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Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

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Crossbow Package


This review provides an in depth look at the quality and performance of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

One glance at the Barnett Jackal reveals an attractive crossbow that often ranks at the top of lists among users. Most people speak highly of it for its comfort, safety, decent FPS, and lightweight and compact design,.

While most people don't call it the most powerful crossbow on the market, the Barnett Jackal still packs enough punch to bring down some of the most tenacious game. If you want a high-powered crossbow at an affordable price, you may want to look at little closer at the Jackal.

Crossbow Build

The biggest attraction to the Barnett Jackal comes from its comfortable design. You have a superior build quality that starts with the squad split style limbs intended for maximum stability when taking shots.

Through this system, you can take proper aim to deliver a more accurate and deadly shot. If you have ever been on one of those less comfortable hunts where the weather is blistering cold and your hands are going numb, you know how important this becomes at the hour of truth.

Visually speaking, the limbs don't look attractive, but they provide you with the support needed to take a calculated and accurate shot. The manufacturers designed this crossbow for lightning-fast acceleration and reduced wind resistance. Having a faster speed means that your prospective prey doesn't leap away in alarm.

The lightweight design ensures that you don't tire out with this build. You can keep going with little to no arm fatigue. In that way, you can keep the hunt going. The longer you spend in the outdoors, the greater your chances of dragging away a big meal for the family.

Looking at the materials of the Barnett Jackal, you have maximum durability with plenty of support. Not to mention, with this crossbow, you will also receive a bow quiver and three 20-inch arrows with a premium red dot sight for faster and more accurate aim.

Barnett Jackal Design

The first thing you notice about the design of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow: camouflage. You have a militaristic design. That matters because you will blend in with the wilderness more easily rather than with a black crossbow. Black doesn't occur anywhere naturally in the wild, and it can defeat your purpose of hunting if it gives away your position.

The overall look of this crossbow is a sleek and lightweight design. Because of the design, you can carry it into the woods without worry that it will tire you out before getting to the stand. Some hunters even take a trophy buck on the way to the stand, and you don't want to tire out at that moment. Especially if you have a far trek to your deer stand, every ounce taken off the weight of the crossbow can make a difference.

In particular, a lightweight crossbow will especially work well for someone who has entered their twilight years, and they have begun to slow down. They still want to hunt, but they need a crossbow that will be on the lighter side. The manufacturers designed this crossbow for maximum comfort to ensure that you can maintain a steady a grip.

In general, most customers who have looked at the Barnett Jackal have spoken about how the bow design looks and feels unique to many of the other crossbows that you have on the market.

Barnett Jackal Performance

Deadly out in the wilderness, your prey will learn to respect and fear the Barnett Jackal. You have little to no recoil, and you have enough power to strike a foraging deer out at 50 yards. In general, you will want to keep the shots closer to between 10 to 40 yards for the maximum level of precision. You can use the red dot scope accurately at between 10 to 40 yards with the best results.

If you plan to take shots at targets beyond 40 yards, you will need good elevation to put wings of death on your crossbow quarrels. Shots at 50 yards won't inflict as much damage on big game like trophy buck and black bears. At closer than 10 yards, you most likely won't even need to have the scope on it. The picatinny rail guide system ensures that your quarrels fly straight and with pinpoint accuracy.

One thing you should understand is how the price range on the Barnett Jackal doesn't match the range of the crossbow. You get a much better range for the price than what you will with many of the other choices on the market, maximizing your value.

Barnett Jackal Features

From the moment you open the box, the Barnett Jackal hands you all the tools that you will need to become the ultimate predator in the wilderness. At first glance, the assembly can look a little intimidating. Don't panic. You can put this together in 10 to 15 minutes without a problem as the instructions guide you through the simple process.

All the bolts and screws necessary to the Barnett Jackal come included with this bow. In addition, the manufacturers included hex keys to ensure that you can put this crossbow together in a cinch.

When you buy the Barnett Jackal, they have also included a scope that comes pre-sighted at 20 yards for maximum convenience. You may, however, want to sight this scope in yourself for the big day of the hunt to ensure that you don't miss your target.

Because this crossbow comes with a quiver and three 20-inch quarrels, you can start hunting from day one. You don't have to go out and buy other products to get started. Everything comes as needed in the box.

Final Thoughts about the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

Especially for a crossbow hunter who wants entrance into the sport for a lower price, the Barnett Jackal hands you an excellent value for the price paid. You won't find a better crossbow on the market at the same price. It becomes evident from even a cursory glance that the Barnett Jackal offers more than what one could reasonably expect for the price.

Apart from a few disadvantages like a loud noise when taking shots and the lack of a rope cocking device, the Barnett Jackal will deliver plenty of power to bring down even some of the most respected big game out there.

For most part, the problems that you get with the Barnett Jackal can be addressed easily through simple things, such as going out and buying rope cocking device or keeping an extra set of batteries available while out in the tree stand. This remarkable product surely deserves some tribute for its excellent capabilities, and many people have commented on the handsome design of the crossbow.

For a lot of hunters, they don't need to go out and buy an higher end $1,000 crossbow because it might be overkill. If you'd like to learn more, check out the product and see for yourself what all it could offer you as a hunter. For a lot of people, the Barnett Jackal will be more than enough.

Pros and Cons

When we look at the pros and cons, they advantages of owning the Barnett Jackal strongly outweigh the negatives. You have so many reasons that you want to put this crossbow in your hunting toolkit. Like as we mentioned, you have a better range with the Barnett Jackal over any of the other crossbows at a similar price range on the market. You come away with a greater value using this crossbow.

In addition, as many customers have highlighted, this crossbow doesn't have much for recoil. This ensures you will have as accurate of shots as possible.

One thing that you should remember with this crossbow while out in the field is to bring an extra set of batteries for the red dot. If your batteries die on you while out in the field, you won't have a replacement. You will be out of luck. However, you can remedy this problem through upgrading to another scope or keeping an extra pair of batteries out in the field.

You get a lot of value for using this crossbow. The Barnett Jackal does what many of the $800 to $1000 crossbows can't do. You don't have to go out and spend three of your paychecks to fund a new crossbow when this one works fine. In addition, with a good velocity of 315 FPS, you will have plenty of power to take down even whitetail deer. To hunt down black bear, you will need an FPS of at least 250, but 315 ensures that you can take it down without simply angering the bear.


The Good Stuff:
  • Maximum value for the price paid.
  • Good amount of power for the price paid.
  • Excellent velocity at 315 FPS
  • Attractive choice for hunters on a smaller budget.
  • Comes with a red dot scope.
  • The lightweight design of the Barnett Jackal makes it easy to carry.
  • You get everything essential to getting started with hunting right from the start.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Keep an extra set of batteries on hand while out hunting.
  • Very loud when taking shots.
  • You have to buy the rope cocking device separately.

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A high quality crossbow especially designed for deer hunting.

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