How To Choose the Best Arrow Rest for Your Recurve Bow

The arrow rest is one of the most critical components of a recurve bow. It may appear to be a primary instrument, but it can significantly impact your shot. Everything you need to know about arrow rests will be covered in this post. You’ll need an arrow rest if you buy a modern recurve bow. For beginner bows, a plain plastic rest works well. A metal arrow rest is better for more advanced Olympic to recurve bows. It helps you tune the bow more accurately.

This might be enough information if you already know what you’re looking for. But if you want to learn more about reliable arrow rest and compare all your options, keep reading. We will discuss all the essential things you should consider when choosing an arrow rest, and at the end of this article, we will give some practical tips.

Is an Arrow Rest Essential?

You usually need to buy an arrow rest for your first bow. You might not need an arrow rest if you have a traditional bow with an integrated shelf rest unless you have a rest plunger combo. Most novice bows and all Olympic recurve bows don’t come with an arrow rest built-in, so you’ll have to make your own.

What To Think About When Buying an Arrow Rest

You will probably buy a beginner bow or an Olympic recurve bow if you are just starting out. When you are looking for an arrow rest, there are things you should consider:

1. How Well It Retains the Arrow:

Keep this in mind: your arrow must remain in the bow. You might have difficulty shooting the hand if it falls out, which could also misfire.

2. How Much It Interferes With the Arrow:

Arrow rests that grip the arrow tightly can also interfere with your accuracy. You should find a balance between these two evils to be more accurate.

3. The Adjustability of the Arrow Rest:

When putting your bow together for the first time, ensure that your arrow rest is correctly tuned. However, if the rest does not hold onto the arrow due to interference, you may need to make minor adjustments.

Different Types of Arrow Rests

Thick Plastic Arrow Rest

This is an arrow rest that you often see at events and training sessions for new archers. It is more durable and cheaper than the other type of arrow rest. The other arrow rest is thinner and more likely to break, which is not practical for these occasions.

This arrow rest is good because it keeps arrows in place well. It also keeps arrows in place even if you start to shake or use the improper technique. However, the thick plastic makes it less flexible and interferes more with your arrow. You probably won’t notice this when you are just getting into archery, but it is something to consider.

Thin Plastic Arrow Rest

Many people who buy their first bow often start with this arrow rest. This arrow rests. It will, however, last a long time if used regularly. You don’t need an excellent arrow rest if you’re careful with your bow. This arrow rest’s benefit is its adaptability. Which means it will not interfere much with the arrow.

This arrow rest type doesn’t let you change the height of your arrow. Therefore, you must be cautious when putting it on to ensure that it is in the proper position. You can modify the angle of the arrow rest by bending the plastic shelf, but this is not ideal.

Metal Stick-On Arrow Rest

This arrow rest resembles the plastic arrow rest in appearance. The way you attach it is the same with a piece of sticky tape. The difference is that this one is made of metal and adjustable. You can adjust the elevation of the arrow and the angle of the bow shelf. This type of arrow rest also usually lets you change the wire.

Another advantage of this arrow rest is that it minimizes interference with the arrow. A small magnet is used in most arrow rests, which move out of the way if the arrow hits it. There are a few less expensive spring-based versions, but the magnet is preferred.

Metal Screw-On Arrow Rest

A piece of adhesive tape held the previous arrow rest in place. However, some archers noticed that the vibration from the bow could cause the arrow rest to fall off. Because I’ve had this happen before, I ordered a bundle of ten extra tape rolls. As you might guess, this is highly inconvenient, mainly if it occurs during competition. Therefore manufacturers developed an arrow rest that isn’t attached by sticky tape but by a screw.

People often wonder what the second screw hole on modern recurve bows is. It resembles the screw hole used to connect the button, and you could even use it to hold a button. This hole, however, should not be used to attach the button. To draw the bow, always utilize the first screw hole closest to you.

The second screw hole is utilized to more securely connect this arrow rest. It has a screw connection, which makes it more secure. The rest of the features are identical to the previous arrow rest. These two choices are sometimes referred to as “wire arrow rests.”

Whisker Biscuit

This arrow rest looks different from all the other arrow rests. It is designed for a specific use, which is very different from the other four options. The whisker biscuit is an arrow rest specifically designed for hunting. When hunting, you move around a lot, so you need an arrow rest to keep the arrow in place. This arrow rest traps the arrow between the bristles and makes it impossible for the arrow to fly out.

This arrow rest keeps the arrow in place very well. This means it will also interfere with the arrow if you fire the shot. So you will shoot less accurately than with other types of arrow rests. If you use a light arrow or a bow with a low draw weight, you will notice a significant decrease in your accuracy. Because of this, many hunters who want to shoot from far away don’t like this type of arrow rest. So its practical uses are limited.

Recommended Arrow Rests

Beginners Bows

If you have a beginner’s bow, you only have one screw hole. This is the hole you use to attach the button. So if you want to use an arrow rest, you need to buy stick-on rests.

Recurve Bows

If you have a recurve bow with two screw holes, you can use a screw-on arrow rest. It is more secure and durable than cheaper arrow rests, and it is also more adjustable. You can configure the angle and height of the arrow rest, which gives you more tuning options.

This type of arrow rest is usually used by experienced archers. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in it.

Some Extra Tips

Wire Arrow Rests:

Don’t try to bend the wire if your arrow falls off the arrow rest. The wire is very stiff, and it will most likely break. Instead, use a hot glue gun or a bit of solder to make a notch that will prevent the arrow from falling off.

Stick on Arrow Rest:

Make sure to align the arrow rest the first time correctly. The sticky part will be less intense if you have to move it. Also, properly degrease and clean the surface before applying the sticky tape. Buy an extra sticky tape; it might fall off after a few months of use, especially when it’s hot or when it rains.

Plastic Arrow Rests:

If you are using a button, make sure to cut off the “build-in button” from the arrow rest. This is the little plastic flap just in front of the hole. You can use some pliers to cut it off.

The Best Arrow Rest for a Recurve Bow

pse recurve bow reviews

If you are a fan of recurve bows or traditional bows, you know that part of the fun is choosing the right string, limbs, and other features. This allows you to create a custom feel that is perfect for you.

There are many features of a recurve bow that you will need to decide on. One important decision is what type of arrow rest you want, and the arrow rest is where your arrow sits before and during your draw. It has a big effect on the accuracy and consistency of your shot. This tiny accessory may seem insignificant, but make sure you do not overlook the importance of the arrow rest when assembling your recurve bow setup.

There are all different arrow rests, which can be made from different materials. They can be bolted onto the bow or glued on, and they come in different thicknesses to choose the right one for your arrows.

When choosing an arrow rest to install on your recurve bow, think about what type of shooting you will be doing: hunting or target shooting. You'll also need to think about the weight of the arrows you will be using and if you want a raised arrow or an off-the-shelf arrow rest.

Our Top Picks

1. TRUGLO EZ-Rest Brush-Style Arrow Rest

The Truglo EZ-Rest Arrow Rest is a great example of this type of arrow rest. If you want to be accurate when shooting your bow or going hunting, you need this arrow rest. The brush is set up on it allows you to fire arrows in any direction.

When shooting your bow, making too much noise can scare the animal you are trying to shoot. This will make it hard for you to hit your target. You can minimize the noise by using a quieter bow.

This arrow rest is good for archers using a recurve bow that weighs less than 60 lbs.

2. Standing Wolf Traditional Archery Hair Rest

If you are looking for a simple and affordable arrow rest, check out the Standing Wolf Arrow Rest. It attaches right to your recurve bow to get smooth shots off without installation.

You can install this arrow rest on your Samick Sage in just two minutes. It is more durable than other advanced arrow rests and perfect for instinctual archers.

There are only a few drawbacks to this bow. The first is that the shots can be quite loud. This happens when the arrow slides against the hair rest. If you don't plan to use your bow for hunting, it doesn't matter. The other downside is that it can be difficult to take off if you want to use a different arrow rest.

3. HRCHCG 12pcs Black Plastic Arrow Rest

The arrow rest that comes with the Samick Sage is not bad. If you put your nock in the right place, people use up to 700-800 shots before replacing it.

Some people have decided to buy a package of the same arrow rests with the Samick Sage. This lets them switch out the arrow rest as soon as it affects their shot. It's also really affordable.

What is the Purpose of an Arrow Rest?

Arrow rests are small pieces of equipment, but they are very important to a bow. They affect how an arrow flies in a big way.

An arrow rest is a part of the bow that helps to stabilize the arrow until it is ready to be shot. If any part of the arrow touches the rest or the riser, it will affect how the arrow flies. The rest is there to help keep the arrow in place without having too much contact with it, which would change how the arrow travels.

What Type of Rest Do You Need?

There are three distinct rests accessible for recurve bows, so let's look at them.

Shelf Rests

A shelf rest is a type of rest that is not as complex as other rests. It is more like a protector for your bow. Some shelf rests provide a better shooting experience for your arrows.

There are a lot of different materials that you can use for shelf rests. People usually choose a material based on how it looks and feels. The material is usually applied to both the vertical and lateral contact points.

A common option is felt. This cheap option gives a soft surface for the arrow to hit. Another common option is called a rug. It's made of thicker material, and some people simply use the loop side of sticky back velcro.

If you want a traditional look for your bow, you can use animal hair as a shelf rest. This will make your bow look authentic, and it will also protect it and help it function better.

Stick on Rests

Stick on rests are a type of rest that can be attached to any recurve bow. They work by sticking onto the bow with adhesive or double-sided tape. There are many different styles and brands of stick-on rests, and most are very affordable.

A stick-on rest attaches to your bow using an arm that extends. You can use either vanes or feathers with this type of rest. If your bow doesn't have a hole drilled out to accept a screw-in rest, then a stick-on rest may be the right choice for you.

Screw-in Rests

If you have a screw-in type rest on you recurve bow, this will provide the most secure contact point for your arrow.

There are different types of rests for bows. They work by having something for the arrow to hit, so it does not fall off. Cheap versions are usually all plastic, while nicer ones have a combination of plastic and metal.

If you are looking for accuracy and function, a screw-in rest is the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arrow Rest for Recurve Bow

What Sort of Arrow Rest Is Ideal for a Recurve Bow?

Many archers prefer the plastic rest, even though magnetic rests typically last longer. Plastic super rests are often replaced after 1,000 shots by Olympic archers. Olympic archers utilize a variety of arrow rests, including bolt-on and adhesive options.

What Is an Arrow Resting on a Recurve Bow?

Carbon arrows are the best choice for most recurve bows. They are accurate, durable, and safer than fiberglass arrows.

Do You Need Special Arrows for a Recurve Bow?

Carbon arrows are the best choice for most recurve bows. They are accurate, durable, and safer than fiberglass arrows.

Is an Arrow Rest Necessary?

You don’t need rest to shoot your bow. You can use some velcro or something on the shelf and side-plate to help you shoot better. Rest can help sometimes, but it’s not necessary.

Does an Arrow Rest Improve Accuracy?

The drop-away rest makes bows more accurate. It also makes bows more forgiving because it allows for a more aggressive, fletching attitude.

When Should I Replace My Arrow Rest?

It depends on how often you shoot the bow, how well it is maintained, and the conditions it faces. Bowstrings usually last around three years if they are correctly maintained. Still, they should be replaced if they have frays or a broken strand.

How Does Arrow Rest Work?

In an ideal world, an arrow rest would always cradle your arrow securely in the same starting place, no matter what the vertical or horizontal orientation of the bow was. It would be quiet during the draw and launch the arrow consistently.

Where Should the Arrow Rest Be Placed?

The shoot-around arrow rest is on the riser above the handle grip, also known as a flipper. It provides consistent arrow placement with each arrow shaft so that the archer can achieve greater accuracy. Just like using a stabilizer for your compound bow, an arrow rest is also used to improve your accuracy.

What Is Better, a Compound Bow or Recurve Bow?

Recurve bows are lighter and easier to transport than compounds. This makes them suitable for hunting because they are easy to take with you. Compound bows are also easier to maintain than recurve bows because they have fewer parts. Compound bows are the modern version of the recurve bow, and they have become prevalent in recent decades. They are famous for both hunting and shooting.

What Is an Arrow Resting on a Recurve Bow?

An arrow rest is a small piece of equipment that attaches to the side of the bow handle. This allows the arrow to rest in the same place each time you shoot it. An arrow rest also helps keep the arrow in place when drawing back on the bow, making it easier for beginners to shoot arrows accurately.

Does an Arrow Rest Improve Accuracy?

The drop-away rest makes any bow more accurate. This is because it helps the bow be more forgiving. For example, you can have a more aggressive, fletching attitude with a drop-away rest.

Where Should the Arrow Rest Be Placed?

The shoot-around arrow rest is on the riser above the handle grip, also known as a flipper. This allows for consistent arrow placement with each arrow load, which results in greater accuracy for the archer.

Are Magnetic Arrows Rest?

The next type of stick-on rest has a metal arm to hold the arrow instead of a little plastic one. This is stronger and should last longer. Most of these rests have a magnetic feature, so the rest will fold away to help with arrow clearance.

What Is a Plunger in Archery?

A plunger is a small cylinder that screws into the bow's riser above the arrow rest. The plunger has a spring inside it, and the plunger tip contacts your arrow shaft. The plunger's two main functions are to set the center shot and to absorb imperfections as the arrow takes flight.

What Is the Purpose of an Arrow Rest?

The arrow rest is a simple device that helps you hold your arrow in position and supports it until you fire the bow. There are many different types of arrow rests, and some are more expensive than others. Some are easy to install and use, while others are not.

Which Is Better, Whisker Biscuit or Drop Away?

Choose a Whisker Biscuit if you want a very reliable bow in the field. You won't have to worry about accuracy, and it will work well with your compound bow system. If you need even higher performance, choose a drop away.

Do Recurve Bows Have Sights?

You can get a pin sight if you have a metal riser. If it is wooden, you might have to have some holes drilled and inserts put in so you can attach the pin sight. There are two types of pin sights: the “single-pin” and the “multiple-pin” sight.

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