of a crossbow determines its speed. It is important to know that you are not going to need a high speed for a simple shooting. For deer hunting and target hunting, the speed does not need to exceed 400 foot per second.

If the speed is too much, you may not be able to achieve an accurate shooting. For shooting flatter and hitting harder, you may need a fast arrow. The crossbow’s tolerance is decreased as the speed is increased. So, insanely high speed is not necessarily a good thing.

The momentum and velocity of the arrow are crucial. If the speed is very high, a little mistake can lead to decreased tolerance of the crossbow. Before you choose a crossbow, make sure that it can meet your specific needs.


Safety devices are important because they can prevent the crossbow from getting damaged and save you from injuring yourself. Anti-dry fire is the most notable safety feature of a crossbow. When an arrow is not in place and the crossbow is fired, a dry fire happens. And if that happens, broken are hurled down a certain range.

How does the anti-dry fire feature work? Well, it works by simply not allowing the string to release when there is no arrow in place. In other words, you can not fire unless there is an arrow. This mechanism is also known as dry fire inhibitor. When you are going to choose an arrow, make sure it has this mechanism.

Auto-engaging safety is another safety feature of a crossbow. This feature mainly prevents the trigger from releasing the string. When you draw the bowstring, this feature automatically works. There are some Bear X crossbows with this feature.

Crossbow Weight

There is no standard weight of a crossbow because it depends on your physical strength. It also depends on if you are stalking or glassing. To some extent, the maneuverability of your crossbow is determined by its weight. You may take a relatively long time if your crossbow is heavy. But the shots will be steady.

If you are looking for a compact crossbow, you will probably have to choose a light one. You can easily move with a lighter crossbow. For a tracker hunter, a light crossbow is a good choice. But a heavier crossbow is a good choice for a tree standing hunter.

Cocking Weight

The speed of an arrow depends on the draw weight. This is the simple calculation of cocking weight. The arrow weight and draw weight should be balanced. Until you have reached the latch, you have to keep pulling the weight. Compared to recurve crossbows, compound crossbows require more maintenance.

A crossbow lasts longer if the cleaning and waxing procedures are simple. You can keep things aligned if you take tuning and maintenance seriously. A crossbow has several moving parts, and that is why regular tuning is necessary.

Reverse draw crossbows and compound crossbows are great choices. When the cocking weight is alleviated, you will find it easier to fire a shot. When you are shooting, you will have an advantage if you have a heavier crossbow. The weight of pull can be reduced by up to 50%. On a recurve crossbow, a rope cocking aid has some disadvantages.

Forward Grip Design

This part is usually under the rail of a crossbow. This grip is nothing but a patch of plastic in a rifle design. When shooting, you can hold the rifle more comfortably. The mechanism is somewhat different in a crossbow, because the arrow is in the rail. When your crossbow is fired, the string slides down the rail.

If your thumb gets in the way of the string, your shot will be ruined. In a more serious case, you may even end up injuring your hand. The forward grip in your crossbow can significantly minimize this possibility. This design comes with “wings” that keep your thumb far below the string.

Final Thoughts on Bear Crossbows

If you read some Bear Crossbows Reviews, you will find that most experienced hunters are in love with this brand. All the models reviewed in this post are good ones, but when choosing a crossbow, you should take your personal needs into consideration.

Now you know a lot more about Bear crossbows, and hopefully you will be able to make a better buying decision.