10 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting

As a bowhunter, you should understand the importance of selecting the right arrow. If you've been in the sport long enough, you know the feeling of shooting with a low quality arrow. Suddenly an excellent archer may be plagued with low accuracy, wobbling tails, and aggravating wind drift.

For both beginners and seasoned professionals, investing in trusted, high quality, and durable arrows is an absolute must. Since the nineties, high quality carbon arrows have steadily gained popularity as a lightweight, tough, and penetrating alternative to traditional wood.

One thing that we assumed during this review is that you would already know the basics of hunting arrows, and that you already calculated the best arrow length for your particular bow.

Below you will find our top picks and reviews of some of the best and most popular carbon hunting arrows. The quick picks are mainly lined up with the best hunting arrow first, and our second pick is the best arrow for the money, a really great value.

Review of the Best Hunting Arrows

Below, we've compiled a list of the most durable, high performance, and consistently customer-loved arrows on the market. Each product has been outlined for its comparative performance benefits and high action potential.

Quick Picks: Best Hunting Arrows

Product Name

Product Image



Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrow

Maxima Blu Carbon Express Fletched Arrow

Easton Full Metal Jacket

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Arrow

Victory VAP TKO Elite Shafts

Maxima Blu Carbon Express Fletched Arrow

 Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrow with Raptor Vane

Easton Bloodline N-Fused Arrows

ANTSIR 30 Carbon Arrows

Gold Tip Hunter Arrows with Raptor Vane

1) Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrow

Through combining the traditional wood feel with proprietary dual-spine weight technology, the Carbon Express arrow is built to manage energy much better than the competition. With this arrow, it's easier to retain more speed, spin up to twenty percent faster, and deliver a high degree of accuracy every single time.

Moreover, the Carbon Express has been laser checked for straightness up to nearly 1/10,000 of an inch. The 8.9 GPI, .35" spine and 32.5" length are sure to serve you well in competition or hunting environments.

In the carbon express line, the Maxima Hunter is considered the fastest and most accurate arrow. The BuffTuff back shaft section is made from carbon weaved material, providing the most consistent spine, strength, and durability.

Overall, users appreciate the degree of attention the manufacturers have paid to the Maxima Hunter series. Every design choice was made to increase the longevity and accuracy of the arrow; for instance, the proprietary BullDog Nock Collar protects the shaft against rare, nock-end impacts.


  • Built with proprietary anti impact damage materials and strong carbon weave construction
  • Measured for shaft straightness with laser-guided check
  • Both six and twelve arrow packs are camouflaged with mossy oak pattern


  • Some state arrow materials are too lightweight for hunting large animals

2) Velocity Valkyrie XT Gold Tip

Constructed with a dual carbon weave interior, the gold-tipped Valkyrie series provides the most accurate and clean shot every time. At about twenty-five to thirty grains lighter than their predecessors, the Valkyrie is significantly lighter than other gold tip hunter arrows.

With the same tight specs and performance as other gold tip competitors, this lightweight product delivers breakneck speed for the highest degree of field accuracy. The one hundred percent carbon construction means more back-end stability, faster stabilization, and higher target precision with broad heads.

At no charge, these arrows come with 360 degree rotating nocks and high quality aluminum inserts. For a 55 to 75 pound bow, these 32" long arrows will provide the optimal action and accuracy.


  • One hundred percent carbon construction for lightweight, high speed performance
  • Built with premium rotating nocks and aluminum inserts for aerodynamism
  • Gold-tip design provides for cleanest possible shot


  • May be too lightweight for hunting larger animals

3) Easton Full Metal Jacket

The Easton Full Metal Jacket is constructed with a super tough carbon core and durable alloy jacket. Made specifically for increased strength and performance, the Easton full metal achieves a straight shot with high straightness retention.

Buyers should keep in mind that some components are sold separately, such as the X HIT conventional threaded inserts, Deep Six5 steel inserts, broadheads, and break-off inserts. However, the purchase does come with the carbon-core alloy metal jacket and six fletched arrows per pack.

Despite some confusion among buyers, many continually trust the Easton brand for its durable and versatile performance. These arrows are excellent for experienced archers who know what they're doing in unpredictable wind conditions.


  • Great for high wind environments
  • Tough carbon core and durable alloy jacket achieve increased strength and on-field performance
  • Fletched with durable blazer vanes


  • Missing some vital components that must be bought separately

4) Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Arrow

With launchpad precision nocks, the Maxima Red arrows delivers a controlled arrow release and better shaft alignment for a more consistently accurate shot. The inclusion of patented, high-tech carbon material allows for the broadheads to fly much better every time.

Moreover, each arrow has been inspected for straightness so that you can deliver a good shot out on the field. The black-finished blazer vanes are sorted by weight and spine for ultimate consistency.

Experienced customers appreciate the perfectly aligned nock barrels, which allow for truer and straighter flight paths. Additionally, the concentric design of the shaft allows for the nock to center itself on the shaft for better performance than the Maxima's cheaper competitors.

Like most Maxima products, the Red series relies on diamond weave, 360 degree turning, patented BuffTuff and BullDog construction to provide the best experience in real conditions.

Every time you start a new action, you know the type of performance and quality that will be delivered by the Maxima Red arrow. Though it may be an investment, most experienced archers state that it's more than worth it for the bump in quality.


  • Resistant to damage and breakage-causing impacts
  • Diamond weave construction keeps arrows lightweight yet accurate
  • Tested with lasers for high accuracy and straightness


  • More pricey than no-name brands

5) Victory VAP TKO Elite Shafts

Meant to deliver maximal kinetic energy that's less effected by the wind, the Victory VAP TKO is an excellent addition to any archer's back pocket.

Although the arrow's diameter is almost worryingly small, the extremely hardy TKO provides excellent and durable performance many times over standard competitors. No matter the task, the TKO provides for exacting penetration that flies true in even the most chaotic wind drift conditions.

At a mere .166 micro-diameter, the TKO incorporates advanced carbon-weave engineering to craft the most lethal shot. With patented MaxxKe technology and high FOC balance, the cross-wind deflecting arrow has quickly surged in popularity among big game hunters.

Ultimately, it's hard to beat the triple-woven carbon construction of this arrow, especially considering the hand fletched vane offers for better alignment. Moreover, the ice-nano ceramic coating improves penetration and allows for easiest possible removal from targets.

For chaotic weather conditions, the Victory VAP TKO is a trusted name among experienced professionals and amateur hunters alike.


  • Sturdy construction allows for maximum cross-wind deflection
  • Triple carbon construction and ice-nano ceramic coating allow for even greater target penetration
  • Every arrow is matched precisely within .5 grains for the best shot every time


  • Very pricey
  • Performance may be overkill for lightweight targets

6) Maxima Blu Carbon Express Fletched Arrow

Combining world-class speed with patented breakthrough accuracy, the Maxima Blu series is considered "the best of both worlds" amongst industry professionals. The diamond-weave carbon construction and high-tech carbon-based shaft provide for stiffer ends, meaning that the arrow's flex is isolated to the middle.

Overall, the Maxima Blu provides lightweight performance for bowhunters who want to achieve maximum accuracy at a lower draw weight. The Maxima Blu is the rare arrow that can shoot broadheads well with a totally lightweight look and feel.

Before purchasing the arrows, users should make sure they are buying their product from a licensed Carbon Express Maxima manufacturer. Otherwise, it's likely you could accidentally receive arrows from a seller with lower quality control.


  • Very cost effective for professionals and beginners alike
  • Diamond weave construction provides lightweight yet accurate performance
  • Arrow flex is isolated for best performance in high wind


  • Some buyers have received faulty arrows from knock-off Maxima manufacturers

7) Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrow with Raptor Vane

Based off a versatile design, the Gold Tip Hunter XT balances the need for both speed and penetration in one solid arrow. Using patented smart carbon technology, the Hunter series boasts nearly unparalleled durability and straightness retention through long term use.

Customers describe these Hunter series arrows as very tough and true, no matter the chaotic conditions they're continually subjected to. With a straightness tolerance of .003" and weight tolerance of 2 grains, the Hunter arrows undergo more rigorous production standards than most other brands you'll ever encounter.

In the words of a die-hard Hunter fan: "If you had to pick one arrow to last the rest of your life, a Hunter series would be it".

Yet aside from durability, customers continually turn to the Hunter XT due to its multi-vane threading and wood-grained cedar construction. With the proven performance of one hundred percent carbon construction, it's no doubt you'll get a lot of use out of an XT arrow.


  • Vanes are somewhat tougher than other brands
  • Each arrow undergoes rigorous production standards
  • Can be bought shaft-only for maximal customization options


  • Does not come with inserts

8) Easton Bloodline N-Fused Arrows

The Easton Bloodline blends two sought-after benefits into one arrow: the increased penetration of a smaller shaft diameter and the increased speed of lightweight carbon.

Constructed with 6mm reduced diameter, lightweight composite carbon, the Easton Bloodline is surprisingly strong and sturdy against all forms of impact. It's thin construction lends itself to a flat, whizzing arc every time its shot.

This size 400 arrow has a straightness tolerance of .003 and weight tolerance of .2 grains, owing to the high standard of the manufacturers. Though they're somewhat pricier than the standard fare, the Easton Bloodline arrows are recognized for their continual precision and durability.

When purchasing a six pack of Easton Bloodline arrows, you'll also receive extra inserts and slim 6mm pre-installed nocks.


  • Arrow construction lends itself to two-in-one benefit of speed and penetration
  • Comes with extra inserts and nocks
  • Ultra thin yet durable construction


  • Some complain of peeling around the vanes after repeated use

9) ANTSIR 30 Carbon Arrows

Flying smooth and seamlessly, the ANTSIR carbon arrows are recommended for beginners that are looking to get their feet wet before diving into the practice.

In contrast with other beginner packs, this inexpensive dozen arrow pack boasts a surprisingly high quality construction. In particular, these arrows can be used recurrently for a long time without needing replacement.

With precision vanes and steel-point tips, the higher quality materials used in production lend themselves well to great field practice. Buyers should keep in mind these arrows are recommended for target practice.

Moreover, the nocks are not fixed with glue so that they can be easily adjusted for beginner bows. The aluminum seat is convertible for a variety of inch thread arrows, while the arrows themselves are suitable for bows with a draw weight of 25 to 55 pounds.

Ultimately, these arrows are better than average for what you're likely to find for a beginner.


  • Very economical price
  • Constructed with high quality aluminum seat, steel tip, and carbon body


  • Nocks must be set-up correctly on bow
  • Plastic vanes may peel over time

10) Gold Tip Hunter Arrows with Raptor Vane

Like with any Hunter series arrow you'll find, the standard Gold Tip Hunter Arrow remains an excellent performer year in and year out. Constructed with carbon and a gold tip arrow head, this micro-thin arrow boasts a mid-weight that is excellent for achieving penetration and speed.

The purchase comes with GT nock, one accu-lite insert (300-400 spines), and one accu-lite small insert (500 spines). In particular, these arrows boast a straightness tolerance of .006 and a .2 grain weight tolerance.

Customers appreciate the long lasting durability of the Gold Tip Hunter series arrows; though the carbon is lightweight, it's strong and inflexible against impact.


  • Damage and ding resistant construction
  • Achieves both high speed and excellent penetration
  • Micro-thin construction achieves high aerodynamic operation


  • Inserts are not pre-installed

The Verdict: What's the Best Hunting Arrow?

Ultimately, it's hard to find a name in arrow manufacture more trusted than the Maxima brand. On par with the Hunter series, the carbon express Maxima continues to outsell competitor products due to its dual-spine weighted technology, triple-weaved carbon construction, and high performance on the field.

Every arrow is laser-checked for straightness, allowing for nearly unparalleled accuracy, higher speed, and faster spins every time. With precise arrow release and aligned nock barrels, the Maxima Hunter arrow is trusted by both seasoned professionals and die-hard fans alike.